Veterans who served on the U.S.S. Intrepid aircraft carrier presented Jim Brossard with a certificate and flag for cutting down a Mexican flag that was flying over a U.S. flag at a Reno bar.

?To fly the American flag underneath the Mexican flag, it just defies everything,? said Wayne Erven, West Coast representative of the U.S.S. Intrepid Association Inc. ?Our flag goes on top. That?s the honor we give our flag.?

Erven, of Pleasanton Calif., gave Brossard the appreciation Tuesday at the James D. Hoff Peace Officer Memorial in Idlewild Park.

?To go and pull that down, you?ve got more guts than brains maybe,? Erven told Brossard.

In attendance for the presentation was Daryl Saldausky, a veteran and former crew member who lives in Reno, and a couple of Brossard?s friends.

Brossard said he has no regrets.

?If I hadn?t done that then I?m afraid it wouldn?t have gotten done,? he said. ?I was ready and fully willing to accept any consequences, legally or any other, that might have come in my direction.?

Brossard made national headlines in October when video was broadcast of Brossard cutting down the U.S. flag that was flying about a Mexican flag. The action came after raids on 11 area McDonald?s restaurant led to the arrest of more than 50 illegal immigrants.

Broussard said he received hundreds of phone calls from people around the country who thanked him. He also has been on many radio talk shows and news programs, he said.

?It?s just unfathomable to me that I?ve done something to deserve this,? Brossard said.

The U.S.S. Intrepid participated in World War II and the Vietnam War. It was hit four times by Japanese kamikaze and once by a torpedo.

?There are some good sea stories about that,? Erven said.

The ship, which is docked in New York City, is now the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum.

The U.S.S. Intrepid Association has a flag program that raises from the carrier?s flight deck to give to towns and vets. Brossard?s flag was raised this past July 12, Erven said.

7 Responses to “Jim Brossard, Man Who Cut Down Flag Gets Gift From Vets”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    I like to buy this guys beers until he says he’s full.


  2. SkyPainter says:

    I tip my hat to Jim Brossard. He is truly a patriot.

  3. Angel says:

    The federal prosecutor (on the other side) makes a big deal about laws and that Broussard was not following the law. Well, what about the illegals and their lawbreaking being here. This is clearly another example where Americans must tote the law, but illegals get a complete pass with everything.

  4. Joshwilliamsjr says:


  5. BEADALONG says:

    Hat’s off also to Brossard!

    Now if only Doug Burns had done his job and gone after these illegal aliens and waving their Mexican Flags, Brossard wouldn’t have resorted to this in the first place.

  6. gatekeeper says:

    Thank you, Mr. Brossard.

  7. maint2cw says:

    We need more people like MR BROSSARD. We as americans are losing our country a little more each day to illigal immagration. GOD save our country!
    the soldeirs are trying to each day!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN MR.BROSSARD

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