This article paints a very mild picture of the disgust we all have of Jim Gilchrist. Gilchrist better not spend all the money Huckabee paid him all in one place because his glory days are over. Chis Simcox has had his own problems, but I can assure you that Bob Wright mentioned in this article is a true Patriot.

Washington Times

Minuteman co-founder James Gilchrist’s endorsement of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has spurred a backlash among illegal-immigration opponents who say the former Arkansas governor is soft on immigration enforcement.

“Mike Huckabee is pro-amnesty and favors a path to citizenship for illegal aliens currently in the U.S. that would require a lifting of current penalties,” said William Gheen, whose 25,000-member Americans for Legal Immigration sent mass mailings yesterday to more than 300 pro-enforcement groups.

“Huckabee has released an immigration plan that contains the deceptive ‘touch back’ provision that the pushers of amnesty tried on us in Washington this year,” he said. “He wants to trick the nation by having illegal aliens leave for a day to pick up new papers at an office set up across the border and then walk right back.”

But Chris Simcox, who co-founded the Minuteman Project with Mr. Gilchrist and now heads the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, said no national Minuteman group has endorsed Mr. Huckabee, adding that only “one individual Minuteman has personally endorsed him.”

“Jim Gilchrist speaks only for Jim Gilchrist. He does not speak for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, nor is he nationally representative of most patriots in the Minuteman movement, who under no circumstances could ignore the failed record nor endorse the duplicitous plan recently rolled out by candidate Mike Huckabee,” Mr. Simcox said.

His Minuteman organization totals more than 10,000 members and has chapters in all 50 states.

Bob Wright, who heads the Patriots’ Border Alliance, another Minuteman splinter group, said although Mr. Gilchrist helped move the issue of illegal entry into the U.S. “to it’s rightful place on the national stage,” his endorsement of Mr. Huckabee “is at best disturbing.”

“While I believe it is possible for a professional politician to change his mind on a subject as he becomes more informed, I have serious doubts that is the case with Huckabee,” Mr. Wright said. “His past rhetoric about the goals of Minutemen everywhere has been vicious ? parroting the tired and discredited foolishness that an American citizen’s desire to see the law enforced is somehow racist or xenophobic.”

Mr. Huckabee, who apologized to Mr. Gilchrist for not supporting the Minuteman project when it was first formed, said this week that he was honored to receive the endorsement.

“All of us want a policy where people come to this country through the front door, not the back door,” he said.

4 Responses to “Illegals Foes Reject Gilchrist And Huckabee”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    Just reading this article makes me want to go out and cap off a box of shells.

  2. the marlboro man says:

    I would need a 50 cal. and 3000 rounds to do that!!!!!!!!This week has been unreal with all the shit that is going on???

  3. Angel says:

    You’ll really crap your pants when you see RonPaul do one of these 180s
    It will eventually happen.

    Trust no one.

  4. Faye says:

    Anybody else note the eagle and the flags behind Lou Dobbs? The eagle’s been there for a while, but they’ve added 2 flags behind him.

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