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As soon as a bipartisan resolution hit the floor of Congress last week calling for the pardon of two Border Patrol agents convicted of a shooting in 2005, the Democratic leadership bottled it up in committee, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said Monday

The bill, sponsored by William Delahunt (D-Mass.) with co-sponsorship from Silverstre Reyes (D-Texas) and Rohrabacher, was the first such bipartisan gesture since agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were served with 11 to 12 year prison sentences for shooting an accused smuggler in the back, Rohrabacher said.

?The significance of the resolution is that it is truly a bipartisan effort,? he said. ?Up until this point, this has basically been a conservative Republican cause.?

The bill was shelved this week after Rohrabacher lamented the efforts of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, whom he blamed for lobbying the resolution into political limbo.

?The [Democratic] leadership has gone along with the Hispanic Caucus and their claim that Ramos and Compean are guilty of police brutality,? he said.

?Instead of being proud Mexican-Americans who are defending our border, the Hispanic Caucus is portraying them as simple, brutal cops who are committing police brutality.?

The shooting victim, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, was charged last month with possession with intent to distribute marijuana in September and October 2005.

16 Responses to “Hispanic Congressman Side With Drug Smuggler, Shelve Border Agent Pardon”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    ?Instead of being proud Mexican-Americans who are defending our border, the Hispanic Caucus is portraying them as simple, brutal cops who are committing police brutality.?

    Actually, the police brutality meetings are being held at the Americans for Freedom ralley. They are cuffing and tasering people who are reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights and charging them with domestic terrorism.


  2. rocker says:

    Just got off the D.C. phone (202-225-2410) and, OF COURSE, they are denying the action quoted in the article. SURPRISE ! SURPRISE ! These lowlife’s are nothing less than despicable and I would encourage all to call and make your opinions known. What Reconquista bastards !

  3. Johnny says:

    It should not matter what the hispanics have to say about this!

    This makes me sick!

    Hispanic! What ever happen to being just a plain old American?

    What a bunch of pieces of sh–t! We DO NOT LIVE IN MEXICO!

  4. Vincent Narodnik says:

    When raza goes against their own, you KNOW that something very devious is afoot.

  5. The Watchdog says:

    Chris Caesar, the writer of the article just sent me an email. He says that Rohrabacher is retracting his statements that the Hispanic caucus shelved the bill.

    Chis Ceasar also says the comment section of the Immigration Watchdog website disgusts him.

    Well Chris, The Daily Pilot is a crappy little biased newspaper. Your bashing of Mayor Mansoor showed just how out of touch you are with the citizens of Costa Mesa when he was easily re-elected.

    Next time write and accurate article and you won’t have to do a retraction. Assbag!

  6. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Just look at those smiling faces in that photo
    Now picture Ramos and Campeans face fight in this instant.
    They are probably sitting down to another fiberglass tray full of prison food
    Now think of R&C’s childrens faces as the sun is setting
    The christmas lights are on-but what do you think they are thinking about?
    Look again at that rack of swine in that photo
    Think about the lovely lobbyist meals they ate today
    for free, discussing important “issues” that effect “the Hispanic Community”
    (hear the war drums in the background)
    Now: push the fast forward button
    its Christmas morning
    See the smiling Hispanic Caucusians
    They are just returning home from church, after much backslapping and mutual flattery with “the community” and “church leaders”
    They look at the pile of gifts beneath their trees thinking what a horrid and “racist” country America is
    There will be plenty of “work” to do after the first of the year though.
    Meanwhile, at the Compean house and at the Ramos house
    it is eerily silent.
    The bishop did not make special mention of either of them when they were at church.
    Theyve returned to an uncertain future and a howling silence sitting in their fathers chair, where he would be sitting with his silly Santa Clause hat and passing out presents and laughing.
    Those men will be staring at grey concrete and iron bars this Christmas morning.
    Will their faces even pass through the minds of any of those “Leaders” in the photo above?

