Many of these young girls are brought in to have sex with the migrants that live in and around McGonigle Canyon. We’ve tried for two years to get the San Diego Police to do something but the typical response that we get is in this video, EVIDENCE OF PROSTITUTION.


Seven to 12 years old.

This is not referring to the the appropriate age level on a board game or toy. It’s not the average age of a children’s ministry. No, this is the average age range of child sex slaves that can be bought on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, at this very moment. While this may be the average age, child prostitution and pornography has no age limit.

Children as young as infants suffer in horror as their bodies are ripped apart on a computer screen, said Marisa Ugarte of the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition in San Diego. The bi-national project is comprised of nonprofit and government agencies that work together to fight sex trafficking. Ugarte shared a story about holding the bleeding, broken, body of a 1 ½-year-old in Tijuana who died in her arms. The toddler had been sold and subsequently raped. The sad fact is that this is not the exception, Ugarte said.

Thousands of children from all parts of the world are sold into the global sex trade every year. Many are forced into the slave trade after answering false advertisements promising a better life in another country. Others are promised the family they never had.

This is what happened to Mexican nationals Ana 15, Rosario, 16, and Claudia, 14. Before they were even old enough for school, they were violated by their parents in ways that included physical abuse, sexual molestation and witchcraft rituals. The girls ran away from home and were lured by pimps who promised to care for them like parents. Instead they forced the girls into prostitution ? making them have oral, vaginal and anal sex often several times a day.

Other sex slaves have been kidnapped, orphaned or sold by their families. At the Lily of the Valley orphanage in Tijuana, a girl testified that when she was five she was sold by her mother to a couple who sexually abused her and also sold her out to others to be abused. That couple returned the girl to her mother after a few years, and she was resold to another couple who used her as a prostitute to service pedophiles, mainly from the United States.

Tijuana’s market consists primarily of San Diego residents who are mostly educated, businessmen, but also includes military personnel and college students, officials say. But San Diegans donÕt have to travel south to pay for underage prostitutes. The children are being brought across the border more and more.

San Diego is known as a gateway city because of its close proximity to Mexico. Women and girls coming from around the world are brought into the United States through San Diego. A few years ago, Southeast Asia was the sex tourism destination ? but now San Diego is becoming the center.

“The trafficking of humans is not about smuggling,” said District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. “It’s about the buying and selling of people.” She said it’s possible that some cases currently going through local courts as drug, prostitution or pimping crimes may actually involve human trafficking. She said her office will pursue prosecution and seek sentences ranging from 20 years to life.

Dan Dzwilewski, a special agent in charge of the FBI’s regional office in San Diego, said organized crime now relies on human trafficking as much as drug trafficking.

“We do know it’s the largest growing source of (income) right now,” Dzwilewski said.

In one case, hundreds of Mexican girls between seven and 18 were kidnapped by organized sex-trafficking gangs and brought to San Diego County. Over a 10-year period, these girls were raped by hundreds of men per day in more than two dozen home-based and agricultural-based brothels.

One might wonder why these girls don’t run away. Rick Castro of the San Diego Sheriffs Department showed pictures of one teenage victim who tried to escape. She was being held in an Escondido brothel when she decided to leave. The pimp stopped her, gathered all the girls in a bedroom and then beat her with a coat hanger unmercifully for two hours. With her skin ripped to shreds, he said, the pimp told the other girls if they tried to leave that this is the fate that awaited them.

For some of these victims, the only escape they can perceive is suicide. This was the case with Ana, who was found in a bathroom with a razor blade to her arm. A few hours earlier, she was anally raped by her pimp. She just couldn’t take one more day of it.

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    these bastards dint deserve prison hey ned to be tortured until they die.

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