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  1. Eddie B. says:

    Happy holidays everybody!


  2. Angel says:

    I’m very much aware of my surroundings as I’ve said before. The other day I was hanging out at this place and there were some religious people at a table near me. They were purposely talking loud so everyone could hear them (you know the types, right?). Anyway, they were saying that Huckabee was the only true Christian. They couldn’t stand Hillary (some brains in the group). They also liked Fred Thompson. I was waiting to hear them mention Ron Paul , but they didn’t. I almost choked when one lady was going on about how much she liked Bush. They were saying that he was being unfairly criticized for people losing their homes and foreclosures and such. One person said she put someone else in their place for speaking out badly about him. Gosh, I think the religious right is either in denial or not so smart. Dangerous political views. Do you know how hard it was for me not to speak up, but I didn’t.

  3. Angel says:

    An awakening……. this one is my new favorite

    Want to awaken and see everything for what it really is….watch this…there is a part 2 and 3 too
    Buy Chakra Clearing CD by Doreen Virtue from Borders or Barnes and Noble. You can increase your ability to see the truth.

    For those who are evolving or have evolved……

    In peace and light,


  4. melody says:

    Ya, I know the feeling. How, how can anybody defend Bush? I thought Christians were about peace, so how did he brainwash so many? I don’t blame anybody for not speaking up. It can be a real scarey thing to do. Bush devotees are something else aren’t they?

  5. litew8 says:

    What’s up everyone! Nice change to the website WD! Haven’t been around for a while. What’s the forecast been lately. On a scale to one to ten, what do you each think? I’m thinking 7-8.

  6. AmericanWorker says:

    Home land security’s NEW Immigration man - Sheriff Jim Pandergraph of Charlott N.C. ?

    litew8 Good to see ya back . Were missing some of the old crew

  7. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Hi Litew8. was wondering about you. Good to see you back. Hows things up there in IowA? Did you invite Hill’ry over for tea?

  8. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Litew8, good to hear from you again!

  9. BEADALONG says:

    Angel, I agree, the Bush people are in denial. I myself used to be pro Clinton but with NAFTA, GATT, etc, I had to painfully realize there was a huge problem!

    Also, thanks for the links. They were very nice.

  10. BEADALONG says:

    It’s just a thought, but anyone from CA which is facing budget problems might want to contact the Governor.

    I already gave my suggestions twice to help mend the budget (he never answered me):
    1. Tax the Remittence Money.
    2. End free births to all illegal aliens.
    3. No benefits for illegal aliens of any sort (except emergency). No free schooling, breakfasts/lunches.
    4. End the DREAM Act.
    5. End all Tax Excemption of Churches, nonprofit foundations who support illegal aliens.
    6. END all tax breaks for corporations who outsource, offshore and use H1B, etc visas.

    I also mentioned it was a bad idea to become reliant on the Gaming Community and it shouldn’t be looked upon as our new economy.

    If anybody has any other ideas to add to this list and would like to email it to the CA gov and treasurer, that would probably be helpful.

    I’m only saying this because the news is mentioning a lot (in the Frisco Bay Area) that the state budget is in a lot of trouble.

  11. Jimmy says:

    BEADALONG : ALL good suggestions. No wonder the political parasites did not
    answer you. Your suggestions ALONE would END the money problem.

    I especially like the “no free births”.

    What a wonderful dream.

    We citizens can’t even afford to have children hardly, and these “immigrants”
    (mexican army irregulars, in reality) have them like rats.

    Good points.

  12. litew8 says:

    Thanks for the greatings! WOW, things have been moving right along for the country as a whole lately. Our voices are being heard! Vincent, haha, Hill’ry who? haha. Huckabee (pro-illegal alien supporter) is supposedly rising up in Iowa. I don’t believe what the MSM or local media is reporting. I’m going to get a friend and go to the IA Caucus in Jan. - Tom Tancredo08!

  13. Eddie B. says:

    I just read an increadible Newsweek article basically after giving Ron Paul a thumbs down then went on to call the NAU a whacko conspiracy theory, Dr. Jerome Corsi a nut case and Lou Dobbs an MSM kook.

    We must be making some serious progress. That was some real lousy propoganda.

    Hey litew8… welcome back dude!

  14. Angel says:

    Welcome back Litew. You need to stay on here, so you know what is really going on.

    Thanks Beadalong- I put those links on here with hopes that people on here will watch so you at least (if you are skeptical of lightwork) get a dose of positive energy (hopefully learn about what is happening on a spiritual level, too). Seriously, positive energy can help to overcome the negative energy that you collect each day. However, the negative energy in this country is not as great as it was a year ago. Lightwork progress is slow. That is some good news to report. More truth is coming out. Just keep watching the headline news.
    There is more to come. :)

    Eddie, I agree with you. You know that you are making progress when you ruffle some feathers. But, we needs more ruffled feathers.

  15. Angel says:

    Someone said to me today that major changes will happen in 2012. I took a double take because of surprise. Most people don’t know about 2012.
    Actually, I think we’re a little ahead of schedule. Remember about a year ago when things were happening real fast. Let’s get things moving fast again. Hold on…..

    What a crock! Convince you that its helping you. If you like this one there is a part 1, 3, and 4. Athens, GA at 8AM Saturday morning had a huge chemtrail in shape of an X. I was in Athens at that time, and I was shocked. But then again not for Sat. at 8 AM is not a busy time for people. Wake up.

    And here it is…..just do a youtube search on chem trails and your state. It’s amazing what pops up.

  16. The Watchdog says:

    Angel, I sent you an email.

  17. BEADALONG says:

    Thanks and agreed Jimmy. And those points are really common sense, but our politicians seem to lack that and then they do have that NAU agenda along corporate greed and the corporations lining their pockets so that the corporations are running the show now, it seems.

  18. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Angel, thanks for the new links as well.

    The ones on chem trails are important too both discussing the weather modification (which mainstream is just starting to do and “News with Views” with 1 lady who recently wrote an article and Devvy Kidd did one as well) and the chemtrail videos over Georgia.

    Yea, I think the Light Work videos are very positive and soothing.

  19. The Watchdog says:

    We are back to normal after minor technical difficulties!

  20. BEADALONG says:

    Thank you Watchdog! What a great relief.

    Yea, I was pretty surprised by the Error message and saying I was blacklisted, was malicious & probably had a virus….So, I really checked out my computer.

    I’m definitely glad this was fixed. Thank you.

  21. Faye says:

    Hi, litew8! Good to see you back.

    And yeah, Angel, I know how hard it was to keep your mouth shut. Got a reprimand not long ago for blaming Bush for illegal immigration. Got told to quit “forcing my religion and politics down people’s throats.” What I had said was very minor and included no religion whatsoever. Told my boss not to schedule me at that hospital again. They called the other day…. Faye, pleeeeasseeee. I told him not only no but hell no. They could work short. I wouldn’t be stopping to pee on them if they were on fire. He told me I was a hard lady. So be it.

  22. Eddie B. says:

    Hats off Faye. You now have moved up to Devvy Kidd status in my books! You go girl!

