How Far Down The Rabbit Hole

News With Views - Frosty Woolridge

What I ask is, do we as a nation, want millions upon millions of added people from countries already exceeding their �carrying capacity’? Legal immigration is just as dangerous as illegal. To think otherwise will allow that �silent-assertion’ to create another China or India in America. Just imagine Ohio with 129 million people and all the rest of the United States with THAT kind of population density!

We are no longer living in the 20th century America with only 75 million people riding horses or trains. We’re in the 21st century with cars and jets and 296 million people added to the 6.4 billion on the planet–creating horrific environmental consequences. If we continue steaming full speed ahead like the captain of the Titanic, our children will be on board when we hit the peak oil, global warming, ozone holes, collapsing species, air pollution and other commensurate problems related to the overpopulation “iceberg.” Most died on the Titanic because there weren’t enough life boats. (more)

Cassandra Syndrome Relating To The Rabbit Hole

What happened to Bangladesh, China and India, happened! Their problems relating to overpopulation create a miserable life for their citizens. As to what is happening in Amsterdam, Holland; Paris, France and Sydney, Australia from immigrating incompatible Third World cultures and languages, which resulted in violence, happened! They dug a �rabbit hole’ they can’t escape because the �beast’ is inside them. It WILL and it IS happening in America unless we change course before the �beast’ is too big for us to stop. If we allow another 10 million illegal Mexican immigrants, we’ll become another Mexico with all the trash, disease, poverty, corruption, gangs and degradation of our society that is now manifested in Mexico. We either do it today or Paris, France will be the streets of “Any town, USA” in the very near future.

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