The new Huckabee immigration plan that convinced Gilchrist to endorse him is nothing new. It’s similar to the Pence “touch back” plan where invaders go home for, in Huckabee’s words, “a few days or weeks” before they all come back legally! It’s an open borders revolving door amnesty plan. I wonder how much money they paid Jim Gilchrist to support this Amnesty scheme?

The Washington Post reports that Huckabee’s people went over this plan with Gilchrist last week.

“It was a plan I myself could have written,” said Gilchrist, who noted the Huckabee campaign reviewed the proposal with him before it was released.

The following video was recorded on Sunday December, 9th. At 3:00 minutes in the Huckster talks about his shamnesty plan. This guy is as open borders as any Reconquista.

Huckabee Hispanderd At LULAC Brown Supremacist Convention In 2005

Not only does Huckabee want an open border, amnesty for all invaders, and the Dream Act. He is also against local immigration law enforcement. He also feels that citizenship shouldn’t be a requirement to vote in our elections! I guess Jim Gilchrist will do anything for money and attention.


Although he never actually talked about the U.S. or Arkansas immigration policy, Huckabee made it very clear where he stood on the issue. In his opening remarks, he said the nation will need to address the concerns of the Hispanic community because of its growing influence and population base.

“Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,” Huckabee said jokingly as the crowd roared in laughter.

He told the LULAC delegates that their presence in the state’s capital city was very important because Arkansas has one of the fastest growing Hispanic populations in the nation.

“Your gathering is so very significant for our state,” Huckabee said. “We are delighted to have you.”

Despite several light moments, Huckabee did not stray away from several controversial issues that made him a target of criticism during the recently ended 85th General Assembly. He said Arkansas needs to make the transition from a traditional Southern state to one that recognizes and cherishes diversity “in culture, in language and in population.”

“This is an issue that is going to require extraordinary efforts on both sides of the border, particularly those coming from Mexico,” Huckabee said of verifying the status of illegal aliens. “But I am confident that our government will recognize that we should accommodate people who wish to provide the best opportunities for their families (and) employers so that we can make sure our economy has the necessary work force.”

During the legislation session, Huckabee criticized an immigration bill by Republican senators Jim Holt of Springdale and Denny Altes of Fort Smith as un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life.

Senate Bill 206, which died in the Senate, would have required proof of citizenship to register to vote and also force state agencies to report suspected cases of people living in the country illegally. Holt, R-Springdale, replied later to Huckabee’s comments that Christian charity does not include turning a blind eye to lawbreaking.

The Republican governor, who many believe will run for president in 2008, also backed legislation that would have opened the door for illegal immigrants in Arkansas to receive college scholarships.

House Bill 1525 by Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, was approved by the House but eventually failed in the Senate. Huckabee reiterated Wednesday that he believes every child, regardless of their parent’s immigration status, should have an opportunity to receive an education in the U.S.

Huckabee Compares Illegal Aliens To Black Slaves In 2006


Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Wednesday the nation is being given a chance to make up for past racism by the way it handles the influx of Hispanics (illegal aliens).

Huckabee said Arkansas has made progress on racial justice and has a fresh opportunity to do the right thing in the way it welcomes the growing Hispanic (illegal alien) population.

“One of the great challenges facing us is that we do not commit the same mistakes with our growing Hispanic population that we did with African Americans 150 years ago and beyond. We’re still paying the price for the pathetic manner in which this country handled that,” Huckabee said at a meeting of the Political Animals Club in Little Rock. The club meets monthly to hear from political figures and experts.

“I think frankly the Lord is giving us a second chance to do better than we did before,” Huckabee said.

20 Responses to “Jimbo Gilchrist Wants Open Borders And Huckabee Amnesty For All Invaders!”
  1. Angel says:

    OK I’m not blocked from posting anymore.

    Yeah, WD I saw this on Dobbs tonight and my jaw dropped. What in the heck is Gilcrist doing? Bet is was a ton of money (or maybe not that much). OR MAYBE HE WAS REALLY ON THE OTHER SIDE ALL ALONG. Money is indeed the root of all evil. He just stepped onto the other side. No turning back. Everyone needs to know that Gilcrist is a traitor to the American people. Shocked really…I’m shocked…It’s hard to fool me, but it can be done.

    Folks there are not many out there that can be trusted. Actually, there aren’t any. Staged opposition and the like is what you see. Everyone is on their own power trip. Trust no one…..