  23. 1Madmomma says:

    Hi Everyone! Long time no see, so to speak. Watching the Republican debates was angering. What a crock of crap. The way they run the debates is a joke. Our elections are to serious a topic to be making light of. They lead us to believe the questions asked are by everyday Joes like us. My Ass! I can’t stand Anderson Cooper to begin with. We need to have debates, both Democrat & Repuclican, moderated by Lou Dobbs. We just might get to the real meat of some issues. The question posed about the NAU should have been asked of all the candidates. We need to know what each of them think. If they say it is a conspiracy theory, well they’re off the list of hopefuls. All of us know it is fact. I just pray that we all get on the same page as to who will best lead us into the future, or we’ll be so scattered the Dems will win. NOT GOOD!
    Beadalong; Great ideas. I’ve also sent letters simular to yours to the Governor. He isn’t going to listen to any commonsense solutions. He might make some hispanic group mad at him. Actually I’m surprised that he hasn’t also jumped on the “lets give illegals Drivers Licenses” thing. He is a panderer, just like Bush, the dems, and McCain, regardless of what he says this week.
    Just the other day my Husband got a letter from Karl Rove (yea right), requesting donations for the republican party. It was a 4, yes four page letter giving all the reasons why the republicans need to defeat the democrats. Absolutely amazing how ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION wasn’t even a topic for discussion. Talk about piss a Brother/Sister off. Seeing as though I just thought of that, I need to shut up here, and go send off a letter to them, of course my Bush Pesos will be included.
    Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WatchDog; I like the new look to the site, but I do miss spell check.

  24. BEADALONG says:

    Way to go Faye!

  25. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Madmomma. Good to hear from you again. I’m glad you also sent letters to the Guv. Well, at least we can say we made the effort without outright hitting them on the head with 2 x 4s.

    I didn’t watch the Republican debates yet, but I had planned to, but from what you say, they didn’t address the NAU either.

    I tried writing the Democratic Party also about the NAU but there was no response either.

    Boy, isn’t that something asking for donations from Karl Rove?

    The Dem party does that too, but when I go about emailing Hillary or Obama or the Dem party and none of them can bother to answer me and the Hillary/Obama site states “that this is an automated message and I should take up my questions with my Rep” (when they’re running for U.S. Prez), I’m definitely done with them. They’re history as far as I’m concerned when they can’t bother to answer me.

  26. gatekeeper says:

    In the graphic above there is an insert presumeably promoting Ron Paul. Does this website support him? If so, I do not understand why. Please see the video at He is against military enforcement of our borders, he is for a guestworker system, and in favor of importing labor. At the same time, yes, he is against illegal immigration. I prefer a candidate with much stronger convictions about immigration. What am I not seeing?

  27. Eddie B. says:

    He is a Constiutionalist. He wants to abolish the Federal Reserve Corporation. He wants to eliminate the IRS and personal income tax. And he is against hostile, “preemptive”, Imeprialist military takeovers of foreign countries to steal their oil.

    If we took the National Guard out of the middle east back then they could gaurd the borders. But…. the Emperor Booosh says no.

    I like Tancredo too.

  28. The Watchdog says:

    Your video link doesn’t work gatekeeper, so I can’t see where you get your information from. He has never advocated for a guest worker program. He is in favor of limited legal immigration that favors skilled workers but not flooding the market with cheap foreign labor. Tancredo and Hunter are both very solid on immigration but Ron Paul is good too. I think he’s the better choice on many other issues as well, so that’s why he’s my choice. I’ll give you a few links on Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul’s immigration report card.

    Immigration and the Welfare State

    The Immigration Question

  29. litew8 says:

    Getting to know Tom Tancredo:
    (high speed recommended) Tom Tancredo (YouTube Videos)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I don’t have anything against Ron Paul, but I’m not going to vote for him. The little that I’ve heard - he’s for prostitution and he use to be a Libeterian. I agree with his stance, some what, about the need to not extend our military overseas as much - but I don’t hear him voicing his opinion as strongly as Tom Tancredo when it comes to interior security (illegal immigration). His voting record indicates that he has been part of the problem, and less of being part of the solution in the past. Again, that’s in comparison to Tancredo. Correct me if I’m mistaken in anything I’ve said.

    Tancredo’s voting record is one of the highest rated in the field by Republican interest groups. Tancredo: “I have a record that is consistent. And I will tell you, as opposed to almost every other person on the stage, I think that that is the most glaring example of the difference between us, and certainly between myself and Mr. Romney.”

    To me, that means that he says what he means, and means what he’s said. In other words - he is a man that can be trusted. That is why I’m going to vote for him. He’s a real man, and he isn’t apart of the CFR.

  30. Faye says:

    Is it possible to copy You-Tubes over to a CD or DVD?

  31. Faye says:

    Hi, 1MadMomma!

  32. AmericanWorker says:

    Well I do like Ron Paul but I must say he let me down on his interview on The View . You can see it on Youtube ( Ron Paul on the view 12-4-07 ) I must say I’m not happy with his response to the immigration question they asked.

  33. Jimmy says:

    No wonder we are having ‘money trouble’ here in the USA.

    It takes your breath away…………

  34. gatekeeper says:

    Jimmy, yes it does.

  35. Eddie B. says:

    Jimmy -

    Good link. If you don’t think they have a plan to break the middle class dwon to nothing but servant, modern day slaves then read those numbers.

    I can see it where I work and it gets worse every day. They look at you weird if you leave after working 8 or 9 hours. Like I owe them…

    Did anybody see the preposterous building in Dubai/UAE that the Arabs are building? The tallest office building in the world? Here is the REALLY BAD NEWS… The contruction crews have stopped working on it becuase they do not want to be paid in American dollars for their labor!!!!


  36. Jimmy says:

    Some teacher posted this somewhere on the net. Is this true?
    Do hispanistanic students really not want our ‘education’ supplied by our
    own hard earned money? Is this true? How sad and terrifying.

    “At the public school i teach at in Los Angeles yesterday there were 10 well coordinated fights. It is now a daily occurance and many of us long term teachers are opting out after this year.

    Example, my first two periods are mostly white and a few black students. They come to class prepared, mind their manners and complete their work. My third period class is all mexican and when they enter my classroom it is like a herd of beasts. No manners, no respect and no learning.

    The truth from the battle front is that the mexicans don’t want our education. They spit at our attempts to teach them. It just doesn’t work.

    We need help. Here in Los Angeles the tide has irrevocably been turned. All hope is lost.


    I would like to hear from any teachers in Cali.
    Is this true?

    Is California “over”?

  37. Jimmy says:

    I would especially like to know what it is really like at the enfamous ‘Montebello High School’ , the flag flipping high in east LA.

    I looked at their official web site.
    American flags everywhere.
    You would think nothing is wrong.
    I don’t buy it.

    Anybody out there?

    Student body 94+% hispanistanic.

    I would be willing to bet, most of the ‘instruction’ is in espanol.

