Many people have been shocked that Jim Gilchrist, the co-founder of the Minutemen, would endorse Mike Huckabee for President. Mike Huckabee is a long time advocate for open borders, amnesty, illegal alien voting, and subsidized education for illegal aliens.

I?ve put together a thirteen minute video that may shed some light on the thinking behind Jim Gilchrist?s endorsement, the alleged embezzlement of the Minuteman bank account, and the horrific immigration record of Mike Huckabee.

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  1. Darvin Dowdy says:

    “YOU” and your Immigration Watchdog group must take some responsibility for this. You and other org’s like yours have failed to assist the 2 true blue anti-illegal immigration candidates, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. Both campaigns are almost broke. ( ) We know that corporate America is not going to help them as the greedy corporate leaders want to keep the free flow of cheap labor. I believe that the corporate fat cats have, in fact, sabotaged and stymied the fundraising efforts of these 2 valiant candidates in some way.
    ITS NOT TOO LATE! Put the entire force of your org and website behind some kind of fundraising efforts for Hunter and/or Tancredo. Thanks. Darvin Dowdy

  2. GLC says:

    I hate think Gilchrist took money from the Minutemen and also hate the thought of him being a trader. Everything I’m seeing lately on the news and here makes me believe it’s true. What a shame!

    An organization such as the Minutemen should be governed by a board. Not a member or selected members. All finacial books should be made availible to the membership in the setting of a monthly meeting. Especially since the money comes in through donations from the public.

    Any and all measures to protect the public donations and public trust should be made in order to preserve the Minutemen organization and it’s reputation. Which has now been tarnished.

  3. Flack Jacket says:

    I consider Huckabee as much of a traitor to the American people as King George. Any who support him will be rudely awakened when they see the real guy who is more than happy to subvert our laws to please illegal aliens and Big Business. If we can afford to spend billions on the illegal war then surely we can spend the millions or billions needed to rid ourselves of these criminals/invaders. People we need to build REAL fences on our borders and we need to wake up and again take control of the safety & well being of our country! We also need to recind (forcibly if needed) the criminal trade agreements that are detrimental to our country. We need term limits for Congress! We need the states held to a rule of “finish all your busn ie refunds by a set date as just as we ARE required to have all taxes completed by a specific date”. It’s called Equality and fairness from government. If they receive no taxes then they cannot pay the guards or pay to house all those they have detained/arrested for refusing to support tyranny. No taxes, no useless Congress, or Dictator Bush. Money runs the world as this government has shown us over and over, NO MONEY NO POWER!!!

  4. Winghunter says:

    This is just the tip of the iceberg with the Huckster. His record and past actions/statements while governnor reads more like a RAP sheet than a history of an elected official.

    I strongly believe it is not only our responsibility and duty to know what these candidates say today but, we must compare that to what they’ve done and to make sure every other citizen knows it also.

    As to this issue specifically, if Gilchrist’s endorsement were not so glaringly pathetic it would be laughable.

    Huckabee Liberal on Immigration

    The Dark Side of Mike Huckabee

    Immigration group: Huckabee a ‘disaster’

    The Holiday Inn Express Candidate ( Ignorant & Dangerous Foreign Policy )


    Illegals Foes Reject Nod to Huckabee

    Huckabee Facts

    The Huckster’s Fair Tax, Flawed Tax

    A Tale of Two Candidates

    Huckabee, the False Conservative:

    Christians Need To Beware Of Mike Huckabee

    Redefining Conservatism Mike Huckabee is far from being Reagan’s heir.

    Tax Hike Mike


    From Federalism To Pro-Life Amendment In The Wink of A Vote

    Web special: Dumond case revisited - A reminder of Huckabee’s role in his freedom

    Mother of Dumond Victim: “If not for Huckabee, she’ld be here for Christmas”. (1 minute video.)


    Senor Mike Reconquistabee has spoken.

  6. peternoamnesty says:

    the excuse jimbo made for endorsing huckabee over tancredo and hunter is not a good one he said” they cant win” then why he does not endorse fred thompson who has a %100 better plan,with no amnesty no touch back bullcrap

  7. Zorro says:

    Excellent video Brook.. I hope a lot of people get to see this and realize that Jim Gilchrist does NOT represent more than a handful of Americans. We are Patriots but we are not Jim Gilchrist supporters. I USED to think more of Jim Gilchrist and even sympathized with him on the “hijacking” story and now with this, I realize there’s a lot I don’t know about Jim Gilchrist and he does NOT represent ME or most of the other patriots whom I know.

