Gov’t ‘Aids and Abets’ Illegal Aliens (Part 2)


After reading Insanity Reigns . . .(Part 1 - Overview), it should be patently clear why our borders have been left wide-open!(1) ‘We the People’ have already been sold down the river. Everyone is aware that NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA for the American worker. The miscellaneous governmental insanities, found in this research paper, will provide additional proof about how the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR’s) global elites are working overtime to erase our borders and dismantle our sovereignty. We MUST stop the insanity by voting out of office those who facilitate the CFR’s plans before our constitution ends up in the dustbin of history! During the 2006 election cycle American citizens must DEMAND that the Military be placed on our borders and that our immigration laws be enforced!

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  1. Winston Says:

    I will be leaving soon for Iraq to protect the nations illegal aliens from terrorist attacks. And my daughter can’t get a job in a southern California Yum Yum Dougnut shop because she can’t speak spanish for the illegal aliens that work there. I thought the Mexicans and the Democrats said no whites would work those jobs, I guess that’s not true. The Mexican managers save those jobs for thier own. We need to pull out of Iraq and protect our own nation.

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