    Please tell me I am wrong, and these are all good, nice ‘Americanized’ kids.

    I’ll be waiting for a good report.

    Teachers and students, please come forth and tell me all is well on the Cali front.


  38. Faye says:

    Jimmy –

    The only thing I can explain is the website is all pc, like “go back to sleep, America, go back to sleep.”

  39. litew8 says:

    On December 7th @ 4:26 pm, Faye asked:
    Is it possible to copy You-Tubes over to a CD or DVD?

    Yes Faye. If you have a CD or DVD burner you can.
    It would take some inginuity, but it is possible.

  40. midwest says:

    Jimmy, this country–the world for that matter–does not need any more teachers like you. Please feel free to quit anytime! Or you could use that education degree that you earned (however I am only assuming you actually have one) and help out. Find a way to reach the kids, this problem you are so uptight about can start being mended by educators like yourself…but only if you open your minds…

  41. Mayday says:

    midwest-Do you even have any idea of what it’s like to teach kids who do not want to learn? Or what it’s like to teach kids whose parents don’t care about education and whose parents may be uneducated? I used to be a teachers aide I know exactly what they go through. It’s hard work and Jimmy deserves a medal for what he is doing!

  42. Vincent Narodnik says:

    A few common assumptions about “EDUCATION”; and their inherent fallacies.
    *All educated people are “open minded”.
    *All educated people are “smart”
    *All education leads the student to “open mindedness”
    *All uneducated people are “closed minded”
    *All uneducated people are dmub. (or ‘cognitively challenged’)
    *People without ‘education’ can never be “open minded”
    Before going further, let us first examine the above propositions and test them for soundness. I realize that alot of people hold these convictions, but it seems right to keep an “open mind”on the subject. Therefore the following are also possible:
    *Both Educated and non educated people CAN BE “open minded”
    *Both Educated and non educated people CAN BE “smart”
    *>the third proposition needs further examination of the concept of “openmindedness” which we should examine in a minute, but not before looking at the above propositions and noting how narrow, unitary and normative they are. (perhaps more on that later)
    As for the concept of “Open mindedness”
    uh, maybe we should just cut to the quick and ask ourselves:
    Is it possible to be open minded about “open mindedness”
    (if not, the entire proposition fails)
    There isnt any reason to be against “open mindedness” so long as it is not a mode of understanding privileged above all the others.
    Open mindedness is USEFUL so long as you are undecided about a thing.
    After you have come to a decision on something, however, the understanding is fixed (called ‘closed’)
    But again, having a fixed opinion on “Open mindedness” is inherently a closed minded way of seeing it.
    Closed minded people arent bad, mind you,
    but you still have quite a contradiction to overcome before taking it any further.
    Because of this, if we would be ethical, we cannot believe that “open minded” people are any better, or have any ideas that are more important to listen to than anyone else.
    “Open minded” people are not Special People
    Especially if they have fixations on Equality. (but that is a different matter)
    Back to “education” now:
    If we can agree that there are many types of thinking styles, then we may assume that the teacher has some Respect for the individual mind of the individual student, therefore has no business raising up “open minded” students, “closed minded” students or any other type of student.
    The Free Individual student can take what he has larnt from the teacher and make whatever he wants to out of the information provided.
    ?That has something to do with Freedom, doesnt it?
    Probably what is needed is a clarification of what is meant by “open minded”.
    Why not do a little soul searching this holiday season Midwest?
    A few helpful hints:
    Try to avoid confusing “Open minded” with WISE.
    Recognize that the two are separate concepts, not synonyms.
    Recognize also that of the two, Wisdom sits on the throne, so to speak, and that all other attributes are subordinated to it.
    Recognize that Wisdom is primarily a SPIRITUAL quality, and not so much a performance attribute.
    (Wisdom has to do with the SPIRIT in which understandings are used, and isnt susceptible to ideology, I.Q., Program Thought, etc)
    *Because a spiritual quality, please consider your own convictions** about the relation of Church to State. (this is another insurmountable obstacle to advocates of School-as-Enlightenment hatchery.
    *Dmub peeple r wize too! :) (or at least, we ought to be “open minded” enough to believe that they CAN be, just like our own angelic selves!)
    *Please be wise and dont bust in here and start throwing hatchets at people. Its Christmas time after all!

    I guess thats enough for now. Hope Ive provided you with some food for thought for your trouble. Luv ya girl! Time for some eggnog now. Then off to put my lat pumpkin on the head of my neighbors yardtroll. ‘Tis the season and all that. I wish you many visions of sugar plumbs and…oh forget it, the eggnogs getting cold.

    **Convictions of any kind are not a logical possibility within a framework of “Openmindedness”. uh, Ill leave off explication of that for another day.

  43. Sandman says:

    Gr8 piece on “open minds” Vincent. Too many people these days are sold on an idea that having a strong opinion on a subject (even if facts back it up) is a bad thing, therefore not “open minded” enough. MSM outlets have been very successful at molding the minds of American sheeple into a bizzare sort of PC madness that will not allow common sense to become a factor in decision making, even if it causes damage to the majority. In the case of immigration, open mindedness has bankrupted our schools, Social Security, social services and more. “Open mindedness” has Balkanized this country, dumbed down our kids and overpopulated our cities. At some point in the future there will be hell to pay for this and that time is sooner than later. Jimmy posted an interesting Rense link about the financial cost of the invasion, and that only covers the money side of the debate.
    Charity is a good thing I guess (if it is volunteer) but if we kill ourselves in the process, everyone will loose. American kids rank below in math and science score far below many third world countries…But who cares, right? at least we are open minded!!!

  44. Sandman says:

    As for Ron Paul, I notice a strong uptick in attacks against Ron Paul, mostly by Fox Newz and some far-left groups. This is a sign that MSM is getting scared of his message. Rumors that he wants to legalize prostitution is crazy. I see that as a sign of desperation more than anything. Hacks like Malkin and O’Reilly are looking for anything to throw at R.P. with the hope that some of it will stick. It is true that R.P. is not as strong on immigration as Tancredo or Hunter but at least he is better on immigration than everyone else-AND he has the best chance to go somewhere in the election. (he should run as an Independent.) Both Tancredo and Hunter will not even be in the run next month, so who is left? If the only issue for the next President was immigration Hunter would get my vote (if he made it that far) There are some huge problems with the economy, the war, the Constitution and the future of this country at this point and R.P. is the only guy out there who seems to be talking about these issues in a straight way. I know that he ruffles some NeoCon feathers when he bashes the war, out of control spending or the destruction of the Constitution but his message is catching on. Just wait ’till next week, the tea party will exceed all expectations.

  45. litew8 says:

    Sandman, I didn’t say he wanted to leagalize prostitution. I found a video that will show you Ron Pauls stance. There’s more to Ron Paul than I first realized. He is in favor of turning a blind eye towards morals - leaving the states to decide what is best. Is that good thing? Look at what the states are currently doing with illegal aliens. They (not the public) are creating sanctuary cities to aid illegal aliens. Ron Paul’s stance does nothing to prevent this - if anything it probably encourages it. Then you have all of the other social/economic issues.

