I don’t know how accurate my information is, but from what I heard, an SOS member posted something on the forum that a goon reported to the police and then it went to the Feds. I wish I had some details on it, but I don’t. When more is known it will be posted on this SOS forum thread.

Save Our State Member arrested for “domestic terrorism.” Home raided yesterday. Computer confiscated. Rifles confiscated. Today arrest warrant was issued for weapons charges. The weapons were LEGAL. Rifles purchased at a public sports shop LEGALLY.

This all started with a post on the Save Our State forum. SOS site is apparently “monitored.”

Our member is stating “political prisoner.” Attorney stating bogus charges.

For now name will remain anonymous. Arraignment on Wednesday. We need donations ASAP for member’s defense fund.

Please send all donations to:

Save Our State
P.O. Box 91000
San Bernardino, CA 92427.
Please mark for SOS Member Defense Fund.


A long time good member of Save Our State (Mr. X) in L.A. County is being persecuted and we’re not sure why. His home was raided yesterday while he was at work and his computer and guns were taken. The copy of the search warrant left in his house said it was based on him being a “domestic terrorist” with no explanation.

He is a former Marine and has never broken the law in his life. Then he gets a call today from the local PD telling him he cannot fly home tonight for the holidays and to turn himself in to the local police. If he does try to fly home, he’ll be arrested at LAX. They told him to go to the police station tonight and he has an arraignment scheduled for Wednesday. Supposedly he will be charged with weapons violations even though his two guns are legal and registered.

6 Responses to “Feds Arrest SOS Member For Alleged ‘Domestic Terrorism’”
  1. K2 says:

    No surprises here. The “Homegrown Terrorism and Lone Wolf Radical” legislation is getting a sneak preview showing. Much, much more to come. The clampdown on internet discussion begins in earnest. Make no mistake though, the LaRaza reconquistas and Atzlan crowd will be encouraged to continue open, even violent sedition. After all, the senate is currently working with the ACLU to refine the legislation. Then it will proceed, after passing, to Academics in Universities, to “define”, who and what constitutes a “homegrown terrorsist” or “lone wolf radical”.

  2. Angel says:

    Weird stuff.

  3. sneaker73 says:

    Notice how leftists and their pets show their fangs when things don’t go there way?

  4. The Watchdog says:

    This sounds completely bogus. Hopefully the charges will be dropped and he won’t be prosecuted for “thought crimes.”

  5. K2 says:

    A possibility to consider- Even if Mr.X evades conviction, due to dropped charges, or aquittal, this incident may serve some sort of purpose. The Bill is currently in the process of being refined, and defined. The result could be that it fills a casestudy role. As an example of what constitutes the “lone wolf” threat, and how the law needs to be more specific, to prevent them “getting away via loopholes”. It matters not if there appears to be no real grounds. All sorts of concocted “facts” can be with held, under assorted security privilege, to bolster the notion of the “terrorist that got away”, due to “inadequate” homegrown terrorism laws. Just speculation, to be sure…

  6. Matthew says:

    What about the raza school there in los angeles that teaches taking back the southwest from the gringo, or what about all of those tan klan pukes who gave that pathetic speech about aztlan there at riverside community college a couple of years ago? What about all of the radical mexican websites that encourage taking over the western states by any means necessary? F illegal alien scum! Come and get me.

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