U.S. Ambassador Tells Mexico To Shove It

AZ Star Net

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Antonio Garza, issued a blunt retort last week to Mexicans’ growing criticism of tougher U.S. border security measures, calling the criticism ‘excessive, often irresponsible and almost always inaccurate.’

In a five-page New Year’s statement summarizing U.S.-Mexican cooperation, Garza rejected critics’ comparisons of a proposed border fence extension to the Berlin Wall and dismissed the idea that illegal immigrants have a right to seek employment in other countries.

‘There is no human right to enter another country in violation of its laws,’ Garza wrote. ‘Illegal immigration is a threat to our system of laws and an affront to the millions around the world, including in Mexico, who play by the rules in seeking to come to the United States.’

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  1. contessa Says:

    Viva el Embajador Garza! Way to go Amb. Garza, finally another Latin American who understands and respects the rule of law and expects others to do so as well. Of course illegal immigration is an affront to the millions of people who stood in lines, waited years, and met all the requirements to immigrate here legally. It’s about time - someone took a stand and told Mexico to shove off! Mexico and its illegal immigrants have no right to demand anything from us in regards to our national security, our borders or any benefits/privileges/rewards of citizenship. Mexico’s President, government and band of “Consulates” have overstepped their boundaries and do not respect our sovereignty. They openly encourage the illegal immigration of their underclass so that they do not have to invest any government funds in the education, health, welfare, of their own people. It is a cheap way of gaining 16 billion dollars a year in remittances without any investment on their part! Americans and legal residents are absolutely fed up with Mexican illegal immigrants and their demands. No amnesty, no guestworkers, no temporary workers until all 11 million illegals go home. They can apply for a visa there. If not, don’t bother, you’re no longer welcome. Basta ya!

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