    - He doesn’t think drugs are of concern
    - He would leave that up to the states
    - If they think illegal aliens are okay, I’m sure they won’t mind heroin too
    - Homosexual culture is of no concern to Ron Paul
    - He doesn’t care too much about the moral compass of the country
    - So long as homosexuals don’t try to force their beliefs onto others
    - Seriously? Look at what they are doing now.
    - Forcing their beliefs into grade schools, plays, etc…
    - What would they be capable of if Ron Paul allowed them to do so?
    - All of the above would allow the few to dictact to the masses.

    If Ron Paul was elected, he’d allow all the states to do what they pleased - with no regard to the economic impact or moral skewing. We’d be living in one big cluster f*ck of a country. Much worse than what it is now. States would be doing drugs like no other. States would be encouraging homosexual, bisexual, transgender, beastiality propaganda and culture onto the entire population. Things would get out of wack real quick. We both know that there are people in government positions (local level) that are not representing the public, and do as they please. They’d be even more capable under a blind eye administration. If we think illegal aliens are of concern now, we aint seen nothin yet if Ron got his way.

    Here’s the video. Come to your own conclusion:
    Link = John Stossel - Ron Paul Interview (unaired)

  46. peternoamnesty says:

    i just watched the “foro precidencial de univision”(yes i understand spanish in fact i am hispanic) and it was disgusting how mike huckabee,mitt romney,ron paul and john mccain were hispandering, i almost puke thanks to those 4 sell-outs,i was amazed how fred thompson answered the question about “why not give amnesty to 12 millions if the majority of american support it” man fred was great he just say NO “it would be unfair” Duncan Hunter was great and didnt sell-out…guliani he just repeat and repeat the same bull….fred thompson and Hunter really stand for americans and not for illegals..ok beyond the fact that it was in spanish they stand for americans,it was funny how ron paul who started hispandering was booed after the question about chavez…kudos Mr.Tom Tancredo

  47. peternoamnesty says:

    i just watched the ?foro precidencial de univision?(yes i understand spanish in fact i am hispanic) and it was disgusting how mike huckabee,mitt romney,ron paul and john mccain were hispandering, i almost puke thanks to those 4 sell-outs,i was amazed how fred thompson answered the question about ?why not give amnesty to 12 millions if the majority of american support it? man fred was great he just say NO ?it would be unfair? Duncan Hunter was great and didnt sell-out?guliani he just repeat and repeat the same bull?.fred thompson and Hunter really stand for americans and not for illegals..ok beyond the fact that it was in spanish they stand for americans,it was funny how ron paul who started hispandering was booed after the question about chavez?kudos Mr.Tom Tancredo

  48. litew8 says:

    perernoamnesty, that’s cool you like Tom Tancredo. You you, being hispanic, understand that Tom is a good man. Looking out for the well being of all U.S. citizens. I didn’t watch the “foro precidencial de univision”, but from what I heard the other day, Tom Tancredo refused to attend. He doesn’t appreciate the fact that they are having a debate in Spanish. He dislikes the thought that some how that is okay. Did Tom change his mind, did he attent the debate peternoamnesty?

  49. litew8 says:

    Man, WD - I like the new layout of your site - but it takes about 5 MIN to actually load on a dial-up connection. That is like an eternity. The old layout was slow to load, but this one is 3x worse. If I were to guess as to the reason why, I’d say it is because of all the YouTube videos you have. It’d be nice to see if the response time is reduced by 1/2 or more is you removed the reference to the YouTube videos.

  50. melody says:

    I don’t know about Ron Paul. I just don’t trust him for some reason. I don’t know why. I wish there was a candidate that I felt strong about. I like Tom Tancredo the best so far.

  51. The Watchdog says:

    Dial up? Dude, unless you live in the boonies where there is no high speed access you really need to upgrade. You can get DSL or cable for $15 to $40 a month most everywhere. Where are you, on a mountain somewhere?

    But you are right, the YouTube videos slow the page loads. And when YouTube isn’t working, it’s worse.

    I look forward to seeing the YouTube videos on the Univsion debate. I can’t believe Ron Paul was hispandering. I just read somewhere else that he was the only one that didn’t change his message at all. That was the NY Times and they didn’t give any details. I don’t believe the NY Times much anyway. I’ll have to see it for myself.

  52. litew8 says:

    Well, you can suggest that it is BECAUSE of my dial-up connection (millions of people actually still have) that is to blame for the slow page load. But I know better. I know it is due to bad design/development. There actually are ethics involved in website design/development, and it is very easy (for those who do not know or care to practice) to overkill a website and drive away visitors - within seconds. The proper way to design/develop - from a dial-up perspective. Otherwise you risk alienaiting your audience by discriminating via connection speed. Are you saying that you only care to cater to those that have high-speed internet, or are you really trying your best to provide information to the masses? Those are questions you should ask yourself.

  53. litew8 says:

    Sorry for my terrible spelling as of late everyone.
    Reading over some of the things I’ve posted, I don’t
    know how some of those mistakes got past me. :)

  54. NoYouCant says:

    “Ruiz is heading home”

  55. Vincent Narodnik says:

    That is an ELECTRIFYING story, NYC.
    I wish Ruiz a long long LOOOOOONG holiday visit with his beloved family, friends and countrymen. One that will last even unto his natural death sometime in the distant future.

  56. peternoamnesty says:

    litew8,Tom Tancredo kept his word he was not there…dude fred thompson was great(and i am not a fred supporter)i guess they “presentadores”said that you can watch it with subtitles,i hope that is someone post them on outube they didnt change what the candidates really said

  57. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Leaving matters up to states to decide is not tantamount to amorality of any kind.
    Leaving matters up to the Fed has led to far worse than simple amorality. The Imperial Fed has been acting with outright venality for at least 80 years, but certainly these past 12 or so is enough to convince anyone that they are quite incapable of being trusted with matters that are best dealt with locally.
    Pull the legs off the Daddy longlegs I say.
    Curiously, the general outlook of Dr. Paul is Federalist, but in a way that Adams and Jay would understand. Federalism washed away around the time of Jefferson, never to return in any easily recognizable form or any potent enough distillation.
    The litmus test of good versus bad Libertarian thinking is Moral Optimism V. Moral Pessimism.
    Moral Optimism is the personal belief that Man is generally oriented toward the Good. (an extreme example is Rousseau) Moral Pessimism is the personal belief that Man is generally oriented toward BAD. (an extreme example of this, John Calvin)
    Morally optimistic Libertarians are trustworthy IF they are genuinely moral optimists. Morally pessimistic persons who are also Libertarians are to be as shunned and reprehended as Communists or Fascists. (Who, believing that his fellow man is universally corrupt and oriented toward further corruption would adopt an an attitude of giving a freehand to mans inherent villainy? Only a psychopath.)
    All that above is only step one to about a 10 step acid bath candidates should be subjected to. (Moral Optimism by itself is not enough, The above test is mostly to gauge whether the candidate is 24 carat or base metal.