  7. ChrisCaesar says:

    Heh. Will you be posting the comment?

  8. The Watchdog says:

    Sorry Chris, I stepped away. I’ll post your comment for everyone.

    Chris said:

    “Thank you for your profound comments, Brook. Since I can’t seem to reply on your blog (I don’t have a log-in name; our biased little paper allows you to make comments anonymously, which is the standard I’m used to) I’ll just remind you that the article was accurate, because I correctly quoted Rohrabacher. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish by attacking me; I assume it’s to cover your own biased ass.

    I don’t write the editorials at the Daily Pilot, but thanks your lucid, thought-provoking analysis. Assbag.”

  9. Sandman says:

    Did anyone catch the lou Dobbs story today on how Boosh is planning to give a pardon to several drug dealers, money launderers criminals etc and WILL NOT even consider a pardon for the BP agents? To make matters worse, the families are not allowed to talk to these men on Xmas day! The issue of a pardon was brought up in a press conference to Dana (the airhead) Perino and all she could say was that after 5 years they could apply for a pardon. This is so sick!
    Speaking of SICK, These racist organizations like the Hispanic Caucus are showing their true colors when they side with the drug smuggler. I wonder who funds this group? Brook, would they throw us in prison if we started a WHITE Caucus?…just wondering…

  10. BEADALONG says:

    Regarding anybody like Chris: Sounds par for the course. What else could we expect from somebody like him? And why are they traitors to their own such as Ramos/Compean?

    Why do they defend illegal alien drug runners? Is that the kind of people to admire and look up to? Is this the kind of people they aspire to?

  11. BEADALONG says:

    I didn’t know that Sandman. Well, apparently these are the kind of people Chris and the Hispanic Caucus aspire to. That should be a red flag to anybody with morals (regardless of race), but what do I expect from people with no morals?…Hm, since they are so supportive of drug runners, I wonder if they’re involved in the drug trade themselves.

    And they complain about us and Lou Dobbs when the deck is clearly stacked against us. We don’t have the luxury or support of the Rockefellers, newspapers and media that are clearly slanted to favor illegal aliens and the MSM deliberately utters not one single word of warning to the American populace about: the NAU, the Amero, Aztlan or Anahuac or all the groups like: La Raza, MEChA, Mexica Movement, MALDEF, La Voz de Aztlan, the free newspapers of La Oferta, El Advisador, El Observador or Clear Channel with their ads on billboards and bus stops or even ads on the transit busses to support their cause.

    We even have our own Prez and the vast majority of the White House supporting illegal immigration and they have the nerve to complain about us?

    I also wish Mexico was invaded through it’s own southern border. Well maybe to really achieve that CAFTA/FTAA deal, the Mexican guv will pull the same thing on the Mexican citizens that we’re going through now….I can’t wait to hear the howls of protest (if the Mexican people even care).

  12. Zorro says:

    Hey Chris - it is NO BIG DEAL to create a login and I support Brook’s decision to do that. It prevents trolls from leaving stupid comments which I am sure your comment area is full of. The people here are not afraid to stand behind what they type. MOST newspapers on the Internet also require a login name that is tied to an email address. This is the better way to handle comments. Without doing that you invite snipers who leave nasty comments all over your blog or comment area and cannot be blocked from continuing to do so because there is no email address for that sniper.

    Snipers and trolls just waste screen space and have nothing useful to say. The discussion here is mature and intelligent. Also, it’s too bad your small mind cannot comprehend the ANGER that MOST AMERICANS have for our current government, the main stream media and the open border elitist snobs. We are not playing into their hands and we refuse to surrender our country to third world Mexico. It is clear that the agenda of most in our government today is to cater to Mexico and the Mexican drug cartels. The American people come LAST to them. They can only push us so far and that breaking point is upon us.

