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You may have heard me talk about the vicious attack emails that Jim Gilchrist sends out to other patriots. Well here’s an email (screenshot) I received today. This is typical Jim Gilchrist. The man is a real whack job and will stoop to the lowest possible level to defame others. No lie is too big for little Jimbo.

This fraud has been defaming the board members of the Minuteman Project ever since the alleged embezzlement of $600,000 from the MMP bank account. The fraud case is pending. Read Jim Gilchrist Loses Another Round In Court, His Attorney Begs for Mercy. Here’s an article on the MMP scandal from the San Diego Union Tribune Minuteman project embroiled in leadership dispute

I guess little Jimbo saw the video I made about him and his endorsement of pro-amnesty presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. He’s trying to intimidate me into not talking about him on Immigration Watchdog or making any more videos exposing him and the Huckster.

I encourage you all to send Jim Gilchrist an email telling him how you feel about his support of Mike Huckabee. Here is his email address.



Still drinking the kool aid, eh?

I have been hearing on the blogs, over the telephone, and through emails that you are a pedophile, Brook. Will that accusation also reach the news media soon? Have you ever been arrested, or even investigated for molesting little boys and girls? But, that really doesn?t matter. Obviously you are guilty because someone merely says you are a pedophile?and a thief?and a woman beater, right? No one would just make that up out of hateful wrath, would they? So, I guess it is all true and I should warn America how depraved you are as soon as possible. Yep, spread the news far and wide.

Brook is a low-life heap of breathing garbage that molests children, steals, embezzles, and beats women. A typical delusional social maladroit just waiting to be arrested and put in the slammer for 30 years.

But, are you really guilty of such horrible crimes? If the blogs and emails say so, then aren?t you guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt? How many little three-year-old boys and girls do you have chained up in your attic?

Keep up your stupidity in driving a chasm between all the minutemen groups and you will certainly have Hillary, Obama, McCain or Giuliani as your next president.

I had a great chat with Ron Paul in Des Moines last Thursday. I could have told him about your criminal activities, but, because there is no convincing proof, I chose not to bring that up. Ron Paul is a dignified patriot. Stop embarrassing him, you traitor.

Now you know how it feels to be innocently hung.

You are not only dumb; you are an idiot who surely gets his life?s philosophy from the National Enquirer.


Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA - Founder and President
Jim Gilchrist’s MINUTEMAN PROJECT, INC. (DBA The Minuteman Project)

- A multi-ethnic, immigration law enforcement advocacy group.
- Operating within the law to support enforcement of the law.
- The power of change through the power of peace.


P.O. BOX 3944
LAGUNA HILLS, CA. 92654-3944


Little Jimbo responds with more threats!

You just invited yourself to be named as a defendant in a malicious defamation law suit. Retract your malicious claims of embezzlement now. You know very well that your claims are malicious lies and your emails and web site certainly support that.

CC: Counsels: Mailly Law Group, Brown Law Firm

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA - Founder and President
Jim Gilchrist’s MINUTEMAN PROJECT, INC. (DBA The Minuteman Project)

- A multi-ethnic, immigration law enforcement advocacy group.
- Operating within the law to support enforcement of the law.
- The power of change through the power of peace.


P.O. BOX 3944
LAGUNA HILLS, CA. 92654-3944

36 Responses to “A Disgusting Email From Jim Gilchrist”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    Whoa Daddy… This man is no longer is charge of his mental faculties. I mean really…


    P.O. BOX 3944
    LAGUNA HILLS, CA. 92654-3944


  2. The Watchdog says:

    I’ll be posting some of his other twisted emails soon. I want to make sure I have permission from everyone involved.

    This isn’t the first time he’s called someone a pedophile. It’s a recurring theme for Jim Gilchrist.

  3. Cribster says:

    Whoa! What a kook. He’s not helping himself with this kind of adolescent nonsense.

  4. Angel says:

    I’m confused? How did you embarrass Ron Paul? I think I need to see all the emails that led up to this one before I understand what happened.

    Oh by the way, when I typed in this site, it said “tracking site”. Never seen that before. Did anyone else see it in the uppper left hand corner of the screen before you reached the site.

  5. seven_staarten says:

    he got the crazy eyes! hilarious.


  6. mikehoaglan says:

    sounds like barbara Coe was right

  7. Mountain Man says:

    Brook, Send him a box of PAMPERS. Sounds like his diaper is full.

  8. patriotic dream says:

    I am definitely not shocked, since I have been a victim of these types of emails from Jim for a year now. In fact he has also called me a pedophile, so a common theme in his attacks. Just wait for the “I am adding you to the lawsuit” email. I just received one last week from Jim. Here is an excerpt from an email that I received from Jim last summer (Brook, I have sent you all the rest.):

    You and your garbage eating hijacker friends (including Coe) can all burn in Hell for what you all did to 300 million Americans.