    Either way, the Fed, simply because it is BIG, is not necessarily good. Its real purpose is to be a unifying agent among the several states and not a baseball wielding babysitter. BIG is no guarantor of morality of any kind whatsoever. Big is only useful to frighten away bad people from transgression. REALLY bad people (like the ACLU) glory in Transgression are not frightened at all by BIG.
    so Big Fed is no help to keep them at bay.
    That leaves truly good people (the majority) to live in constant aggravation and fear of a BIG fed who only manages to abate middling reprobates, meanwhile all of the truly wicked use the fed as a devise to gratify their lurid cravings (revenge against “class enemies” etc.)

  58. litew8 says:

    Thanks for the update peternoamnesty. I’ve noticed neither Ron Paul nor Tom Tancredo are being added to any of the polls shown on television. Just like they did when the Iowa Straw Poll concluded. Even though Tancredo and Paul both had gains. They removed their names entirely from the list when shown on cable channels and national network channels, and replaced them with Guliani and McCain (who didn’t even attend). There are some posters among the internet that are spreading the cover-up - with images from television shows that excluded them. I am an informed person - though I live like a cave-man when it comes to the internet (dial-up) and television (no cable). I don’t complain. Although I dislike the fact that they would resort to showing important debates on cable television - of which prohibits all capable voters from viewing. Intentionally preventing a large amount of the public from viewing.

    Vincent Narodnik, while I understand the annology you’ve presented, I (personally) can’t see how it relates in retrospect. Primarily because I don’t see Ron Paul saying anything about what to do with the illegal aliens already here. To me that means he is for having them stay, granting amnesty in a side-stepping manner. That, and he’s only recently made it one of his talking points - because he had none before. Tom Tancredo has been ACTING and VOICING CONCERN about this huge issue way before anyone else, not mearly a talking point - ACTING in defense of the Constitution itself. Ron Paul not actively showing concern or acting prior goes to show that he had no concern. That seems to contradict his ‘I am all for the Constitution’ stance - since the Constitution says the President is for protecting its citizens from an invasion.

    Having said that, I think a GREAT combination would be Tancredo President and Ron Paul Vice President. I think that’d produce great results. But I don’t see a Ron Paul as President with such laxed morals or convictions. No disrespect to anyone.

  59. melody says:

    I just tryed to post something in my firefox brower and I don’t see it. Now I’m in my internet explorer brower so if I accidently posted the same thing twice sorry. testing 1 2 3

  60. Faye says:

    Just heard from MINUTEWOMAN! She’s staying with her sister, has to stay out of the sun and can’t post but she’s reading us.


  61. The Watchdog says:

    Litew8 - The change in design was driven by a needed WordPress software upgrade. The actual look of the site is just a WordPress template that I alter a little. The old template wasn’t compatible with this new version of WordPress so I had to get a new one.

    I guess I think the video content of the site is really important and to watch video on the Internet you really need a high speed connection. You’ve got me curious now to test out the site with a dial up connection. I’ll have to check it out.

    Don’t you have a high speed connection in your area? If you do, you should really try it. You’re missing out!

  62. litew8 says:

    Early Merry Christmas Minutewoman (and everybody)!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Watchdog, I agree and can totally understand the importance of video on your site. Just that you should always take into consideration the spectrum of visitor’s connectivity capabilities when making decisions about content and relevance. The thought should always linger in the back of your mind whenever you decide to make a change of any sort.

    The design/development remark I made was geared more towards the design/development decision to add so many YouTube videos, not so much the overall design/development changes you’ve made. Generally, anything pertaining only text or retrieving only text (WordPress) doesn’t take very much to display/download - as does other rich content (graphics (size/type), media (video)).

    One of the better practices is to base your decisions for change/additions as being based off of dial-up accessibility. How would a dial-up user experience these changes? Would it be accessible? If the answer to the question becomes, yes it would be okay, or yes they wouldn’t have much issue - then you already know how the change would affect high-speed connected visitors (very little). And you’d also know that dial-up users are still capable of viewing the site without problems, and that high-speed connected visitors are seeing the page load instantly. Making both parties happy and capable of accessing your content.

    Not to say that high-speed content is bad, it is bad only when not placed in context. If it drags down dial-up users, then possibly it is bad. But if you design the site in such a way that the high-speed content is accessibly by means of selection, rather than forced (segregate the content) - it can still satisfy both parties without negatively affecting one over the other.

    Meaning - you can create a section on your site designated for all videos - accessibly by choice (clicking a link), rather than forcing it onto each page. Subtle things can be done. Using a graphic to draw the attention to the visitors to a segregated video section can work just as good. I think you have the resources to produce great looking graphics (what ever happened to the WatchDog!? haha). I realize the eye candy (actual YouTube videos) is more appealing to have shown, but you have to go back and take into consideration the ethics rule. How will it affect dial-up users? If you use that as a golden rule, you can’t go wrong in any decision.

    The above is just my person opinion based off of my own experience and self taught knowledge. I do have high-speed internted in my area, it just isn’t a priority for me. I know I’m missing out (on some things)! You sound like my brother!

  63. litew8 says:

    Why I won’t do Spanish debate


    I declined the invitation to participate in the Spanish-language Republican presidential debate on Sunday because I do not want to endorse the further Balkanization of American political life.

    The debate is being sponsored by Univisión, the country’s largest Spanish-language network, and the candidates’ answers will be translated into Spanish. Spanish-language news broadcasts and public-affairs programming is an expression of our First Amendment freedoms. I have given many interviews to Univisión as well as local Spanish-language stations. However, a Spanish-language presidential debate is a different animal altogether.

    The question of bilingualism is not new to American politics. A former Republican president, Theodore Roosevelt, once spoke about the importance of new immigrants giving up their old languages and allegiances in order to become equal partners in American democracy:

    “We freely extend the hand of welcome and of good fellowship to every man, no matter what his creed or birthplace, who comes here honestly intent on becoming a good United States citizen like the rest of us. . . . Americanism is a question of spirit, conviction and purpose, not of creed or birthplace. The politician who bids for the Irish or German vote, or the Irishman or German who votes as an Irishman or German, is despicable, for all citizens of this commonwealth should vote solely as Americans.”

    Can anyone imagine Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft having a Republican primary debate in German or Italian in 1912? Of course not. Indeed, I believe Teddy Roosevelt’s admonition applies today. I do not believe it is proper to appeal to the ??Hispanic vote” or the “Asian vote” or the “Black vote.” I believe we must appeal only for American votes.

    Any political debate is aimed at citizens. It is about issues of concern to the entire community, not a segment of the community. It is vital that all political debates and discussions take place in the public square, not in separate enclaves. Our democracy does not need different messages broadcast to different audiences in different languages that are not heard or understood by other groups.

    Our children learn in school that all registered voters are either native-born citizens or naturalized citizens, and all applicants for citizenship must pass an English-proficiency test. This test is included in the naturalization exam for a good reason.