    Actually there is a conspiracy/hidden secret really that is so great and so vast. I’ve discovered it on my own over the last few weeks. I won’t post on here because you all will really think that I am insane. You’ll eventually discover, but it may take a year or two. Mark down this date, for I will refer it back to you and I’ll remind you that this is what I discovered. It’s chilling. There is much on the net about it, so go fishing.

  2. Angel says:

    PS This conspiracy/hidden secret will make the NAU seem like nothing. Now is a great time to befriend the Lord if you have not already done so.

  3. peternoamnesty says:

    dude we should investigate if “jimbo”(lol) has a new car or something,hey watchdog keep your eye on the traitor

  4. Rim says:

    Keep us posted. I never knew anything about him except his ranting about illegal immigration when he was running for public office.
    I guess he is of the ‘If you can’t beat em then join em’.

  5. gatekeeper says:

    [?One of the great challenges facing us is that we do not commit the same mistakes with our growing Hispanic population that we did with African Americans 150 years ago and beyond. We?re still paying the price for the pathetic manner in which this country handled that,? Huckabee said at a meeting of the Political Animals Club in Little Rock.]

    Uh…comparing the voluntary, overwhelming population of invaders to slaves brought here against their will is apples and oranges. Forget Huckabee, Tancredo is the strongest candidate against immigration.
    http://www.betterimmigration.c....._gop1.html to see how he rates. http://www.betterimmigration.c....._dem1.html to see how the Democrats are doing. They suck in the area of immigration.

  6. Anna says:

    To eliminate any confusion of Gilchrist’s stand as being the same as the minutemen’s, Chris Simcox of MCDC issued this statement this evening:

    Here’s the thread on the MCDC site:

    QUOTE: No National Minuteman Group has endorsed Mike Huckabee.

    One individual Minuteman has personally endorsed him.

    For the sake of clarity, it is important to note that the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), the nation’s largest Minuteman organization, is a 501(C)4 non-profit organization and cannot and does not endorse any candidate for public office. MCDC is not associated with Mr. Jim Gilchrist, who today endorsed Mike Huckabee for president.

    Jim Gilchrist?s erstwhile Minuteman Project is itself an organization which by its own representations as a non-profit civic group, cannot legally endorse candidates. It does not have any volunteers who observe illegal border activity. It has no border fence building projects. Jim Gilchrist here speaks only for Jim Gilchrist, he does not speak for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, nor is he nationally representative of most patriots in the “Minuteman movement” ? who under no circumstances could ignore the failed record nor endorse the duplicitous ?plan? recently rolled out by candidate Mike Huckabee. The national media needs to recognize that Jim Gilchrist?s endorsement is his own personal statement, nothing more.

    The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps emphasizes policy dealing with national border security. The only “plan” to ensure border security that is acceptable to our constituency would be a candidate policy statement declaring that his first act as President will be to hold a press conference and announce to the American people an executive order to immediately deploy and fund 30,000 National Guard personnel to the U.S. Borders (25,000 to the southern border and 5,000 to the northern border) to complement a massive increase in U.S. Border Patrol Agent field personnel, and a bilateral effort to secure our frontiers, smash the drug cartels, shut down the human smugglers and protect the public safety of the citizens who reside along the borders on both sides of our national boundaries.

    Unlike this last-minute opportunism attempted by Huckabee, many of the other GOP presidential candidates have actually helped push the issue of national border security forward for some time. Tom Tancredo?s many years of hard work on the border crisis and illegal immigration issues have all the candidates striving to sound like him. Duncan Hunter can take personal credit for getting the highly effective San Diego border fence built. Ron Paul has been to the border with us first hand and aggressively pushed positive border legislation. Alan Keyes has done more than anyone to support the organizational development of MCDC, and personally participated in the Minuteman Border Fence Groundbreaking ? advancing a citizen?s construction effort which has forced Congress to finally get the Feds building physical border fence.