    Yep, it is pay back time, and it is not going to be pretty. By the way, I heard someone say that you and the Crispus Attucks Brigade were dope dealers and pedophiles. Should I write about that on my MMP blogs? I also heard you have an arrest record. Should I also post that for the world wide web to gloss over? How about I just post every single rotten thing I hear about you, Ted, SOS and My Lord?s Salvation Ministries (a fraud) all over the world wide web?

    Now, do you get the message? Either get a retraction of every single rotten thing you quoted from the Stewart and Hardine conversation or the MMP will continue to amp up the attacks against you sinister wannabe mm groups out there who have made an earnest effort to hang the innocent. If that does not happen, then I still hold the option to sue your ass and SOS for malicious defamation.


    Jim Gilchrist, Founder and ?President? ( sorry if this title upsets you, but sometimes the truth hurts, eh?)

    Jim Gilchrist’s MINUTEMAN PROJECT, INC.

    dba The Minuteman Project


  9. 5tight says:

    These bozo lawyers are “pissing up a tree”. Summon the strength to ignore him and his lunacy. As I said, on the wrong page, you must rise above this situation and concentrate on getting Paul elected. This is all part of his method to distract you from this task. You’re playing into his hand. Quit it.

  10. Angel says:

    Striking similarity to what happened with that Christie lady. Open your eyes people. You can add 2+2 to know where these folks are getting marching orders.

    5 tight - I agree - everyone just keep your nose to the grind.

    Ron Paul ‘08

  11. Angel says:

    seven_starter ,

    Speaking of “eyes” have you ever researched reptilians?

  12. Bonfire says:

    I thank my lucky stars I am not on this looney tunes email list
    He is a black cloud raining on our movement the less of him the better. He throws the accusation “pedophile” too often
    Ignore Jim Gilchrist he’s on the other side now!

  13. Arizona Patriot says:

    He calls people ‘pedophile’ so much, makes you WONDER if he himself is not guilty of that one !! LOL

    Ignore him.. He sunk his own boat when he endorsed Huckster and he knows it. I wish the ‘hijackers’ good luck in taking this criminal down !!!

  14. Arizona Patriot says:

    And just remember this one JIMBO… I WAS NEVER one to say yeah or nay on whether or not I thought you were guilty.. But you cant keep your mouth shut and you keep running patriots down

    SHAME ON YOU !!!

  15. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Looks like Jim has been taking rhetorical lessons from the Mexica Movement fellow.
    I am thinking of Eric Hoffer right now
    (author of The True Believer)
    That is a very good book, and one well worth reading.
    In various parts, he talks about internal wreckers who divert the attention and focus of a movement by just such tactics as this.
    As such, maybe he is better left ignored
    (which is possibly a root cause of his current spate of dyspepsia)
    Then again, maybe the DSM-IV holds a few clues:

  16. melody says:

    I was thinking Jim wouldn’t like your video. lol lol. I was waiting to see what his response was. Wow, not easy dealing with the public, all sorts of “interesting” people out there.

  17. Bonfire says:


    “internal wreckers who divert the attention and focus of a movement”

    Dang! That reeks of in-fighting, back biting and other forum disruptions

    Your Eric Hoffer hit the nail on the head

  18. BEADALONG says:

    Again, I am quite shocked by this weirdo’s behavior too. It seems like he went completely off the deep end and is completely nuts!

    Yikes, Pedophile, thief and woman beater? Yea, he must be talking about himself since those items seem to be his favorite topics. Wow, I’m floored.

  19. Johnny says:

    This individual definately has mental problems. Take it from me, as an investigator working in homicide I can read right through this man.
    What he is trying to do is hit the Watchdog as hard as he can as a means of damaging his website and reputation. He is making accusations about Brook that are about as harsh as it can get. He is trying to build up a rumor mill to defame your character.

    My advice to you Watchdog is for you to file a civil lawsuit against this man and find out is IP address. Pay special attention to any threats of violence because you can press charges for threating and intimidation. Also ask him politely not to email you again and after that do not respond to his emails. Just save his emails in a seperate email folder if he decideds to email you again. By doing this you may be able to get him for harassment.

    If you really want to piss this guy off because I can tell his personality type, don’t feed his fire, don’t give him attention.

  20. lardogie says:

    Brook your just a huggable little fuzzball but you got the big dog mad at you this time. Jims always been scary but he’s just trying to show you how anybody can say something about anyone but it dosn’t make it the truth. This reminds me of Britney Spears except Jim hasn’t shaved his head yet.

