Heaven’s Door

According to Professor George Borjas, our nation’s foremost economic expert, in his book, Heaven’s Door:

The average Canadian legal immigrant has 13.8 years of schooling, and the average Mexican legal immigrant 7.6 years. The average Canadian legal immigrant earns 24 percent more than the average American, while the average Mexican legal immigrant earns 39 percent less. The average Mexican legal immigrant is 50% more likely than the average Canadian legal immigrant to end-up using some form of welfare, and the average Mexican legal immigrant has the highest school dropout rate in the nation.

According to the DHS, during this decade 4,629,826 people became United States citizens. Of these new Americans, 890,953 were Mexicans, (19.2%) while 84,675(1.8%) were Canadians. Here’s prima-facie evidence of the wretched intellectual cunning that illustrates America’s no-goal immigration program. . We urgently need to revamp our legal immigrant selection procedures to attract those with the greatest potential to benefit their new country.

3 Responses to “Heaven’s Door”

  1. Slim Says:

    It’s really rather ignorant to call Borjas our nation’s foremost economic expert. But the guy is clever at shuffling facts.

    For example, a truck driver can argue that if a group of truck drivers (say black truck drivers just for this example) should be deported not be allowed to drive trucks in the USA for whatever reasons I happen to invent. He can argue all the benefits to all the other truck drivers. The position is convincing until of course you consider the effects on the rest of society.

    This is what Borjas does. He considers the costs and benefits not of everyone but only of those he favors thereby making himself out to be what Greg Mankiw calls a “crank”.

  2. Watchdog Says:

    A higher education almost always translates into a higher salary.

    A college educated computer programmer from India would contribute more to American society via taxes than an uneducated Mexican leaf blower being paid under the table.

  3. Brad Says:

    Of course, but if we had 10-20 million educated illegals in this country working for fractions of what their American counterparts were, the borders would be closed. We have all heard the outcry of outsourcing jobs to other countries. Increased immigration either legal or illegal is the other side of the same coin. If you can’t offshore your jobs to a cheaper workforce, than import some cheaper labor. A surplus of labor in any one market depresses wages.

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