September 7, 2001 - Four days before undocumented immigrants flew jets into the World Trade Center, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said NYC Is “Quite Tolerant Of Undocumented Immigration. This shouldn’t surprise you because I’ve been the Mayor a long time.”

4 Responses to “Rudy Giuliani Says He’s “Quite Tolerant Of Undocumented Immigration””
  1. Tucker says:

    He may well be tolerant of ILLEGAL immigration but I am not tolerant of him. This guy is out to lunch! He wasn’t getting my vote then and he is definitely NOT getting my vote now!

  2. Eddie B. says:

    CFR Minion. Not even a good minion. Make that moron.


  3. the marlboro man says:

    To start with how in the hell did this sob even get on the ticket to run for this office?????OH I forgot we have GW BUSCH in that spot now! Dam are we just going to keep going down down,TILL THE RING OF FIRE!!!

  4. Angel says:

    To whoever found this: GReat find!

    Send this to all the other Republican Presidential Campaign Camps out there.

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