  21. smcpatrick says:

    Gilchrist seems to have some sort of hang up regarding pedophiles. He sure keeps throwing that out at everyone. You know what they say, where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. People who keep blowing up and pointing the finger at others supposed abhorrent behavior usually have an issue with said behavior themselves.

  22. Rocketman says:

    I’ve been watching all this very closely and quietly, but must weigh in now. I have been the target of a similar cyber psycho, such as Mr. Gilchrist appears to be, in the past, and can sympathize with you Brook, and all the others who have become Gilchrist?s intended victims.

    What I learned after being attacked on various Web sites by my particular OCD stricken pit bull b#!&*, is that you will only become a victim if you allow yourself to be. It is difficult, and very hurtful to have somebody, even some one who is obviously mentally unbalanced and unstable, say mean, cruel and totally untrue things about you. What you have to do is to keep your faith in your fellow man, (or at least those whose opinions you even care about), and trust that they will see your attacker for what he is. And what he appears to me to be is pitiful. I know it?s difficult to do, but as Christians we need to pity him, and pray for him to be healed of this terrible mental abnormality with which he is obviously stricken. Pray that the Lord will remove this mean-spirited curse from him.

    I do have to make one more observation however. One of the posts by Arizona Patriot echoes the very first thought I had while reading all of this. Mr. Gilchrist does in fact seem to be obsessed with pedophilia. Having dealt with a very disturbed and unstable individual during my own similar experience such as you are now having, I found that the repetition of a particular thought by such people is in fact a red flag, and should not be ignored. As such, I certainly would not allow any child of mine to be left unguarded, if this man was anywhere around.

    Good luck Brook, ET el, hang in there and don?t get nervous. Keep up the good work and know that the vast majority of Americans are in agreement with your cause. God bless you Bro.

  23. midwest minuteman says:

    I used to think gilchrist was different than simcox…..

    Oh well……

  24. the marlboro man says:

    Vincent—that post you had was that about BUSCH,H KILTON,R>J>ANNIE,MITTY, HULLEBERRY or just that dumd ass cpa/ because they all fit do to a TTTTTTTTTTTT

  25. gmcgann says:

    I will not listen, donate or support any candidate who is involved with Jim Gilcrest. WE are losing our soverginty to people like that. RON PAUL FOR
    2008 the only honest candidate we have, you all get on his band wagon and push him to the top/

  26. HellDogger says:

    ALIPAC is sending this & some more around today & if this lune was looking for the spotlight, he just found it. It may turn out to be a blessing in that it might shine on Huckabubba too.

  27. BEADALONG says:

    I too thank you Watchdog and keep up the great work!

    I also understand now that these types of psychopaths when gaining power have no trouble starting wars, ruining economies, etc and we are in the fight for our lives now.

  28. melody says:

    I agree nobody should leave a child alone with Jim Gilcrest. He does seem to have an abnormal interest in pedophilia. People who talk about sick stuff seem to be sick in the head themselves.

  29. Ken Lindholm says:

    He sounds like he forgot to take his redilin (did I spell it right?).

  30. George says:

    I cant believe what I say on you tube Chuck Norris is supporting Huckle berry hound.He should know whta Huck stands for.Also I watched Lou Dobbs tonight and I believe after watching his spot on China that china is tricking the owo nwo in to thinking that they are with them and their real plan is to distroy the owo after they distrory the United States of America, they now have a space jet that can fly in to space and take out our sattlites,they also have a lazer that they already used to block our sattlites and you know as well as I do that they could very well increase their arny by forcing young men from 15 years of age in to their arny and build a 10 million man army.This is super scary stuff to think about but is most likely realistic thinking.

  31. Faye says:

    Ken, it’s ritalin, but I’m a nurse. When we get over into engineering and math and computers, you can correct me. Nice to hear from you.

  32. BEADALONG says:

    Wow, Huckabee won in Iowa. No offense to any Iowans if any here, but for any who voted for him knowing his record with illegal aliens, why did they support him? Are they morons?

  33. Bonfire says:

    Another of Eric Hoffer’s quotes:

    “You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.”

  34. Angel says:

    Pedophilia obsession? Reptilians love kids.

    Bonfire - that is a great quote.

  35. Angel says:

    Suggested viewing on youtube

    Do a search on youtube for antichrist dajjal. Be sure to start at the beginning. The videos are by Hashenfilms2

    Prepared for an “eye-opening” experience.

  36. George says:

    Hey I post never got posted. here is a good on you tube it’s about Bush talking about Iraq 8 months before 9 11 he was making a plan to invade Iraq back then


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