Rules, regs to be integrated without congressional review

World Net Daily

Six U.S. senators and 49 House members are advisers for a group working toward a Transatlantic Common Market between the U.S. and the European Union by 2015.

The Transatlantic Policy Network ? a non-governmental organization headquartered in Washington and Brussels ? is advised by the bi-partisan congressional TPN policy group, chaired by Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah.

The plan ? currently being implemented by the Bush administration with the formation of the Transatlantic Economic Council in April 2007 ? appears to be following a plan written in 1939 by a world-government advocate who sought to create a Transatlantic Union as an international governing body.

An economist from the World Bank has argued in print that the formation of the Transatlantic Common Market is designed to follow the blueprint of Jean Monnet, a key intellectual architect of the European Union, recognizing that economic integration must inevitably lead to political integration.

4 Responses to “7-Year Plan Aligns U.S. With Europe’s Economy”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    Hands across the water.

    Slavery in Seven. Nice bumper sticker for the Queen.

  2. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Hey Eddie, I see your dear representative Barb “ed wire” Miklusky is one of the sponsoring senators.
    Please read the full article on this one
    heres a snippet
    The infrastructure would not require congressional approval, like a new free-trade agreement would.

    Writing in the same issue of the Streit Council publication, Bennett also confirmed that what has become known as the “Merkel initiative” would allow the Transatlantic Economic Council to integrate and harmonize administrative rules and regulations between the U.S. and the EU “in a very quiet way,” without introducing a new free trade agreement to Congress.

    Sound familiar?
    Smell like Komintern?

  3. Sherri says:

    I don’t even know what to say to this one. I’m still shaking my head.

  4. Eddie B. says:

    Thanks Vincent… my pants were starting to get a little tight. Fit much better now. Bucket’s full though.

    Milkulski will be a major player in Hillarious’ cabinet. I should loose a lot of weight when that happens. O’Malley is being groomed too. Fits right in with the NWO. He is our Rick Perry of the Mid Atlantic.

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