    We want our country back and Jim Gilchrist and Mike Huckabee are NOT the answer. In fact, Mike Huckabee might even be WORSE than King Jorge Boosh, if that is even possible!

  8. Eddie B. says:

    Roy Beck at NumbersUSA sell out too???!!!

  9. The Watchdog says:

    No, Roy Beck is a straight shooter. Gilchrist is misrepresenting Beck’s analysis.

  10. Vincent Narodnik says:

    It is a misunderstanding to think that this site is a vehicle for the advancement of political candidates. It is a site which surveys and discusses the invasion of America by a hostile foreign nation. While of course political candidates come under scrutiny here, we are not here to be king makers.
    It is also wrong to believe that any candidate is a Savior. It is very dangerous to believe that “ONLY” Tancredo etc. can solve this problem.
    As to “taking responsibility”, all of us do, all day, all the time. We have failed at nothing.* Many of us campaign for Tancredo and others. I dont really know what might be meant by that, and operating on good faith, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one and presume it was innocent.
    If I might pass along a countervailing monition, please take responsibility to respond to the topic of the article or video in review.
    Thank you.

    *accusing entire groups of failure, while bold, is apt to draw down ugly rebuke.
    This is especially true of first time posters. No hard feelings-but this is a pretty nice group here, if you have a legitimate grievance, please present it in a more polite manner.

  11. Educated American says:

    Nice work Watchdog! Good reporting.

  12. Faye says:

    Dowdy, I’m not a Colorado resident but contributed to Tancredo for his House seat. Then I contributed again for his presidential run. They were not insignificant amounts.

  13. Angel says:

    Wow! Winghunter I’m impressed with how much homework you’ve done on the Huckster. I’ll have to check out some of those websites this weekend.

    Huckster is dangerous because he is quick on his feet and can sound so convincing. He really has talent with that. I’ve watched him in 2 debates.

  14. Angel says:

    Great video with needed information on it.

  15. Angel says:

    Darvin - Tancredo was my first choice. I see your point, but I think that the media and lack of reporting and bias polls were the true culprit to their demise (and a couple other things).

  16. Dixie says:


    This was a very informative video. Thank you for your effort in countering the Huckabee disinformation machine.

    This is a small problem. As long as the movement is united, we will stand against the Gilchirst-Huckster pretentious and bombastic pledges of immigration enforcement. 80% of us have the good sense to know what touchback amnesty is and that is not what we want for our country.

    Can you even call the Gilchrist-Huckabee union a relationship? It’s more like a one-night-stand and an unwelcome pregnancy. There are consequences for hasty self-gratifying decisions and they are going to have to live with the outcome.


  17. NCGal says:

    Gilchrist is a sellout! I can?t believe he has the gall to go on national tv with these lies. Where?d the money go? Not to border efforts since the Minuteman Project hasn?t done a single border operation in over a year. Huckabee and Gilchrist are two of a kind. I don?t believe a thing either of them says.

  18. Darvin Dowdy says:

    Did anyone on this board hear the Glenn Beck interview w/Dr. Ron Paul? He did not know who Johnny Sutton was! Come on people! Now that Tom Tancredo is dropping out, DUNCAN HUNTER is the only candidate, for those who want to protect our nations sovereignty, to throw their support behind. DD

  19. mikedev10 says:

    Ron Paul will use the military to secure our borders - the proper role of the military, NOT the nation building that is being done in Iraq today. Ron Paul is also against the NAFTA superhighway and the NAU formation we keep being told isn’t a threat to our sovereignity. He is the only candidate that has spoken out against this.

  20. L.A.mama says:

    As far as Presidential candidates, Ron Paul is the man. Fred Thompson is a member of the CFR:

    Fred Thompson wants open borders:

    Notice Thompson playing the Democrat = bad/ Republican = good card(I’m saying that as a Repbulican)

    Thank you Watchdog for all the work you’ve done in exposing Huckabee. There’s a real problem in the “Christian” community with people being easily deceived. Here’s a link in progress to Christians Expose Huckabee:

  21. Faye says:

    L.A.mama, that’s a good article on exposing Huckabee. Thanks for the link.

  22. rs232c says:

    I had no idea about Jim. I’ve emailed him praise many times. Turns out he’s not a leader but a working stiff paid endorser.

    He was an icon and an example setter.

    I am truly shocked with disbelief.

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