Fernando Orozco-Trevizo told police if he got deported
again, “he will come back for the victim,”

Desert Morning News

WEST VALLEY CITY ? A woman who police say was chained to an engine block by her boyfriend so she wouldn’t leave their apartment was rescued late last week thanks to a neighboring good Samaritan. Her boyfriend was located and arrested Tuesday.

Details of the bizarre incident were released Wednesday by police.

Investigators believe the woman was held captive in her apartment, near 2900 West and 3500 South, for several days, possibly a week or more. When her boyfriend was home, she was allowed to roam freely in the apartment. But when he left, a chain was tied around her ankles, said West Valley police Capt. Tom McLachlan. The other end of the 20-foot dog chain was tied to a 6-cylinder engine in the closet, he said.

The chain was long enough for her to reach a restroom, but she could not leave the room. The door leading into the room had deadbolts on both sides, McLachlan said, and both were locked. The windows in the room were screwed shut so they couldn’t be opened. Additionally, the apartment had no phone.

Last Friday morning, the desperate woman wrote “call 911″ in the condensation on her window. The first floor window, which was in the back of the building, faced a neighboring trailer court. The nearest trailer was about 20 yards away.

Fernando Orozco-Trevizo, 32, was arrested Tuesday while working construction in South Jordan. When investigators asked him about chaining up his girlfriend, he said, “It was just a game,” according to jail records. Orozco-Trevizo further told investigators that he believed his girlfriend was having an affair with someone else in the apartment complex and that she got her injuries from falling down.

Orozco-Trevizo was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of aggravated kidnapping and assault. He also had an immigration detainer put on him for aggravated re-entry into the United States. Orozco-Trevizo told police if he got deported again, “he will come back for the victim,” according to jail records.

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7 Responses to “Illegal Construction Worker Chains Girlfriend To Engine Block”
  1. Johnny says:

    These illegal’s are so creative when it comes to crimes against people.

    If there not raping women in broiken down vehicles there chaining their girlfriends to engine blocks.


  2. K2 says:

    he will come back for the victim- translation- Mexico (or wherever) is a s***hole. You have to work hard in mexico, and get not so many pesos. No hand outs in Mexico. No estupido gringos to leech off and pick up your bills. The Gringo big house is much better than mexico. Especially for a nothing crime like slapping round your chola. 3 hots and a cot. MS13 amigos, drugs and liquor. Mucho buttlove. Don’t deport me, I will just come straight back and be a bad boy. Put me in one of your gringo summer camps.

  3. Vincent Narodnik says:

    What a charmer.
    Hope he had enough class to chain her to a big block Chrysler.
    Nothing says Love quite like Oil, Chains, and 4-bolt Mains.

    Couldnt help noticing that that happened in Salt Lake City.


  4. Matthew says:

    There’s an idea. Forget about a two thousand mile expensive wall or hiring thousands more border patrol agents. There are lots and lots of junk cars in their front yards both here and in mexico. When they are all finished serving their time for bizarre crimes and for breaking into our country, chain them to the engine blocks still attached to their cars but down in mexico.

  5. midwest minuteman says:

    Why waste AMERICAN TAXPAYER money in our legal system???

    A bullet to this RABID PARASITIC SCUM’S head would certainly be a lot cheaper!

  6. the marlboro man says:


  7. Eddie B. says:

    Why don’t we chain this scumbag to an engine block… one that is still running.

    But Midwest and Marlboro Man are definitely right. A couple of bullets are definitely cheaper than a couple of gallons of gas.

    Good call M&Ms. Never mind.

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