?The U.S. grows our population exponentially each year with legal, and ignored illegal immigration as a means of maintaining our consumption based economy, but our land and resources remain the same size. It won?t work.”

Frosty Wooldridge
New With Views
January 24, 2007

In a three part interview, I found myself astounded by author Michael Folkerth?s book: ?THE BIGGEST LIE EVER BELIEVED.? He epitomizes a humorous economist and the ?King of Simple.?

His book presents irrefutable logic that this nation cannot continue growing for the long term. We must face the facts of our limited continent. We must come to terms with not being able to extract five quarts of water out of a one gallon jug!

?I constantly attempt to create analogies that represent our system of ever expanding economic growth and the impossibility of continuing the same,? Folkerth said. ?Growth is not the answer; it?s the problem.

?I have been a guest speaker on many national radio programs, and relate well to the expression ?carrying capacity? that erupts in the media from time to time.?

Folkerth continued, ?My experience with the term ?carrying capacity? is that of western ranches. Having owned and sold ranches in Western Colorado for many years, the first question that a perspective buyer will ask is, ?What?s the carrying capacity??

?In the instance of a ranch, ?carrying capacity? refers to the number of cattle that the resources of the ranch will support on a year around basis.

?Say that number was 200 head of mother cows and their offspring. That means the feed, water, landmass, and handling facilities will support these numbers as a contained unit.

?Now say that we add 50 mother cows to the mix without expanding our holdings. What would happen? You may think that 50 cows and calves would starve, but that isn?t true. All of the cows and calves would starve as would the ranch owners!

?Here?s why. As the cattle eat the feed, they will do so as a unit, each satisfying their necessary intake of hay. In our example, we added 50 cows or 25 percent more than the carrying capacity. Therefore all of the cattle will eat their fill for 75 percent of the year or nine months.

?During these nine months, everything would appear to be going fine and the cattle would be fat and healthy. However, come the 10th month, feed wouldn?t slowly diminish; it would be totally absent, having consumed 100 percent of carrying capacity in the first nine months. The cattle would now all be without feed and all would starve. The rancher, now with 250 dead cows and calves, would also be ruined.

?So why as humans can we not see the very real fact that we are grooming ourselves for the same fate? We have finite resources, but continue to expand infinitely. I promise you that it is no different than the above example of the cows……

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6 Responses to “America’s Greatest Problem: Growth”
  1. 1Madmomma says:

    That is the reason we are now having a discussion about how safe it is, or isn’t to eat cloned beef. What next? Seems all so simple. Back in the 60’s, young folks were talking about over population, and acting on it by not having large families. What good has any of that really done us as a nation when we allow others to come into our country uninvited, multiply like rabbits, sabotaging the efforts of the countries people. The powers that be have covered their own ass’s. count on it! They eventually will also run out of their stock.

  2. K2 says:

    Don’t worry about it. There is a plan. That is what the NAU is for. Mexico capped out it’s carrying capacity long ago. Obviously what is needed, to wrest the resources from the greedy, greedy hands of Anglo-gringos, is to impose more communist policies than what the wimpy bourgeois Democrats have, and socialize the whole continent, with a multinational corporate management. It will be sweet. Just like the EU. The load isn’t going to be as bad as all that. The Anglo-gringos are going the way of the dodo, anyway, having done the right thing and taken themselves out of the population explosion, for the greater good of the global village. That will offset the numbers quite a bit. If not, some good old fashioned Gulags and firing squads will take care of troublemakers. It will be doubleplusgood comrade.

  3. Eddie B. says:

    One word really…. WATER. Just wait until we have to pay through the nose for water. It’s coming and you can bet on that.

    Just think of Brazil with Bechtel controling the water supply and Blackwater controlling the people. Those are Beta Tests my friends.

  4. BEADALONG says:

    Oh yea, I read about that Eddie B. I think some foreigners already own some of our water supplies.

    I agree with the other comments as well.

    I remember this “0″ Population growth of the late 60s-70s. Where are these
    a%%hole people and naturalists now? Their silence is DEAFENING!

    And sure, we can change our light bulbs and cut back wherever we can and recycle as much as we can (which I have done for years anyway), but….how does it make sense to be energy efficient and YET CONTINUE TO ADD MILLIONS MORE TO OUR POPULATION?

    Doing that would toss all conservation out of the window. It would be for nothing.

    Also, like he and Angel mentioned (not in their exact words), Lake Lanier going dry would be devastating. Then, what do you do?

  5. Davey in Seattle says:


    Are you for the NAU? If so, you had better read about why the English want to leave England at 4000 a week! Every European I talk to especially the English say we do not want that here. Many are moving to Australia but, the murder rate is up because they don’t have guns to protect themselves.

    With the 4 unions to be in place, we will all be under one world order.

    It will be worst than you think. We will be asked for you papers just like Germany except for the please.

    A woman already had her kids implanted with RFID chips. The government knows where you are and they can turn off your assets to even buy food!

    REAL ID Act.. Is the Road to Slavery



    Bush Signs Presidential Dir. 51 - Are We Under Martial Law?

    While No one was Looking, Bush Appoints Himself Dictator

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v.....amp;search Big Daddy Bush

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a9Syi12RJo New World Order

    This is what the police will do to you.

    http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/.....mlPregnant woman ‘Tasered’ by police is convicted

  6. K2 says:

    Davey in Seattle- Not for NAU, no.

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