For those of you who don’t know, Patriots Border Alliance is made up of former leaders of Chris Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. They broke off and formed their own group after Simcox refused to show them the books. Simcox was bringing in a ton of money for the border fence that didn’t turn out how investors had planned. People felt Simcox was pocketing the money for himself and giving nothing to the volunteers who were supporting themselves on the border and buying their own gear.

Bob Wright who heads PBA is a very good man.

Patriots Border Alliance

DECEMBER 12th 2007


The time has come for an official statement regarding the recent developments involving two of the real icons of the Minuteman movement. Developments of the last couple of days have left all Minutemen of all groups confused and angry. While we at Patriots Border Alliance cannot explain or defend the actions by Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox we can CLEARLY define our position on these issues.

First is Jim Gilchrist?s endorsement of Mike Huckabee. PBA does not support this endorsement nor does it support Mike Huckabee?s candidacy. Mike Huckabee has a clear record as an open borders, amnesty advocate. In addition to his support for those things we believe will be the destruction of the Republic, he also was vicious in his attacks on both the Minutemen and those legislators who tried to fulfill their constitutional responsibility. He has loudly denounced us as ?racist? and ?xenophobic?. No off the cuff throw away apology at a press conference can erase that. PBA believes that this issue is one that we cannot compromise on. To compromise on any aspect of this issue is to destroy the legitimacy of law in our Republic. One of the side effects of this whole illegal immigration problem is how it has degraded the respect for the law, and our entire political landscape. Mike Huckabee was an active player in this degradation, and Jim?s endorsement of this man is hurtful, and incomprehensible.

As for Simcox?s statements about supporting benefits for the children of illegal aliens, this is a worse betrayal of what we as Minutemen stand for. It cheapens our efforts all those dark, cold, lonely nights on the border as we stood post over a country already betrayed by the politicians we had elected. Two seconds of logical reasoning brings us to the realization that in order for the children of illegal aliens to collect those benefits, then the illegal alien parents must be allowed to stay in the country. Can you say amnesty? There is no other conclusion to be drawn. How can he explain these statements? None of us signed up, spent thousands of dollars of our own money, turned our lives over to this cause to see one of its primary leaders support what is in effect an amnesty. Even if it is ?for the children?.

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