    Conducting political debates in any language other than English, whether Korean, French, Farsi or Spanish, is telling new immigrants that they need not take that particular requirement for naturalization seriously. The United States has a special need to have a common language because of the very diversity of its immigrants. Our parents and ancestors who were immigrants spoke many different languages on arrival. But they came here to become Americans, and as Americans, we conduct our political affairs in English.

    Is it not a little bit insulting to our new citizens who were born in Cuba or Mexico or Peru to suggest that political debates need to be translated into Spanish for them to understand what is going on? Is it smart for the Republican Party to implicitly endorse the notion that newly naturalized citizens are not able — or do not desire — to understand speeches and debates spoken in English? If this is so, should we go to Westminster, Calif., and have a debate broadcast in Vietnamese and to the Russian Orthodox community in West Sacramento and have a debate broadcast in Russian?

    The graduation exercises at the University of Miami, the site of Sunday’s Republican debate, are conducted in English. The business of the Florida Legislature is conducted in English and the oath of office for a new president of the United States will be administered in English. It is not a good idea to encourage people to think that they can participate in American politics without knowing how to understand and speak English. Doing so offends not only citizens old and new; it offends the spirit of democracy and especially our heritage of equal justice under law.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Posted on Thu, Dec. 06, 2007
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    This is your culture, fight for it!
    This is your flag, pick it up!
    This is your country, take it back!

    –Tom Tancredo

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Words of a LEADER!

  64. litew8 says:

    SOUTH SIOUX CITY — Who is Tom Tancredo? He is the only 2008 Republican presidential candidate who you should support.

    Tom has been fighting for immigration control and secure borders for the past eight years. He also supports fair trade versus free trade and voted against CAFTA and the expansion of NAFTA and is opposed to SPP, NAU and a foreign-owned NAFTA superhighway. This year alone, Tom has authored 19 bills and amendments, including an amendment to the Homeland Security appropriations bill that will deny funds to sanctuary cities, and has co-signed 84 other bills including H.R. 25, the fair tax plan. Tom earned “A” or “A+” ratings from every conservative group: American Conservative Union, National Right to Life Committee, National Rifle Association, Family Research Council, National Taxpayer Union, Americans for Better Immigration, National Federation of Independent Businesses.

    Tom is the only candidate on the Republican ticket who accepted an invitation from the NAACP to speak at their annual convention. While Tom may not be the most eloquent speaker among the candidates, he is the most passionate, bringing an audience to their feet with his trademark closing: This is your culture, fight for it! This is your flag, pick it up! This is your country, take it back!

    Tom is not accepting any corporate or special interest funds for his campaign. He relies on contributions, in any amount, from supporters who believe in his message for a better America for our granchildren.

    – Nancy Sivill

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Source: Sioux City Journal

  65. Vincent Narodnik says:

    I begin reading the days Doghouse posts from the bottom up-and so was about to give Litew8 the bad news that MinuteWoman was no longer here, but happily I continued to Fayes post.
    Merry Christmas MW!!
    We miss you over here.
    Thanks for telling us Faye.
    Please send her our best.

  66. the marlboro man says:

    Hay all and MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! I was running thur some sites and found one that got me realy pissed>Ididn,t write it down but it was Students for 9/11 truth,the guy ask HILLERACT was she a member of CFR and she looked at him as to say your dead,then she said I HAVE KNOW IDEAL WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, wait it gets better,he then asked what she WAS DOING AT THE MEETING,She gave a look that could kill,he added we have you on tape!!! You could almost see the flames in her eyes,just as he yelled Bill is a member,the kids propbly in Iceland now??

  67. The Watchdog says:

    Yes, Minutewoman is still around. She emails me stories to post sometimes. She’s doing well.

  68. K2 says:

    Spanish only. In need of fluent translation, to confirm actual meaning and context. But appears Mexico has established the first MEXICAN COLONIAL OFFICE in the USA. More are likely to follow.

    “…The head of government of the DF, Marcelo Ebrard today inaugurated the House of the City of Mexico in Lynwood, California, that will give service to the original immigrants of that locality. With the inauguration of the House, first of five that the governor has promised to open abroad, Ebrard initiated a visit of two days to California accompanied by civil employees of its administration. The center that will serve as direct link between the government of the Mexican capital and the Mexican immigrants in this locality, will offer among other programs the delivery of birth certificates, registered copies and marriage certificates… in addition a program to authenticate driver’s licenses to the original Mexican immigrants of the city of Mexico. Those documents, that will have permanent use, will be able to be acquired by a cost of about 30 dollars and the only requirement is that an antecedent exists of which the applicant had a valid license sent in the Mexican capital. Ebrad informed that the first identifications of immigrants who will serve for an agreement between a estadunidense bank and one Mexican will be given that will transact remittances to a smaller cost of the usual. Consulted on the implications of the decision of San Francisco to emit identifications for undocumented people next August, Ebrard indicated that to his government is interested in his speaking with the authorities of SF, California. In agreement with its agenda of work, Ebrard entrevistó this evening, met with the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, to sign the hermanamiento of the two cities. Tomorrow Tuesday he will have a breakfast with the councilmen of Los Angeles and in the evening, will attend a food with local industralists. (With information of Notimex/RSC)”

  69. Faye says:

    Hey, ya’ll. I need some help. I put an article in the local paper and they’ve added a comment feature. There’s 2 reconquistas on there. Come help me out.

  70. BEADALONG says:

    Faye, I’ve tried commenting on that and it won’t let me comment. Even though I’ve watched my punctuation, I keep getting the message to “Revise” and that the only punctuation accepted is periods, question and exclamation marks.

  71. Faye says:

    Beadalong, they’ve made it difficult to say alot. I have the same problem all the time. It seems once you get that message, it won’t let you submit no matter how many corrections you make. You can’t quote anyone. When I write comments in there, I feel like I have both hands tied behind my back. I’ve resorted to composing in Word, then copying and pasting so I don’t have to rewrite the whole thing if I get rejected again. Once rejected, it only works if you quit out of the OA then call it back up again. I think the objective was to prevent any links from being entered. This is a new feature in our paper.

    I’m surprised they published my article since they have steadfastly avoided any articles repudiating latino special interest groups or any mention of the NAU. They’d print Montanez’ letters about us stealing the southwest however. Stacy Wright and I have been battling this for 2 years. His article is Open Borders Abound, under mine a little ways on the list of articles.

    “Kim” has pulled the Jesus card now. I’ve read her on several other articles. She is a total B**** and this Jesus card she’s pulled is not her usual method of playing. I view her as an attack dog. You really need Eddie B.’s bucket when she gets on-line. “On-line” is an example of what it won’t take. No hyphens either.

    I appreciate any help ya’ll can give. I noticed litew8’s comment. Thanks, litew8.

  72. the marlboro man says:

    Faye I tried to post 3 times and couldn,t get it in ,but it was a good post that you wrote.Am I the only one who heard that China has stated that if the US dosn,t stop the recalls on there goods they were going to dump the billions of $$$$$$ they have???

