GLADSTONE, Ore. - An illegal immigrant has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for a deadly hit-and-run accident near Gladstone.

Mary Richey, 40, was crossing Highway 99E in a wheelchair when she was struck on November 28. She had just gotten off a TriMet bus. The road is also known as Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard.

On Wednesday, Rafael Avelino Gines pleaded guilty to felony hit-and-run charges.

Gines fled the scene after the accident but later turned himself in.

He faces deportation after he serves his prison sentence.

6 Responses to “Invader Hit And Run Kills Woman In Wheelchair”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    16 months and Ramos and Compean get 10 and 11 years for shooting a drug dealer caught with 2,000+ pounds of poison.

    It is get close now.

  2. George says:

    16 months for killing an american I bet if it had been another illegal he would have gotten 20 years to life.this is insane.

  3. NoYouCant says:

    16 MONTHS! Unfuckinbelievable! What a terrible kick in the teeth to that poor womans family!


    Who knows? It might actually be FUN for these creeps! I can actually picture them all meeting on the other side of the border and having a good laugh!

    My heart goes out to that family!

  4. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Little town of about 11,000 people.
    Real nice up there it looks like.
    Cities website had a “news”feature.
    It told about the leaf pick up.
    Dont want to print anything that would upset the Chamber of Commerce.

  5. Matthew says:

    Incredible. Mexican criminals are given immunity plain and simple. 16 months is nothing short of immunity. Use a hand gun while committing a crime you get the max, use a racial slur during a crime and it is an enhanced crime, a mexican illegal commits a crime and they are allotted minimal bail and unheard of light sentences. And I really don’t believe at all that they get deported. More than likely they are relocated to a different part of the country and we are only told they got deported. Has any one ever witnessed a deportation? Has any one ever heard of an illegal alien supposedly sneaking back into the country again and getting busted for crime after crime after crime over and over and over again? Uh yeah!

    They don’t get deported, they get relocated.

  6. the marlboro man says:

    If he had been an AMERICAN just out of a bar ,he would be in for 16years not MO.OUR SYSTEM IS BROKEN !!! WE NEED TO DEMADE OUR RIGHTS ____NOW!!!!

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