WI State Sen. Wants Protestors Charged

Journal Sentinal

State Sen. Cathy Stepp (R-Yorkville) says she won’t be bullied, intimidated or terrorized at her own home.

That’s why she is pursuing charges against people involved in a protest at her house in the dark last week.

The Racine County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the Dec. 16 incident in which people associated with Voces de la Frontera brought to Stepp’s door their protest against a bill that would require those applying for a driver’s license to show proof of legal residency.

“I walked to the front of my house and looked out the window and there was someone staring back at me and shouting in the window and other people shouting on the porch,” Stepp said. “There were no signs. This was not a peaceful picketing and they certainly weren’t invited.”

3 Responses to “WI State Sen. Wants Protestors Charged”

  1. contessa Says:

    All those people from Voces de la Frontera, should be sought and arrested for trespassing on her property, and harassment/intimidation. She should seek a restraining order against members of that organization. How dare they? But what do you expect from people who make a living out of harboring/aiding/abetting criminal illegal immigrants?

  2. Watchdog Says:

    I’m sure they were all shouting that she was a racist and a nazi pig, too!

  3. rog Says:

    those are bunch of low lifes, go back and ask Fox to give you driving licences, dont be coming over here to do that craps. thats your contry’s damn problems

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