    Only one Minuteman group is conducting regular multi-state border security efforts, building fence and aggressively monitoring Washington DC: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. We would like to extend an invitation to all the presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat, to come to the border and see what is really happening on our nation?s frontier. Not to take the safe little government photo-op helicopter ride, but see the lay-up sites full of trash and debris. See the rape trees. See the violent crime in the border towns. Walk on the pathways of destroyed environmental terrain trampled by tens of thousands of invading foreign migrants. See what the American elites? support of broken borders, unfettered illegal immigration and sanctuary cities is doing to our fellow Americans who live on our borderlands, and how these failed policies imperil our nation?s safety, security and prosperity.UNQUOTE

  7. Anna says:

    Angel — I, for one, would love to hear what your “conspiracy/hidden secret” is. I think I can handle it. And I don’t want to wait a year. :)

  8. The Watchdog says:

    Thanks for posting that Anna. That’s exactly right. Jim Gilchrist speaks only for himself. The media talks about Jim’s Minuteman “organization” but there isn’t any. It’s just Jim and a couple dishonest sidekicks.

  9. K2 says:

    MSM’s response- “Poo. Mere technicality. Huck’s the Luck, and he has Minutemen and anti-illegal credentials to win, win, win, baby.”

  10. Faye says:

    Angel, I think I know what you’re talking about. You didn’t give us a worm for bait to go fishing though.

  11. allamerican says:

    the question is, how much was he paid off?? this is the most disheartening news to date….

  12. Sandman says:

    Bible-Thumpers can’t be trusted any more than drug dealers or hookers!

  13. Eddie B. says:

    Sell out. They found his point and now he is theirs.

  14. Davey in Seattle says:

    Bimbo Jimbo is just like McCain a disgrace to his uniform! They both sold us out and still they talk about the country. I wish they both would go into the closet and never come out! They both make me sick!

    I had a marine that was and illegal sayto my e-mail, I was a racist because, I want the borders closed. I told him he was just a punk gang banger that served so he wouldn’t go to prison. I also said I didn’t nor my other marine brothers, didn’t serve for open borders. I have no idea were he got the idea that is was ok to let the illegals here and call me a racist!

    I talked to a marine last night at a rally for Your-Mama Bama and I held up signs for Ron Paul. The marine was a Ron Paul supporter and agreed with me about illegal immigration and he was a Hispanic!

    At this rally, people would not talk to me because I was supporting Ron Paul.
    I tried to explain to them that the candidate they support was pushing the NAU by being a CFR member. Even gun owners wouldn’t talk to me about the democrats want to take our guns. He got mad at me when I tried to explain what your-mama was against guns!

    Well most of the guys looked like sissys anyways!

  15. The Watchdog says:

    The next time I see Gilchrist, my camera will be on him, and he’s fucked! Gilchrist will not be allowed to speak publicly at any patriot immigration event if I am present. I know 99% of the patriots in Southern California will be with me as we tar and feather this fool. Everyone is OUTRAGED! Maybe Huckabee can get him a job at the Arkansas Tyson Chicken plant with the illegal aliens after we are done with him.

  16. Angel says:


    I do not want to post it, but I will give you a hint for the key word. It starts with an R and ends in an N. I bet there are at least a few people on here that know what I am talking about now.

    6 months ago I would not even considered it. Heck even a month ago I would have thought someone who believe it to be nuts. I’ve spend the last 2 weeks researching on youtube and net for about an hour each day. Even the first week I kept saying to myself “nay” this is crazy or there is no way but I kept digging. Be careful with your mind for it can play tricks on you especially when the truth is undesirable.

    I regret to say it is true. Trust no one.

  17. Angel says:

    I think I’d really like to hear what Marvin Stewart and Barbara Coe have to say now. I am now on their side. They have really been taken for a ride by this traitor.

    Now I’d like to hear more about what happened with him and that other MM leader out there in Arizona that was accused of going nuts (supposedly). Opposition forces at work to destroy.

    I guess he got the all call order to come forward because Huckabee was in a bind because of his stance on illegal immigration. Funny how they have underestimated “you. ” People with a strong stance against illegal immigration are smart enough to see through this dog and pony show. “we the people” have had practice watching our politicians constantly try to betray us with this issue.

    Does Huckabee really think we all are going to buy this one and all of a sudden support him????

  18. Angel says:

    Sandman - easy on the bible thumper comments


  19. Anna says:

    Angel — I am clueless. Is the word “Republican”? If it is, it doesn’t shed any light. How about some more hints?

  20. Angel says:

    Sorry Anna. That’s all I’ll give. Republican is not the word. I wish that it were.

    Also, WD gets upset with me when I go on about things. Keep fishing. Check under conspiracy theories, but it’s for real.

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