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Fresh Direct, the online grocery delivery operation that caters to affluent and overworked New Yorkers, lost dozens of employees this week after federal immigration officials notified the company that its employee records were under investigation.

The company sent its workers a memo on Sunday and Monday saying that Immigration and Customs Enforcement planned to inspect the records of every employee and asked them to update their information and provide documents, like Social Security cards, to prove employment eligibility. At least 40 warehouse workers who could not produce proof that they were authorized to work in the United States quit or were suspended.

At the company?s warehouse in Long Island City, Queens, the work force, largely immigrants (they mean illegal aliens), reacted with panic and distress as news of the inquiry spread.

?Some people just walked out the door,? said Sandy Pope, president of a Teamsters local that is one of two unions competing to organize the workers. ?They were sobbing, with garbage bags full of their clothes from their lockers. They didn?t feel they had any chance of fixing their paperwork, so they just left.?

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8 Responses to “Sobbing Invaders Quit After Immigration Inquiry”
  1. melody says:

    Cheer up invaders! The rest of the 40 plus million of you get to keep your jobs. I’m sure some invaders in your flophouses still have jobs. That combined with anchor baby benefits you should be ok. Smile invaders look at this as a vacation. You’ll be illegally working again in no time.

  2. Matthew says:

    This is GREAT news BUT, could this news worthy story here be the excuse that la raza needs in order to show the world that indeed legal immigrants and corporate America both can be harmed by any work place verification system? It would not surprise me if this fiasco here will be turned around and come to find out that legal aliens just simply walked off the job because they would have been greatly inconvenienced by having to get their paper work in order and at the same time their “walking off of the job” actions harmed their employer too? This story then would hit main stream media for sure and ALL Americans would be made to feel so terrible for any efforts made to date in order to rid the country of illegal alien scum.

    From what I can gather, la raza and the open borders crowd wants to abolish not only responsible citizenship by way of any type of documentation, but at the same time they are telling Uncle Sam that he can stick social security cards and the taxes associated with them up his a$$. If illegal alien pandering traitors succeed in stopping work place enforcement, you better believe that there will be an awful lot of identity theft and tax evasion going on with even legal citizens. If the illegal aliens can get away without legal federal responsibility then so can I!

    Keep your eyes on this one. This isn’t the last we hear about it. I see this as pro open borders propaganda in the making.

  3. melody says:

    Mattew, you make a good point. It wouldn’t be much trouble for an invader loving boss to get legal immigrants and anchor babies to pretend to quit their jobs, then go public with their false trauma victim stories. Then American rich people can say they can’t check IDs because somebody legally here might panic. A great way to mentally disable Americans is to call them bigots. Some Americans think being called a bigot is the worst thing you could ever be accused of.

    All I know is every time I apply for something I’m expected to show my ID, so I don’t understand why it would be bigotry to ask invaders. But the rich people understand the laws of group hypnosis. Have an “expert” like Geraldo tell the Americans what to think and enough will be brainwashed into believing anything!

  4. seven_staarten says:

    ‘Ms. Pope, the Teamsters? president, said on Wednesday that the suspensions seemed to be an effort to thwart the union and that the company?s lawyers might have invited Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to scrutinize workers to weaken the union drive. ‘

    sadly, she’s probably right.

  5. George says:

    that illegal, now I have no money to send my kids back in El Salvador but she did not mind eusing some one else SS card and ruining that persons credit & have to pay this illegals taxes did she.

  6. melody says:

    Union officials said that many Fresh Direct employees, who earn between $7.50 and $9.75 an hour, were so frightened of being detained and separated from their children that they stayed home on Wednesday. Others said they were told not to come back.

    I just clicked on the link to read more. Now I’m disgusted. Don’t lots of Americans make between $7.50 and $9.75 an hour. How am I suppose to believe hiring illegals is cheaper than Americans? Don’t they usually have more kids and put more of a drain on our social services? How can we believe anything the reporter says if all the illegals are hiding in the shadows full of fear? How does the reporter prove his information? How do we know they left any children behind in their home countries? Those kids have probably already been smuggled in here. Those kids are probably going to our public schools and eating free meals and enjoying all the benefits of being here.

  7. the marlboro man says:

    DON,T YA,LL THINK ITS TIME TO SAY BYE BYE or orther words get !!!!

  8. Eddie B. says:

    ?They were sobbing, with garbage bags full of their clothes”…

    Shoot…. well I got a bucket I can lend them. My bucket is full too.


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