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December 12, 2007

CFR’s New Globalist Puppet - Mike Huckabee

Posted in: '08 Election

Arkansas Freedom

Dear Fellow Republicans, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and other Patriotic Americans:

Mike Huckabee has all the sudden become the “Great Right Hope”. Because of his (supposed) opposition to abortion and homosexuality, a fmr President of the Arkansas Bapitist Convention, and a southern GOP governor, he is considered a conservative.

Question: When was the last time a darkhorse, evangelical fmr governor from a small southern state became president?

Answer: Jimmy Carter.

Question #2: How did Carter, also a darkhorse, get elected?

Answer: The Establishment - particularly the Trilateral Commission and its parent: the Council on Foreign Relations.

In September Gov. Huckabee spoke before the CFR. What is significant about that speech is that it is posted on the CFR’s website - which is a special privilege in its own right. After last night’s CNN Debate, Uber- Establishmentarian David Gergen (CFR) was oozing praise on Huckabee.

Since September, Huckabee has surged. Not just in Iowa, but nationally as well. This is no coincidence. The establishment knows that Giuliani and McCain would split the GOP if they get the nomination (which would induce a ‘populist’ major third party candidacy). Hence, they tried Romney (who is an empty suit), and Fred Thompson (CFR) who flopped.

Who better to turn to than a “Christian coalition Republican” to dupe conservatives into backing a CFR globalist. Make no mistake, Huckabee is one (pro-illegal immigration, pro-interventionism, pro-foreign aid, etc). Plus he is a tax-and-spend liberal. Below are two columns by Chuck Baldwin that exposes Huckabee’s liberalism.

Christian conservatives were fooled by Carter. Don’t be fooled again by this huckleberry Huckabee.

Christopher Golden

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