  73. litew8 says:

    Faye and everyone else, I think there is a method to post to their board. It might be a way for them to filter out HTML code such as LINKS and HTML tags like bold or italic. Here’s what I’ve been doing and it seems to work well.

    Write your comments. But do not use the following -

    Do not use appostrophies. Example - WRONG: That’s CORRECT: That is
    Do not use commas , ,
    Do not use quotation marks ” ”
    Do not try to insert hyperlinks
    If you reference a website, try like this - websitename dot com NOT
    Do not try to create paragrphs
    Just make it one big blob

    After you are finished writting your comments, highlight all of your text and RIGHT CLICK and COPY. That way if it errors out, you can go back and RIGHT CLICK and PASTE your comments, overview for discrepencies. I’m sure the copy and paste is elementary, just thought I’d say.

  74. litew8 says:

  75. litew8 says:

    >>>Crap, while explaining what not to do on that forum, I accidentally broke WD’s thread. Ooops. I think I just fixed it.

  76. Faye says:

    You’re correct, litew8. Copy and paste IS probably elementary. I didn’t know about the right click. ‘Course, I’ve come a long way in the last two years on this computer. Ya’ll want to see my new blog? It’s the THIRD one I’ve got out there. My oldest daughter is truly amazed because 2 years ago, I didn’t even know how to access e-mail. I’ve got a lot of leadership positions open in this organization. You don’t have to be in Odessa to hold one because we’re not doing meetings. We’re trying to accomplish most of it by e-mail. I certainly appreciate the comments and help you’ve given. This place is totally pc. And the hispanic groups and the ACLU are putting tremendous pressure on our local officials. To get as far as we have with this article is truly amazing. We’re going to keep plugging though because if the letters we write generate enough popularity, the officials are going to have to start listening and will be more approachable when we actually go see them with our educational materials. People around here are afraid of voicing their opinions… even in my own group. That’s why I asked for help. They need more than me to come out of their shells.

    Here’s the site:

    The newsletter is better because I was able to include some videos. If you’re interested in taking a look at it, leave a comment on the website and I’ll be able to send you the newsletter.

  77. Sandman says:

    Faye, I read that message board…Man, you are all over the place on the web with your message about the invasion. I wish more people were as vocal as you are about this subject. BTW great website!

  78. Eddie B. says:

    Merry Christmas Minutewoman!!!!

  79. Vincent Narodnik says:

    The machine accepted mine, but didnt post it. Strange.
    Poor Kimmy.
    I dont deny the Christian teaching that self sacrifice is the essence of love
    I do, however reject the idea that suicide is the same as self sacrifice.
    Persons not content to wait till heaven to wear their halos and wings frequently confuse the two in the blindness of their moral ambition.
    I notice that people who adopt these attitudes frequently are as avid for a reputation of being Worlds Nicest Person as Tonya Harding was for an Olympic gold metal.
    Being generous with your own personal goods is fine.
    Being generous with other peoples goods is theivery.
    Attempting to give away an entire country to obviously hostile people falls in this category.

  80. The Watchdog says:

    Allright, fess up. Who the hell voted for Huckabee and McCain in the poll?

  81. the marlboro man says:

    Dam Watchdog that maid my day???Good one but it sure as hell wasn,t me!!I wouldn,t be caught dead voting for McPAIN and you,d have to shoot me to vote for HUCKLEBARRY!!!!!!!!!

  82. Sandman says:

    I still laugh every time I watch this Christmas video…

  83. melody says:

    Watchdog, some spys for McCain and Huckabee may have found your website. Anyway, if these are not spys you have new people who need to be educated about these invader devotees.

  84. melody says:

    Faye, I see your post is getting a lot of comments. I left a comment about fake job ads.

  85. litew8 says:

    That was funny what you said about the poll [b]WD[/b]. Made me smile too. haha. [b]peternoamnesty[/b], I watched the Iowa Republican Debate today, and I have to agree with you about Fred Thompson. He seemed to be pretty good in his responses. I thought he did very well. [b]melody[/b], I read your comments about the fake ads - great read! I think I’ll go back and post some more comments later. [b]Faye[/b], great article!

  86. litew8 says:

    Oops, I forgot this is an HTML site and not a BBCODE site. The [ ] brackets should have been greater and less than characters. My bad.

  87. Angel says:

    It sure as heck wasn’t me. I just voted for Tancredo due to immigration issue which is the #1 problem. Now I’m going to vote for Paul due to Iraq mess which is the #2 issue. But its really all in big problem/conspiracy.

    Maybe MCAMNESTY could be taken off. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

    Something nasty is up with Huckabee too with slamming Romney’s religion. I heard today that he compared Mormanism to Satanism. Beware of those cloaked in religion. Beware of those who attack another religion.

  88. melody says:

    Rudy Giuliani makes fun of a man with Parkinson’s

  89. BEADALONG says:

    I voted for Ron Paul.

  90. BEADALONG says:

    Okay litew8. I tried going back and cleaning all that up. I thought I got everything. I did mention the topic of the NAU and then tried just typing is as the North American Union. I also discussed the Amero, Aztlan and Anahuac. Well, I’ll try it again some time tomorrow.

  91. gatekeeper says:

    Faye - comment #69, I tried real hard to support you at but I guess I am too expressive. The site is so restrictive on symbols and would not take my comments. I wrote and rewrote and omitted and got down to bare knuckles and still it would not take my words. Maybe it was bad ju-ju from my computer and not the site. I don’t know. I treated it like a puzzle an tried for maybe an hour. I am so damn passionate about this immigration issue and it really bothers me that I couldn’t help you.

  92. gatekeeper says:

    Moved on and read that everyone else is having problems as well. Oh well….

  93. gatekeeper says:

    Vote Tancredo!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. litew8 says:

    BEADALONG, I just finished posting 2 more times over at the oaoa site. It actually allowed me to use commas! Faye, what is that site - in a very small community?

  95. litew8 says:

    Watchdog, after I type a comment here at your site, and Submit - I always recieve an error page that says:

    Error 403
    We’re sorry, but we could not fulfill your request
    for /?p=5239#comment-96165 on this server.

    You do not have permission to access this server.
    Your technical support key is: cf45-8b90-dfd9-b1ad
    You can use this key to fix this problem yourself.

    If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact brook at and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above.

    - - - - - - - - - -
    One time I tried to correct the issue as suggested, but no dice.

  96. Faye says:

    WD, I have the same error ltew8 has. Litew8, thanks. They were beating up on me. Kim has now reverted to her old self. Odessa is about 100,000. Here lately it seems a lot more. We’re the blue collar sister city of Midland which is considered white collar. The main economy is oil production and it’s booming right now. That doesn’t allow non-inquiring minds to absorb the fact that other parts of the country aren’t doing as well. The oilmen are tight with the Republican administration, Secretary Guiterrez even flew down here in as much secrecy as he could not long ago to have closed meeting with the oil men. There are people who do not want this discussed because we have the FutureGen people about to make their decision on where to put their new coal plant. Montanez, the man who originally started this with his claim that we stole the southern US no longer writes to the paper. He did so for probably 20 years. I suspect hispanic leaders shut him down. David Newmann is our local picked upon athiest who is always writing usually bemoaning that he’s being picked on. That’s because we have an elective class in one of the high school on the Bible which he objects to. This class made CNN, ACLU, and everybody and their dog has been into this. They finally set up a mediator and that whole thing is under mediation. I have a lot of difficulty writing on the OA site also. Sometimes I just have to save it to word, go back and make sure I have no contractions or anything else to jam it up. Then I have to wait several hours and go back to try again. It is absolutely maddening.

