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COLUMBIA ? Chelsea Clinton told a crowd of students and supporters Monday that her mother wants to invite undocumented immigrants to ?step out of the shadows.?

Chelsea Clinton talked about a path that would allow immigrants to become citizens by paying a fine and paying back taxes (LOL!) as a percentage of their incomes over a period of time.

?In terms of the 12 to 14 million people who are here illegally (Hillary Clinton) wants people to come out of the shadows and be registered,? Chelsea Clinton said.

She spoke about her mother?s comprehensive immigration plan. She discussed security issues and workplace laws.

?My mom has said that she supports comprehensive immigration reform … We do want to be a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants, but it?s also about security,? she said.

Chelsea Clinton also said that her mother encourages people to learn English though she does not support mandating English as the national language.

In terms of focusing on Latino youth, Clinton expressed that her mother has supported the DREAM Act twice, federal legislation that would allow undocumented high school students to be eligible for higher education and legal status. The DREAM Act failed in the U.S. Senate on Oct. 24.

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17 Responses to “Clinton Calls For Invaders To ?Step Out Of The Shadows?”
  1. stoney says:

    Step out of the shadows?
    Seems you cannot turn around without bumping into a dozen or so. I do not think that qualifies for being in the shadows.

  2. melody says:

    Hey, I think we must all be in the shadows. I guess we U.S. citizens need to come out of the shadows too. Hey, everybody come out of the shadows. Oh, my goodness Clinton knows how to make me laugh.

  3. BEADALONG says:

    Agreed Stoney.

    And Chelsea (the priveleged child) is now stumping for the DREAM Act too? She should have paid out of her own pocket for her own education!

    Here is yet another silver spooner stumping for people who don’t even belong here. If she got that education free, all fees paid regarding this should be billed to her immediately and give that money back to the taxpayers. Worthless Tramp!

  4. BEADALONG says:

    Good one Melody. Yea, it’s the Legal U.S. citizens who are “In the Shadow” now. What politician is paying any attention to us?

    And for any Hillary or Clinton supporters, did they forget about NAFTA?

  5. K2 says:

    I think she means that the imported Mexican drug rings should be more brazen, take pride in their work and operate in broad daylight.

  6. litew8 says:

    For someone not even being a represenative (of ANY TYPE) speaking on behalf of the U.S. population, they sure are making some pretty big demands. How is it that a couple of people can decide for themselves what the country wants, especially when the country (as a whole) is telling, and has already CLEARLY TOLD THEM that we expect THEM (THE PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR US) to enforce the laws? Yet these couple of people are coming out and telling everyone the exact opposite - and they are trying to govern. DICTATOR mentalities.

    ALSO - the FINES that THEY are proposing are fines that would be paid for by OUR MONEY. NOT the illegals. The illegals have NO RIGHT to be STEALING OUR MONEY and then turn around and pay their amnesty with it! IT’S A SCAM! Wake up PEOPLE! Realize that any fines paid with USD is money that is OURS (taxpayers) and was NEVER LEGALLY given to illegal aliens! They stole it to begin with, what makes anyone think they can use it to pay a fee or fine with it towards their benifit!

  7. seven_staarten says:

    “I guess we U.S. citizens need to come out of the shadows too.”

    beautiful, melody.

  8. Sandman says:

    Will Chelsea make a run for the White House in 20 years? That is really scarry. She needs to stay home, Slick Willie and Chelsea are way too deep into this, they should go back to playing golf and hanging out with the Bushes.

  9. The Watchdog says:

    It will be Chelsea Clinton running against George P. Bush. I can see it already.

  10. steaknife says:

    Already thousands of illegal mexicans have stepped out of the shadows. To rape,rob,kill,maim, & destroy whole neibhorhoods. But, then again, Chelsea & her ilk live in gated communities.

  11. Johnny says:

    Yea! I have to agree with everyone here. You really don’t see too many illegals! I wonder where they come up with 20 million?

    People you must remember we are all stupid Americans only Bush and the Clintons know what is right for this country!

  12. zeezil says:

    Like Mother Like Daughter. Both illegal alien huggers and invader advocates. Absolute proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

  13. Eddie B. says:

    Don’t you know it Dog. I was thinking about that last night. She is being groomed and on parade. The dynasty must go on.

    God save the Queen… Whoops…. I meant Hail to the President.

  14. George says:

    they must brain wash their kids from craddle to adult hood to keep the insane dynasty going like the rockyfellers old man rocky nelson david and all the others Rockyfellers,same wit the morgans rothchilds. start brain wash at the craddle.

  15. rocker says:

    The Clinton spawn speaks ! Pathetic !

  16. Eddie B. says:

    Her lips were moving Rocker but NOTHING intelligent was coming out.

  17. American_pride says:

    12-14 million illegals? Try 38 million. Hillary is for amnesty, but yet their are stupid sheep out there that will vote for her.

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