No doubt the supporters of the invasion are devastated. States all over the country will replicate the anti-illegal immigration effort in Oklahoma.

Tulsa World

“The court is again confronted with plaintiffs bringing a broad array of constitutional and statutory challenges to a similarly broad array of state statutes,” Payne stated in the conclusion of an order filed Thursday. “Again, some plaintiffs ignore the need to describe the injuries actually caused by the challenged statutes, while the illegal alien plaintiffs complain of grievances that could best be remedied by simply compliance with federal law. Both categories of plaintiffs must be dismissed for lack of standing, either on constitutional or prudential grounds.”

3 Responses to “Federal Judge Dismisses Another Lawsuit Challenging Oklahoma Immigration Enforcement”
  1. the marlboro man says:

    OKLAHOMA was the only state to say enough !!! AND DID SOMETHING THAT IS GOING TO STAND IF THE REST WOULD FALLOW IN A couple of years they will be gone????????

  2. Eddie B. says:

    Hats off to an American Judge!!!!

  3. George says:

    Yeah & another judge in I think it was Vermont & he said the exact some thing I Just finished watching it on Lou Dobbs.

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