Senator Hillary Clinton greets waitresses at Lindo Michoacan restaurant in Las Vegas last week.

Democrats go deep to court Latino vote
LA Slimes
January 17, 2008

LAS VEGAS — Hillary Rodham Clinton was sympathetic as, one after another, members of the audience discussed their unhappy dealings with shady home lenders.

“This is a problem we’re going to talk a lot about in this campaign,” the Democratic hopeful promised, suggesting that presidential candidates too often isolate issues like the sub-prime mortgage meltdown from the bigger economic picture.

“All of our problems are interconnected, but we treat them as though one is guacamole and one is chips,” the New York senator said, drawing laughter and applause from the mostly Latino crowd gathered at the Lindo Michoacan restaurant off the Las Vegas Strip.

As the presidential campaign moves south and west from the mostly white, heavily rural states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Democrats are reaching out to Latino voters as never before — and not just through strained similes, or rallies set to mariachi music.

In California, Nevada, Arizona and elsewhere across the country, the candidates are advertising extensively in Spanish, running bilingual phone banks and dispatching door-knockers fluent in English and Spanish.

They have ardently wooed and won the support of Latino political luminaries — among them Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for Clinton and former Transportation and Energy Secretary Federico Pena for Barack Obama — and dispatched them to key states to campaign on their behalf.

They have promoted themselves on the pages of MyGrito, a Latino social networking site, and offered links on their campaign websites spelling out their platforms en español.

All that is quite a departure from the old style of “taco-and-sombrero politics,” as USC’s Harry Pachon put it.

“That’s been a traditional way to approach the Latino vote in the Southwest,” said Pachon, head of the university’s Tomas Rivera Policy Institute. “The candidate would come into town, say a couple of words in mangled Spanish, eat a taco, wear a sombrero. Times have changed.”…..

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Support from the L.A. County supervisor, one of the nation’s most powerful Latinas, could help with a key demographic. Her first choice, Richardson, quit the race.

Clinton, Obama court Gloria Molina
LA Slimes
January 17, 2008

Bill has called for Hillary. Antonio has called for Hillary. Barack’s people have called, though he has not personally phoned yet. He probably will, though.

After all, Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina could be an important arrow in a Democratic presidential candidate’s quiver of endorsements.

Now that her favorite, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, has quit the race, Molina is a sought-after prize. Candidates are courting Latino voters as never before, and Molina is one of the country’s most powerful elected Latinas.

“Dinner invitations and flowers have not yet arrived,” Molina said Tuesday in a telephone interview from her office. “But they are calling.”

Molina, whose district stretches from Silver Lake to Pomona, said she was not interested in any quidpro quo for her support.

“I am not looking for any appointment. I don’t need a front-row seat to the convention,” she said. “My interest is in what they can do for this community when every day, I have to listen to Lou Dobbs take us under and make it worse . . . not just on immigration, but on how we are viewed in this country.”……

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17 Responses to “Whoring For The Hispanic Vote. Democrats Go All Out.”
  1. BEADALONG says:

    The candidates are extensively advertising in Spanish?

    Hmm, they forgot one teeny-tiny thing, the rest of t US, {The LEGAL CITIZENS OF THE US}. AND We aren’t all as dumb as a box of rocks to notice this!

  2. BEADALONG says:

    Oops, that should be the rest of “The” US.

  3. Faye says:

    I don’t believe anyone is FORCING you to watch Lou Dobbs, Ms. Molina. I personally do not like La Voz de Aztlan. Want to censor that also? Hmmmm?

  4. 1Madmomma says:

    The voter fraud that will happen in this election will be phenomenal. As we all know that fraudulent vote will be taken by the pandering Democrats. How the hell can this stop. Millions of votes will be cast by a people that have no right to vote in this country. Know one will take the time to check it out, and we already know that the Diebold machines leave no paper trail. I say vote absentee! I personally don’t know any way around it. Seems the candidates aren’t talking about it, or even seemed concerned. WHATS UP WITH THIS?

