My Speech To The Glendale City Council

Tonight, I attended the Glendale City Council meeting with members of Save Our State. We spoke about our issues with the day labor center and with the protest that occurred on December 10th.

Councilman, Bob Yousefian was very responsive of how the Glendale Police Department handled things. In the future the police will no doubt separate the groups of protesters. He requested a video of the protest as well, so I’ll be mailing him a copy after the holidays. He also said he that he voted against the Day Labor Center since it was in violation of the law. There were many other issues that were brought to the attention of the city council by Glendale residents and again Bob Yousefian was the most receptive to addressing their issues. My hat goes off to good ol’ Bob. Thanks partner.

This was my speech.


Good evening, my name is [TheWatchdog] and I’m an independent Filmmaker. I attended the Save Our State protest against the Glendale Day Labor Center across from Home Depot on Dec. 10th to gather footage for an illegal immigration documentary that I am making.

The reason for the protest was that the day labor center encourages and facilitates illegal activity: the illegal hiring of illegal aliens and is in violation of federal law. In fact a local government that authorizes such activity is committing a felony according to the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act. What is really an outrage is that you on the city council are using tax payer funds to support this illegal activity. The city of Herndon, VA is currently facing a lawsuit over their taxpayer funded day labor center.

Now you may want to pass the buck and tell me that you are unable to enforce immigration laws, that it’s a federal matter. Well, a 1996 law does in fact allow state and local jurisdictions to enforce federal immigration laws. The city of Costa Mesa, CA is doing this. You made a choice to break the law instead of enforce the law.

I understand that we are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws and we simply cannot allow everyone in that wants to come here. If we were to do that we’d have a population larger than India in a decade or two. That’s why we have immigration laws, so that we can manage the flow of future immigrants. In order to make the best life for the descendents of past immigrants, we need to make sure that those who come here will be good for the country.

I understand that these laborers can make more money in this country than they can back home but they are in fact taking jobs away from American workers. I have spoken with many of the temporary employment agencies in the area and they simply do not have enough work for their legal American workers.

I also operate the Workplace Watchdog website where we record and report employers that frequent your day labor center. I’ve spent quite a bit of time there and it’s obvious that there isn’t enough work for everyone. Fewer than half find work for the day. Basically what you have done is create a taxpayer funded day care center for illegal aliens so they can hang out, play foosball, domino’s, watch TV, and enjoy a free Sunday brunch. There is no doubt that these actions only encourage more to come. We have a very limited need for unskilled labor in this city and in this country. We simply cannot take everyone in.

On a typical day the center appears to have about 150 laborers and there are another 150 laborers scattered around on the street. These numbers are multiplying and there will never be enough work for them. Their presence deteriorates the area, depreciates the property values, and the local businesses suffer. Their walls and vehicles are painted with graffiti, their windows and doors are keyed and scratched, their curb is littered with trash, and their customers have to put up with swarms of men surround their cars.

Dec. 10th was the fifth anti-illegal immigration gathering that I videotaped and it is the first one that I attended where the police did not separate the groups. Many of the counter-protesters are anarchists and their goal is to silence those who oppose illegal immigration by any means necessary, including violence.

The rights of Save Our State to peacefully assemble were violated. The members of SOS were unable to stand on the sidewalk with signs and American flags without suffering verbal and physical assaults by anarchist thugs. The Glendale Police Department did nothing but stand by and watch. All of this was captured on videotape. This was either incompetence on their part or it was a calculated attempt to suppress those who oppose your unlawful authorization of this day labor center.

This week, Judicial Watch, the law firm that is suing the city of Herndon, VA took our statements and we will be keeping them informed of anything else that happens in the future.

There will be more protests, and so I am asking that you separate groups in the future to avoid someone getting seriously injured. Of course, there wouldn’t be any need for a protest at all if you would just close the center for good. So maybe you should do that. Start enforcing the law instead of breaking it.

Thank you.

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  1. contessa Says:

    Amen, brother! I watched your videos and it was disgusting to see how the real “racists” (La Raza, MECHA, CHIRLA) act to silence anyone who stands in favor of enforcing our laws. It is interesting that many are too ashamed to show their faces, mmm I wonder why? Your speech to the City Council is great. Keep us all posted on any feedback from them. Shame on the Glendale City Police Department. Shame on Home Depot, Shame on the Glendale City Council. You should try to get some of the U.S. citizens registered at “Labor REady” to sit by the Day Labor Center and see if they get “hired”. They should have fliers to hand out listing them as English speaking, U.S. citizens looking for work and pass these out to the unscrupulous employers that stop by the illegal immigrant day labor center. Perhaps that would make good film for your documentary.

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