Issues divide ethnic groups
Washington Times
December 15 2007

Blacks, Hispanics and Asians have deep divisions and disagreements about equal opportunity, impartial criminal justice and the American dream, according to a new poll by New America Media.

But the data showing deep divisions among the three largest U.S. minority groups was offset by evidence that the groups also see themselves as having a shared destiny and view one another in some positive lights also.

California-based New America Media, a national collaboration of ethnic news organizations under the nonprofit Pacific News Service, funded the study, which found that many ethnic minorities hold to negative stereotypes about each other. For example, 44 percent of Hispanic respondents and 47 percent of Asians answered yes to a question about whether they were “generally afraid of African-Americans because they are responsible for most of the crime.”

Meanwhile, 46 percent of Hispanics and 52 percent of blacks responded yes to whether “most Asian business owners do not treat them with respect.” And 51 percent of blacks said they agreed that “Latin American immigrants are taking away jobs, housing and political power from the black community.”

The groups also differ in their opinions of broader U.S. society, with 74 percent of Hispanics and 64 percent of Asians strongly agreeing with the statement that “if you work hard, you will succeed in the United States,” against only 44 percent of blacks. Meanwhile, a comfortable majority of blacks ? 71 percent ? strongly agreed that “the criminal justice system in the United States favors the rich and powerful,” against 45 percent of Hispanics and 27 percent of Asians.

Moreover, the three groups trust whites more than the other two minority groups. The poll found that 61 percent of Hispanics, 54 percent of Asians and 47 percent of blacks would prefer to do business with whites than the other two groups. In all three cases, most of those who didn’t specify whites said they had no preference.

The multilingual phone poll of 1,105 blacks and various Asian and Hispanic national groups was conducted in August and September. Respondents all lived in areas where their minority group made up at least 10 percent of the population. The margin of error was five percentage points.

Still, there was common ground between the three groups on other issues, and not all the opinions widely held about the other two groups were negative ones……

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11 Responses to “New Study Says Minorities Don’t Trust Each Other”
  1. Matthew says:

    Blacks, American Indians and Whites are the only ones that should be in this country period. Whites brought the Blacks over for illicit reasons, recognized the error of their ways and then made it right. As far as the rest go, they are all vying for our American dream, tax funded social services and perceived delusional entitlements. The “trust” is not trust, it is that they are competing against one another for what ever they can moan, whine and affirmative action out of Americans. Not to mention out special interest caucus one another before our at the limits government gives away shit to another race based caucus.

    They are jealous and hate the other group, trust has nothing to do with it unless of course their are so many here from that they are holding onto their desperate way of life and culture inherited by the countries from which they came. Sounds to me as if out doing one another just to survive has made it’s way on to American soil.

  2. melody says:

    I find it interesting how invaders are always telling us nobody helps them. That they do the work Americans on Welfare are too lazy to do. What Welfare? Maybe invaders can claim lack of English skills as an excuse to keep getting cash Welfare benefits, but the free ride for the English speakers is over. All the Americans I know are either working, looking for a job, or on some type of social security or trying to get on some kind of social security. An able bodied American can’t just make a baby and expect to avoid working for the next 18 years anymore.

    If you don’t have a child under 18 living in your house they can take your food stamps away for 3 years if you go 3 months without working an average of 20 hours a week. Some locations waive the food stamp work requirments, and I noticed those locations tend to be full of adult anchor babies. It seems like all the Welfare was meant for invaders and their anchor babies. It seems like they let some Americans get help so people wont be as likely to notice what the invaders and anchor babies are getting.

  3. The Watchdog says:

    Matthew, I think it’s okay to have some immigration with a reasonable limit. Those with an education and job skills that speak English should be at the head of the line. I don’t think it matters what part of the world they come from though. Ethnicity shouldn’t be a factor. There are quite a few Hispanics that have lived in the U.S. for generations. Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Assimilation is important. The numbers of legal immigrants and illegal aliens are way to high and it is causing social discomfort.

  4. BEADALONG says:

    I see Balkanization in the works here.

  5. Cribster says:

    One Hispanic female said “we don’t take jobs” in the very next sentence she say’s “we are just here to work.”

    In order to work you have to take a job, no?

    She goes on to say that African Americans get help through welfare and “nobody helps us.” WHAT???

    Some people live in a reality all their own.

  6. okaram says:


    More than half the area of the USA was taken from Mexico as spoils of war. Mexicans were there then (around 1850 ?). Florida was bought from Spain, and many spaniards lived there (although you may count them as white :).

    And of course, we imported Chinese to do some of our work in the early 1900s (earlier?)

    If you go by race, most Hispanics are a combination of White, Native American and Black; so I guess they would count :)

  7. okaram says:

    Hey, did you guys notice they don’t give any details of the ’study’ ? for all we know, they interviewed 20 people, used inflammatory questions and used the results that worked for their views.

    OTOH I grew up in Mexico, where we don’t have racism against blacks (and much less racism that in the USA, although we have classism); I’ve noticed many Hispanics express bad views of blacks in America after a few years here. Maybe they’re assimilating too much ?

  8. GuardDog says:


    Is wasn’t 20 people, it was 1,105. Inflammatory questions? Why are you automatically so defensive and accusatory?

    The study was funded by the New America Media. The country?s first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations. You could not get a more sympathetic minority based organization to conduct the poll. The doubters and the naysayers won’t be able to use the argument that his poll was bias against minorities because minorities conducted it in the first place.

    If I’m not mistaken, are you blaming White people for the racism and distrust minorities have between each other in America?

    Why is it so hard to swallow that minorities can be and are just the same as Anglos when it comes to race relations? No worse but no better either. And they get there on their own with no help from the White guy.

    In the report I particularly was struck by this statement…

    “Moreover, the three groups trust whites more than the other two minority groups. The poll found that 61 percent of Hispanics, 54 percent of Asians and 47 percent of blacks would prefer to do business with whites than the other two groups.”

    Care to comment on that?

  9. the marlboro man says:


  10. Educated American says:

    Gee, thanks Spanish-launguage media for that balkanizing report . . .

    GuardDog: I too, noticed that bit at the end of the report about more positive attitudes towards whites. I think that has to do with a general awareness among white Americans of past racist transgressions vs. monorities. We don’t want to repeat the same atrocities of (some) of our ancestors. White Americans realize they have a lot invested in the history of this country and most of us want to see things continue to evolve in a positive direction. This is a difficult concept to get across to many of the students I teach. Everything is “race this” and “racist that” to them. I’m always having to remind them that it is keeping the root philosophies of America flourishing that is the most important thing.

    Matthew: I’ve got to really disagree with you on the issue of who should be an American. I have two friends from abroad who recently became American citizens. One is Asian and the other is from the Middle East. Frankly, they understand what America is truly about (liberty, individualism, etc.) more so than most native-born Americans. They are not money-oriented. They are freedom-oriented. America is about Enlightenment era ideas, principles, and concepts. As long as someone comes here and can grasp those ideas and put them into practice, then I think they can make great Americans.

    (Nevertheless, I occasionally tease them about things like the fact that they can’t run for President because they were born in a foreign country. They don’t have accents anymore, so I can’t tease them about that. Darn.)

  11. Eddie B. says:

    This is pure Illuminati at work. The money lenders.

    In the 1600s they used “agentuers”, or (secret) agents. to foment and balkenize the public.

    Sun Tzu: Divide and conquer. Been around for a long time. If fact we are doing the exact same thing in Iraq right now. Works over there, why not here.

    Works every time. History repeats itself once again. So when are we going to learn.


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