Groups demanding a crackdown on illegal immigrants gathered before dawn today at a north Phoenix day laborers center, and shut it down on the eve of the day Arizona’s new employers sanctions law takes effect.

The center’s operator, Salvadore Reza, told the few days laborers who were there to go home. That triggered a shouting match between Reza and the demonstrators, led by a group called United for a Sovereign America.

“Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,” Reza yelled at the demonstrators who yelled back “We love America, and Happy New Year to you, Buddy.”

Rick Galeener, with United for a Sovereign America, said the demonstrators would stay at the day labor center, near 25th Street and Bell Road.

“He (Reza) wished us a Happy New Year, we wished him a Happy New Year. But, we’re going to stay here to let the contractors who driev by know that they are not supposed to be picking up illegals,” Galeener said.

Galeener said the day laborers center “is operating under a permit that’s expired. It’s not supposed to be here and we want to see it shut down.”

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Salvador Reza

Fight Spreads Over Immigration Protests At Pruitts Furniture Store

AZ Central

A contentious battle over day laborers and illegal immigration has spread from Pruitt’s furniture store in east Phoenix to a day labor hiring site in north Phoenix.

Since Saturday, about a dozen members of anti-illegal immigration groups have been staging protests outside the Macehuali Work Center on 25th Street near Bell Road in retaliation for the weekly protests at Pruitt’s Home Furnishings.

The work center is run by Salvador Reza, who for the past two months has organized weekly protests across from Pruitt’s on Thomas Road near 35th Street. Reza is trying to pressure the furniture store from using off-duty sheriff’s deputies to chase away day laborers in the area.

In response, supporters of the furniture store said they plan to hold protests at the work center every day until Reza either backs off or the work center goes out of businesses.

“We are going to hit Salvador in the pocketbook just like he’s hitting Pruitt’s in the pocketbook,” said Buffalo Rick Galeener, a member of Riders USA, and United for a Sovereign America, two groups that want stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

The protests at the work center have further upped the ante in what has turned into a volatile standoff between day labor advocates on one side and anti-illegal immigration groups on the other. For the past two months, the two sides have staged heated protests and counter-protests across from the furniture store over the owners’ use of off-duty sheriff’s deputies to chase away day laborers in the area. City officials had hoped the protests would end with the New Year, but the outbreak of protests at the work center shows the conflict is far from being resolved.

Reza said he doubts the protests at the work site would be effective because this traditionally is a slow time of year.

“They may scare some people off, but those who want to hire, will still hire,” he added.

7 Responses to “Americans Shut Down Phoenix Day Labor Center”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    Hats off!


  2. HellDogger says:

    AHH!! The smell of burning tacos 1st thing New Years Day….Reminds me of VICTORY!!!
    Big HooRas for all the sacrifices made by all these fine patriots. This victory was made possible by fighting the good fight. Hats Off!!
    P.S. If anybody sees an invader that needs a jump to get that ‘ol Ford back across the border, make sure he fill that camper shell up with muchachos & give ‘im the jump, Come On!!

  3. George says:

    this is great news for AZ But I fear that a lot of these invader cockaroaches will flee to California and we will have more trouble.Yeah Burnt tacos smells of victory.

  4. Zorro says:

    Persistence and unrelenting passion for seeing the rule of law prevail. My hats off to the patriots in Phoenix! Keep up the good work! It gives the rest of us HOPE that we can take back our country from the illegal invaders!!!

  5. Matthew says:

    Who in the hell do these illegal alien activists think they are, prophets, the mouthpiece for God, spreading the word of hell fire and damnation to come if we don’t embrace the invader who brings us good tidings and cheer? The only benefit they bring is for themselves and their family’s back in mexico. With these slaver laborers gone, American employers will be forced to pay higher wages once again to the American worker. In return the American worker will be able to afford products from another American business, and that American business will be able afford the American construction company’s charges to add on to the business. It is a domino affect, for every action there is a reaction. Just as the invasion caused what we are seeing now, their absence will cause a reversal of the negativity.

    Does any one really believe that with illegal alien labor gone, these hotels, restaurants, construction company’s, nursery’s, landscape company’s, home builders and the rest of the service industry will relocate to some other country and stop renting rooms or no ones lawns will get mowed or homes will stop being built? What a crock of shit! Higher wages means opportunity for all.

  6. 1Madmomma says:

    Matthew; Rah, Rah Matthew! We were doing just fine before they came here in mass. Lord knows our neighborhoods were cleaner, safer, more friendly, as well as we all know, more of us were working. American jobs whatever they may be, we will do gladly once your gone and employers have to pay respectable wages again. These folks have done nothing more than allow themselves to be slaves, and they are pulling us down with them. America, soon to be a third world nation if we don’t get this damn thing turned around. CLEAR OUT DC INSIDERS! Get the status quo the hell out of there, and the lobbyists! If we don’t, we’re done!

  7. Faye says:

    This story just infuriates me. Trying to shut Pruitt’s down just because he hired off-duty policemen to protect his business and customers is the height of this entitlement mindset exhibited by pro-llegals and invaders. I am totally disgusted with the mayor and the police chief in that town. What? They can’t enforce laws out there? They sit by and allow harassment of a business owner to the point of driving him out of business and only …. HOPE FOR A RESOLUTION?! Lilly-livered, weak, ineffective, incompetent. They’re just sitting back being terrorized by that little overweight, balding piece of Mexican insanity! At least if Rick can’t get his city officials to do their jobs, he has come up with hitting the invaders in the pocketbook. The mayor and police chief need to check their drawers each morning. They’re obviously leaving a vital piece of their anatomies at home.

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