“Let the Gringos pay!”


Huckabee continues to be dogged by a lingering controversy over the role he played in establishing a Mexican consulate office in Little Rock that was financed by Arkansas taxpayers and local businesses. The permanent facility for the consulate, located near the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, opened in April amid fanfare by supporters and protests of some who are concerned about it causing a surge of illegal immigrants into the Natural State.

According to The Morning News (Northwest Arkansa), the idea of establishing a Mexican consulate in Arkansas was first discussed by former Governor Mike Huckabee after his trip to Mexico City in 2003. Dr. Jerome Corsi recently published an article in WorldNetDaily which quotes several critics of Huckabee, who contend that the then-governor worked with some of the state’s most prominent and politically powerful businesses [Tyson Foods] to draw illegal aliens to the state to accept low-paying jobs.

Corsi claims Huckabee and the state “courted” then-Mexican President Vicente Fox to establish the consulate. “Mike Huckabee took an airplane ride in 2003, was going on down to see Vicente Fox with one of his top economic advisors,” he says, “and that started discussions where basically Arkansas came and courted Vicente Fox, saying put a Mexican consulate here in Little Rock, please.”

The investigative journalist believes the state may have overstepped its authority in urging the Mexicans to come to Little Rock, and contends the state essentially “shelled out” office space for the consulate because the Mexican government preferred to “let the gringos pay.” Corsi questions if a consortium of businesses had the legal right to “support the consular presence” during the first three years, including what appears to be the costs of building a permanent consular facility in Little Rock.

“I’m not sure that Arkansas law permits the state government to subsidize … another foreign government [in that fashion],” he shares. “I haven’t yet identified who the corporations are who paid this lease, and I still don’t know if the Mexican consulate is paying its own way or not, or if the private corporations in Arkansas are still funding the bill.”

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2 Responses to “Huckabee Was Intrumental In Bringing Mexican Consulate To Little Rock At Tax Payer Expense”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    Yeah…. like I am real surprised. Say, wasn’t Globalist Bill and Hillarious from Arkansas???….

    What I would REALLY love to know is how many of these pigs own beach front property in Mexico right now. Shoot, Jorge had his daughters shopping for villas in South America so you know he has an El Rancho or two in good ol’ Meheeko too.

    It is really amazing these people have no shame what-so-ever. The glass can never be full for these pigs.


  2. the marlboro man says:

    Eddie you might be right !!I,ve been to war ,it seems that GEORGE AND DICK missed out on my SENIOR vacation, wonder where they were?? GEORGE was snorting coke and DICK ,well was just being DICK, always got someone else to do the dirty work!I wish to god before I die I could SPIT IN THERE FACES,just to tell them both what cowards they both are!!!! To see DICK cheney at the tome laying flowers makes me sick! THEY DON,T HAVE THE RIGHT

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