  13. Zorro says:

    Hey Sandman - I say it’s time for the creation of a White Caucus. The White race is the only one not represented in this country as far as race-based groups and lobbyists. The other races have successfully laid guilt at our feet and convinced us that we cannot stand up for our race. The pendulum has swung TOO FAR to the other direction and it nauseates me that groups like LA RAZA and MeCHA are allowed to exist and are even supported by big business - yet any group that has a hint of “white pride” is branded a white supremacist group. Yet groups like NAACP and LA RAZA are allowed to promote agendas and legislation that benefits ONLY THEIR OWN RACE.

    The only way that racism can ever be eliminated is to NOT allow ANY RACE BASED AGENDA OR GROUP.

    Allowing such race based groups draws a very distinct line between US and THEM and it simply perpetuates racism instead of removing it. That goes for Affirmative Action too. What a bunch of CRAP that is. Let people into a job or college just because of their skin color???? It doesn’t matter if they are qualified or not? This policy alone has caused there to be people in our government and our businesses WHO ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO BE THERE. They got there on the basis of their skin color. And guess what? THINGS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE FALLING APART. I WONDER WHY????

  14. Vincent Narodnik says:

    heh heh heh.
    I checked over at Daily Pilot site and there are 19 comments. ALL anti invasion.

  15. Sandman says:

    Amen Zorro, The existance of these socio-ethnocentric organizations is PROOF that a double standard really does exist. I think that their philosophy is that the “white power structure” has way too much power and influence in our daily lives so a double standard must exist to make things more equitable for “minorities”. An ironic twist to all this is the fact that many places in the U.S. (California, Az, Texas etc) have WHITE minority populations. San Antonio is about 75% Hispanic and I can only guess what LA is. Anyway, Fairness is not what this is all really about, it is about deconstructing the middle class and redistributing middle class wealth to the poster children of oppression (today it is Hispanics) Remember, the greatest threat to the Globalists achieving their goal is to destroy the middle class. Third worlders accept modern feudalist establishment and can work without complaint in that system. That is why they are today’s chosen ones. Globalists also know that the earth could not sustain 6 billion people driving cars, eating meat every day or living a decent life as most Americans have come to expect. The CFR and other think tanks have really advanced their agenda over the past 10 years and at this rate, America will be a third world country in 1 decade or less. All we need now to guarantee that is an economic collapse and a dollar crash. I smell a revolution in the wind…

  16. The Watchdog says:


    Caucus corrects Rohrabacher?s words

    Rep. Dana Rohrabacher backpedaled Wednesday on comments he made this week that accused the Congressional Hispanic Caucus of lobbying to hold up a non-binding Congressional resolution calling on President Bush to pardon two Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug smugger in the buttocks.

    The two men, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, are serving 11- and-12 year sentences for the shooting.

    Rohrabacher, a co-sponsor of the resolution introduced by William Delahunt (D-Mass.), said Monday that he was disappointed that the bipartisan bill was going to be bottled up in committee.

    But Rep. Joe Baca (D-Rialto), chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said in a prepared statement the Hispanic Caucus did not shelve the bill or anyone else.

    ?The CHC is not opposing or blocking this resolution,? he said. ?This resolution has bipartisan support, was introduced by a Democrat, and has CHC members as cosponsors.

    ?It is very rare for any legislation to be brought to House floor for immediate consideration.?

    Rohrabacher retracted his comments Wednesday ? though not before bloggers and other concerned citizens inundated the office of the Hispanic Caucus with phone calls.

    ?There was a staffer that was talking about what was going on, and gave us a wrong analysis,? Rohrabacher said Wednesday.

    ?[The Caucus] contacted us to let us know that we did not accurately reflect their position, and I was very happy to hear that.?

    ?Sometimes Dana will be very emotional about things, and in this case he kind of decided to pass along information that we weren?t absolutely sure was the case,? said Tara Setmayer, the congressman?s spokeswoman. ?The good news is that it?s not the case.?

    For now, the resolution awaits review by the House Judiciary Committee, though no date has been set for the bill?s reading, according to the committee?s calendar.

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