  97. Eddie B. says:


    This is a must read article posted by Patrick Wood over at The August Review on global banks embracing Islamic/Shari’a banking. Expecially England.

    This is not good at all. And of course, pigs from the Federal Reserve and banks like Goldman Sachs are leading the way for the Americam Elite greed mafia.


  98. Faye says:

    litew8, thanks for your help. I think I’ve been blocked from posting. They didn’t block Kim though. Ah, well. I’m going to pull a Scarlett O’Hara and think about it tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to go see my new grandbady.

  99. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Enjoy yourself Faye. Just be careful on the roads. They may be filled with “vibrant” drivers.

  100. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Boy, is a good link,Eddie. Im sure that there is alot more to this than we could even imagine. Its a little black cloud on the horizon that I bet will get bigger and bigger till it is thundering all around us. Meanwhile, a smirking clique of Morally Perfect Persons will be snickering at us as we discuss the coming storm. We will be called “storm haters” and our opinions will be held up for public ridicule.
    I wish I could find an article I read the other day about Dubai.
    Again, like alot of things, Araby is right now furiously building up Dubai to be the NEW New York. hmm. I bet that these two things dovetail at some point.
    Ill see if I can find it.

  101. Faye says:

    Vincent, I think they’d get a small surprise. I have concealed carry and spent 5 years training in a really bad form of karate. Had to be interviewed for 2 weeks before they let me into the school. That was some years ago, but the training was so intense, it became a reflex. I might not be able to round house kick anymore without knocking my back out of whack, but the Tiger Claw is an amazing move. Not a lot of strength involved. No cajones in 2 seconds flat. Somebody surprised me in an elevator a while back. Shocked me that I almost flattened them before I pulled the punch. Didn’t know that stuff would stick that long.

  102. BEADALONG says:

    Well, I’ve written 2 comments Faye but I don’t see them. Maybe they need to be reviewed first.

    The 1st comment referred to Chertoff threatening us with Terrorism again and I mentioned that it made no sense to threaten us with Terrorism and yet keep our borders unsecured.

    The 2nd comment was about the NAU and the Amero and how I thought this was being piggybacked onto La Plan de Aztlan and Anahuac.

  103. Faye says:

    They’re there. That whole forum behaves abominably. I wrote 3 yesterday afternoon and they disappeared off into the neatherlands never to be seen so I thought I had been blocked. But when I got back from the hospital last night, I tried another and it printed. How do you like Kim?

  104. Faye says:

    Dang, Eddie! That’s overwhelming. Here’s another video I found just by clicking off on the side on something that stuck my interest when I went to your link.;Itemid=52

  105. peternoamnesty says:

    ok you people what are talking about? “i vote for paul”"i vote for tancredo” “who the hell voted for mcacain” LOL which poll is that i want to vote! plz send me the link someone

  106. The Watchdog says:

    It’s the poll I have in the upper right hand corner of this website.

    Overnight there seems to have been a major change in the poll. It looks like Ron Paul supporters have found this website and voted like mad. Yesterday it was about even between Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo, which is what I expected from readers of this website. Today Ron Paul is way out front.

    * Ron Paul (73%, 412 Votes)
    * Tom Tancredo (13%, 72 Votes)
    * Fred Thompson (4%, 22 Votes)
    * Duncan Hunter (3%, 17 Votes)
    * Mike Huckabee (3%, 15 Votes)
    * Mitt Romney (3%, 15 Votes)
    * Rudy Giuliani (2%, 11 Votes)
    * John McCain (1%, 3 Votes)

    Total Voters: 567

    The poll has lost it’s value to me now. Now it is just a game to see how many Paul supporters will visit this website and vote.

    I like the poll feature though. I’ll have to think of another one.

  107. the marlboro man says:

    Watchdog did you get my e mail about r.paul

  108. The Watchdog says:

    I don’t think so Marlboro Man. I searched my inbox for an email with the same address that you are registered on this site with and I couldn’t find anything.

  109. BEADALONG says:

    Hi Faye. Yea, Kim was pretty nauseating. There were also a few others on there that were also priceless for being incredibly stupid. At least there were a couple on there besides you and litew8 that have common sense.

    That’s all it takes is common sense. What happened to that in this country?

    Anyway, I tried posting 3 other comments again. Let’s see if they pop up later.

    Oh, and Kim just had to bring up the slippery slope. What an idiot. Doesn’t she see the slippery slope we’re on if she has her way?

  110. litew8 says:

    Fess up Watchdog! You manipulated the poll! I could too (easily) if I had access to the source files! The fix is in! Tancredo was probably winning!
    - - - - - - -
    Faye, that is an interesting group of people over there at that site. That David guy and Kim girl give me a headache. I’ll keep posting stuff over there when I get a chance and if it is still being responded to.

  111. The Watchdog says:

    LITEW8, Your kidding right? The poll totally changed from when I went to sleep and woke up. As far as changing the poll, I’m really not sure if I could or not. It’s the first time I used that WordPress plugin. I only know HTML and basic CSS. I’m sure it’s a little more complicated than that.

    I have always admired Tancredo.

  112. Faye says:

    WD, litew8’s just pulling your leg. I think.

    litew8 and Beadalong, thanks for all your help. I think I’m finished with that post. I accomplished getting the information out that I wanted. About all we’re doing now is battling Kim and David and having the occasional twit break in on either side. For a while there, I thought Kim was the ACLU woman in town, but she’s not knowlegeable enough. She’s just spouting Reconquista. Used every dang card but one — no human being is illegal. Seems to be an awfully angry person, doesn’t she? Well, I guess she didn’t use the KKK card, came close. I wonder if she looks like WD’s girlfriend he had up here a while back that thought she was so pretty. LOL. WD’s going to need blood pressusre medicine if we don’t quite kidding him.

  113. Eddie B. says:

    Good find Faye!

    Vincent, the other noteworthy news is the construction of hte WORLD’S LARGEST OFFICE BUILDING in Dubia. Dubia is the new Las Vegas of the world where you can get ANYTHING you want if you have the money.

    Anything. Michael Jackson went there after he left the US for his naughty little overnight sleepovers…. Now he is a happy man.

    The disturbing news here is that the workers were getting paid in American dollars for the construction but have gone on strike and refuse to accept good ol’ American green backs…. They will only take Euros….

    Our big coporations will be heading over there so fast that it is going to make our heads spin. No taxes, no rules, anything they want. As lnog as they have the money to pay for it. The money they are stealing from middle class America.


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