No one else wanted him.

Jim also received a fat paycheck from Huckabee. I don’t know how much but I know he received money.

Gilchrist loves attention and he loves money.

When money went missing from MMP, the board members wanted to get the books straight but Gilchrist and his dishonest friend Steve Eichler turned it into an us vs. them contest.

Jim was to remain the MMP spokesman but the board members wanted Jim and Eichler to let go of the bank account. Jim calls this a “hijacking” and he’s been blaming the board members for his fall from grace over the past year.

Now Jim has done it again. He’s shown his arrogance and lack of moral character for all to see by taking money from an open border globalist pig.

This time Jim can’t blame his fall from grace on anyone but himself.

9 Responses to “Jim Gilchrist Explains Why He Supports Huckabee (Open Borders, Amnesty, Dream Act, Illegal Alien Voting)”
  1. AmericanWorker says:

    Maybe Tom Tancredo can use this some how to help his team . Tom is the only real deal when it comes to fighting Illegal Immigration .

  2. peternoamnesty says:

    hey im glad ron paul brought republicans from arkansas to tell the truth about huckabee…oh by the way i am not a ron paul supporter,but the most important thing now is to defeat huckabee,guliani and mccain

  3. Angel says:

    Hee hee - what a good laugh that was. It must be getting hot out there for him.

    As I wrote earlier, I am now interested in listening to Marvin Stewart and Barbara Coe. Hmmmm

    You know that big (I mean huge conspiracy) that I wrote about yesterday? Well watch this tape again of Jim and study his eyes.

  4. The Watchdog says:

    This guy is a delusional, paranoid, egomaniac. He answers the question by speaking about himself in the third person. He claims it says a lot about Huckabee that he would bring “Jim Gilchrist” on board to help him. He really believes that he has the support of 250 million American admirers.

    I’m going to post some of his emails when I have some time. I have had it with this guy’s crap. I have one where Jim claims that he has the support of 300 million Americans. He says this type of stuff a lot.

  5. midwest minuteman says:

    “I?m going to post some of his emails when I have some time.”

    Great, Dog….

    We need to expose this idiot for who he is!!!

  6. jimbaugh says:

    What did Gilchrist get paid for from Huckabee and when? I can track it down.

  7. The Watchdog says:

    I have sources close to Gilchrist and Jim has said he was paid. I don’t know how much or if we can find that out.

  8. the marlboro man says:

    It dosn,t matter how much the fact is he has betrayed those that trusted him!!!Now he needs to be beaten with a wet rag till he is saying RON PAUL then put on a chain/till he votes

  9. Educated American says:

    Wow, the last couple of years have been very strange . . .

    Remember when that guy seemed so solid?

    Has he changed recently? Is it just for money - now?

    Or was he always on the payroll of somebody else? Weird.

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