  5. Vincent Narodnik says:

    Item 1] Is it just me? or is Hillary wearing alot more jewelry and make up (esp mascara) since she left New Hampshire? also, her clothing is alot more ’stylish’ .
    The Las Vegas/ California leg is a putsch for her. If she can nail this down, she may well win the throne shes craved for ever since a young, repressed, and envy ridden child. (cant help her with the SparklePony ™ part of the daydream, though) What I’m guessin is that her Personality Manager has advised her, astutely, that Mexicans have horrendous and gaudy taste in clothing (and most things aesthetical)-therefore, she needs to bling it up a little bit so that she can ‘relate’ to them better.
    To decent and honorable people, this type of strategic personality shifting would be seen as worse than pathetic, but raza, well, …lets just say they have “different” standards for this type of thing. (they actually DEMAND to be flattered. Male and female alike)
    Ill give you an example. I am not culturally Russian or “ethnic” in any way. However, if I were visiting a heavily Russian neighborhood back east, (Brighton Beach for example) what if I put on the accent, the posture, the frequently glowering facial posture, etc. of most ethnic Russians? What kind of a smerdnik* would I have to be to think I could curry favor with them simply by clownishly imitating them. Though poor, they are honorable; and I tell you if I did this I would be perceived for the charlatain that I was and hated by all of those Russians immediately. It would be taken as a gross insult.
    Not with Raza though.
    *Smerdnik: Stinker, Shitass.

    Item 2] Las Vegas has a huge population of decent and hard working people.
    It also has a pretty big and important university, as well as a number of other higher cultural institutions where you can easily talk to nuclear engineers, physicists, balet directors, etc etc etc,
    I will also make bold and dare to say that the base of the population of that city is Lilly White in every sense of the term. They, in fact are the backbone and essence of that city. (culturally, off-the-strip LV is more or less Wichita Kansas with cactus and sagebrush)
    So the question is: Why is Hillary making such public jaunts through kitchens, washrooms and hotels? Does she hope to catch the Henderson CPA vote? or the Spring Valley Soccer mom?
    The answer is: HELL NO. She couldnt give a damn about any body but her beloved grief-seedlings-which, soon enough will sprout, and she can have a rich harvest of chili powder scented votes. The Lilly White Clark County voter can go to hell as far as she is concerned. She only looks to them as bags of blood for the coming sacrifice she has planned (and her core constituency has a penchant for)
    Will she make any stops to visit any of the many ‘SEX WORKERS’ in that city?
    That would be a natural for her. Feminists always did have a strange fixation with prostitution.
    So here we are, at the end of History, and the soon to be queen of our former Republic is busy in photo ops with galley slaves.
    She is Spartacus in a pant suit
    but without the honor.


  6. Sandman says:

    The whole system is rigged. We really do not have a real choice. We will be given CFR puppet A or CFR puppet B to choose from. There is enough evidence out there to prove fraud in the voting system. MSM will never report on this and voter activists like Bev Harris are dismissed as “conspiracy theroists”.
    On a different note, did anyone catch B.Osama in Vegas chanting with the illegals “Se se puede”? Or Hitlery saying that no woman is illegal? These are our choices for DemoRats!

  7. Eddie B. says:

    We are doomed, especially with Hillary. I can’t even stand to look at her. Pandering, globalist witch.


  8. David from California says:

    Monica Lewinsky’s “EX-BOYFRIENDS’ wife for President ?? NO..NO..NO..!!

  9. BEADALONG says:

    Hey, did all those people forget NAFTA or did they think it was such a fantastic deal after all? That NAFTA deal is going to get a whole lot worse with the NAU, CAFTA and the FTAA.

    I noticed I really mangled my #1 comment. The sentence should have started out as: Hmm, they forgot one teeny-tiny thing, the rest of the U.S.–{the rest of it was okay).

  10. seven_staarten says:

    425 pages of readers’ comments on this one! god help what’s left of the AMERICANS in california. good luck, sweet mara:

    11. Cesar Chavez must be rolling in his grave! Chavez was adamantly anti-immigration…ALL immigration, not just the illegal kind. HE knew the cost of unfettered immigration on the American worker. And here comes Obama using Chavez’ and Hispanic-American field workers rallying cry to pander to the illegal immigration non-apologists. The Dems seem intent on pushing amnesty down America’s throat. I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life but this election might just push me over that line…

    Submitted by: Mara

  11. seven_staarten says:

    V.N.: “To decent and honorable people, this type of strategic personality shifting would be seen as worse than pathetic, but raza, well, ?lets just say they have ?different? standards for this type of thing. (they actually DEMAND to be flattered. Male and female alike)”

    gloria molina = jabba the hut.

  12. BEADALONG says:

    Molina liked the former Bill Clinton. You would think she knows full well the impact of NAFTA.

  13. Sherri says:

    The choices of candidates that we have in this election are absolutely disgusting. We are screwed no matter which way we go.

  14. AmericanWorker says:

    Well, I guess BABY kissing is out this election. ASS kissing is in. Gee who would have thought. :)

  15. Sherri says:

    All politicians are pandering whores. Lower on the totem pole than used car salesmen.

  16. Eddie B. says:

    Taco suckers.

  17. melody says:

    I have heard people say stuff like, “Hillary is smart” “we need a woman in the office” “Hillary is best, but John Edwards would be ok”

    God help us all!

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