The writer of this article in the LA Times falls into the pit of multiculturalism and separatism, believing that it is up to a “black leader” like Ted Hayes to rally black Americans.

In reading this article we are led to believe that black Americans are disturbed by illegal immigration but they are unwilling to stand with Ted Hayes and other anti-illegal immigration groups in Los Angeles because they have (racist) white members.

The element of race in the illegal immigration debate is a distraction propagated by the open borders movement. The number of black Americans present at anti-illegal immigration protests and rallies is equal to the percentage of the overall population. Americans of various ethnicities participate in anti-illegal immigration protests in Southern California. They view themselves as AMERICANS and their ethnicity is irrelevant to them.

Some black Americans may fall for the open borders propaganda that anti-illegal immigration activists like the Minutemen are the same as the Klu Klux Klan. This was the case when Ted Hayes and his group, Choose Black America marched to Leimert park. However, many black onlookers soon realized they had been duped and they joined the march whenever they were able to cross the police barricades.

To be a “black leader” in Los Angeles like Earl Ofari Hutchinson or Tony Muhammad you have to hate whitey and Ted Hayes doesn’t play that game. Hutchinson and Muhammad are racial exploitation con artists. They see that illegal aliens have them out numbered so they are desperately trying to create “black and brown unity” (against white people) to bolster their influence in Los Angeles.

It’s no surprise to see that Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Tony Muhammad are failing miserably to create unity with illegal aliens from an overtly racist country like Mexico. Remember the racist Mexican postage stamp? Areas of Los Angeles that were predominantly black are now overrun with illegal aliens that hate black Americans with a passion. Latino gangs are literally shooting blacks on sight in order to drive them from their newly claimed barrios.

This article falsely claims that Ted Hayes has aligned himself with Jim Gilchrist and the Minuteman Project. Jim Gilchrist has sent out a number of vicious emails attacking Ted Hayes and Chelene Nightingale of Save Our State. Chelene Nightingale and Ted Hayes have organized numerous marches and protests together. Jim Gilchrist showed up at one of these marches through downtown Los Angeles and took credit for organizing it in Jerome Corsi’s book Minutemen. Jim Gilchrist is a liar and a fraud.

Ted Hayes is one of 84 leaders in the anti-illegal immigration movement that has signed a letter denouncing Jim Gilchrist for his support of pro-amnesty presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

LA Times

Homeless advocate Ted Hayes is making little ground in uniting those who believe that migrants pose an economic threat.

The forum seemed tailor-made for Ted Hayes, the Los Angeles activist for the homeless who has become one of the nation’s most visible African Americans raising a ruckus about illegal immigration.

A mostly black crowd had gathered at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Los Angeles for a feisty debate about illegal immigration’s effects on the African American community. When Minister Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam and others called for black-brown unity, they drew boos and yells of dissent.

“Illegal immigration is wrong! They have no business being in this country!” shouted one audience member, drawing thunderous applause.

But Hayes was nowhere near the podium. He sat in the church’s back pew, silent. He had not been invited to speak. In fact, he had been explicitly rejected because panel organizers felt he lacked legitimacy, according to one of them.

And therein lies a conundrum. As immigration becomes a red-hot issue in the presidential campaign, it is stirring volatile sentiments among a sizable number of blacks who believe illegal immigrants are threatening their jobs, housing, healthcare and educational benefits. But no one has been able to unite them and effectively push for their interests.

Certainly not Hayes. Since last year, the 56-year-old lean and lanky activist has tried to rouse blacks against illegal immigration with fiery appearances on national TV, protest marches, civil disobedience and leadership of Choose Black America, an anti-illegal immigration organization launched and financially supported by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to blacks since slavery,” Hayes declared at a recent Choose Black America meeting in Inglewood. “Immigrants got our jobs, the hospitals, the schools. Black folks can’t compete.”

So far, Hayes has failed to gain traction. His events go mostly unattended. His organization has managed to recruit only about 50 members nationwide. An Internet appeal to support his crusade netted only about $500, at last count.

A huge misstep, said commentator Earl Ofari Hutchinson, was Hayes’ decision to align himself with the Minuteman Project, an anti-illegal immigration group viewed as extremist by many people, including blacks. Founder Jim Gilchrist, who calls Hayes “spectacular,” sharply disputes the charge and said Minutemen are patriots of all races who do not engage in violence.

The Minuteman taint continues to reverberate, however. It’s one reason the Community Call to Action and Accountability’s executive committee rejected Hayes as a panelist for its recent immigration forum, said member Greg Akili.

“When you align yourself with people who have been an anathema to civil rights, people scratch their heads. They say, ‘I may support your position but I see you standing with people who I know ain’t with me,’ ” Akili said.

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3 Responses to “Black Americans Fail To Rally Against Illegal Immigration?”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    Stand up now.


  2. David from California says:

    One of the best is the Terry Anderson show on KRLA talk radio on Sunday evenings 9 to 10 P.M. You can visit his site @
    He is black and very against “illegal immigration” it’s a great show! Also Ted Hayes, is black and against illegal immigration. I have listened to both of them speak in person and they are “GREAT”….check out The Terry Anderson show !

  3. Sandman says:

    David from Cali, Terry Anderson is GR8. I have not heard much from him lately, what is he doing these days?

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