Burbank Native Angry About Day Labor Center

Burbank Leader
Opinion Editorial
(Published: January 10, 2006)

I am writing this letter to express my displeasure to the city of Burbank in wanting to pass a contract to allow Home Depot to build a day labor center in Burbank (”Center before council,” Saturday).

I am 38 years old and was born at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank.

I have resided in Burbank my entire 38 years.

I have never been so disappointed and embarrassed to be a resident as I am now.

We all know that these centers cater to mainly illegal aliens. These are people that have broken our state and federal laws, yet we want to make their life more pleasant by giving them a nice new facility? This is an outrage!

If they’re legal in this country, let them stand in line at the unemployment office like the rest of nonworking people.

They can help them find jobs, instead of loitering on street corners. When I break the law, I get a ticket or go to jail. They get a new facility? What is this country coming to?

President Bush claims that they are here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do. Um, excuse me, I’m more than willing to do construction and landscaping. As a matter of fact, I used to own a landscaping company in Burbank. It was pretty successful for some time until I started getting underbid by the people that Burbank wants to build this center for. It didn’t take long before these people ran me out of business. Because of taxes, city permits, payroll, I was forced to charge a minimum of $30 an hour for landscaping projects. These illegals, not having to pay the government, were coming in and bidding at $10 an hour or less. Who do you think was getting the jobs? You guessed it, not me.

I am going to see to it that the Burbank City Council hears the public’s cries loud and clear. This is a slap in the face to the residents of Burbank, and we will not sit quietly and let this happen.

I now, once again, own another business that’s based in Burbank.

My wife and I have been debating for the last few weeks whether we want to stay here or move to another state. I’m fortunate because my business will do the same anywhere I go in this country; it is no longer affected by illegals.

If we leave, we’re taking our tax money (contributions) with us to contribute to another city/state that does not cater to illegals!


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  1. contessa Says:

    Not only is a publicly funded illegal alien “day labor center” a slap in the face to Burbank residents like Chris Shaver and his wife, but it is a slap in the face to millions of citizens and LEGAL immigrants alike. It is also patently illegal. Did you know Chris, that the Former Governor of Pennsylvania and our nation’s very first Director of Homeland Security (yes, the agency that heads Immigration and Customs Enforcement) sits on the board of Directors of HOME DEPOT? It is outrageous that Tom Ridge would not speak out against Home Depot supporting illegal alien hiring halls. He used to be in charge of Homeland Security for God’s Sake!

    Chris, please consider moving to beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We need people like you! Thanks.

  2. Brad Says:

    This is the same story played over and over across the US. I have said all along if the 10-20 million illegals in this country were educated and taking middle and upper middleclass jobs the borders would be controlled. The educated and wealthy in this country can afford to be as open borders and unlimited immigration as they want. It doesn’t affect them and they don’t believe it ever will. They do not have to compete with illegals in the workplace, their children do not have to compete with their children for school resources, they do not have illegals in their neighborhoods living 3 families to a home and they do not have to worry about access to medical care when the local hospital closes because illegals used it as a primary care source. Truman said it best: “It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job, it’s a depression when you lose yours.” It’s class warfare against working America.

  3. contessa Says:

    I don’t live in an area over run with illegals, but I’m a well-educated “Latina” who’s parents were law-abiding naturalized citizens. I’m sick and tired of hearing about communities devastated by illegal immigration in this country. I’m tired of the pandering to the Mexican government and its band of Consulates who actively encouraged over 7 million of their illiterate, unskilled underclass to migrate here illegally. I’m tired of school districts pandering to the illegal immigrant lobby and offering services in Spanish to millions of kids whose families refuse to learn English at the expense of services/programs for citizen/legal resident students (art, music, gifted/talented, etc). I’m tired of hearing that there are over 20,000 illegal immigrant violent dangerous gang members living in the U.S. Americans and legal immigrants who respect our laws come first. Our nation’s security comes first. Illegal immigrants and their advocates have compromised our way of life, our nation’s security and our economic status all for the worse. Shame on them. Sin Verguenzas.

  4. Watchdog Says:

    You rock Contessa!

  5. Dio dell'amore Says:

    IS LIFE BETTER NOW! I don’t get it! I was a Licensed Contractor for many years(under bid and put out of bussiness by illegals). My Grandparents came here in the early 1900 from Europe (leagally) Proud to be American, they told my parents…we speak english now, we are Americans. I was born and raised in SoCal…. brought up to respect all people, property, community, laws, believes, and to contribute to this country in character and skill a possitive way ( yet all I have seen over the last 40 years is the decay of my Goverment,Community,Schools, Jobs, and the loss of neighbors and friends, and so on through illegal immigration, over priced housing, overcrowding, gangs, and crime,ect. brought on through illegal immigration. NOW I’M THE ONE WHO feels very alien even in my own backyard. LIFE IS ONLY BETTER WHEN ILLEGALS ADHERE TO THE LAW…. AND COME THROUGH LEGAL CHANNELS AS MY GRANDPARENTS DID TO BECOME PART OF SOMETHING BETTER.THEY UNDERSTOOD WHAT IT MEANT TO BE PART OF THE UNITED STATES,ONE NATION !THEY DIDN”T GO AROUND FLYING FLAGS FROM OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES OR SPEAK IN THEIR ORIGINAL TONGUE, THEY UNDERSTOOD HOW DISRESPECTFUL THAT WAS TO THE PEOPLE OF NEW COUNTRY OF THIERS. THE KEY HERE IS UNITED, ONE, TO BECOME PART OF>>>> THEY WERE WILLING TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF ALL INCLUDED, FOR THE INTEREST OF KEEPING AMERICA STRONG AND UNITED…..NOT JUST THEMSELVES!

  6. Brad Says:

    Too bad most of the wealthy and educated in this country don’t share your vision Contessa. Most college grads seem to think they can either ignore, are above it or can utilize the illegal immigration problem to their advantage. There are those that because of open border professors really do not think beyond the plight of the illegal immigrants themselves. No more is it important what happens to other Americans. It’s an everyman for himself attitude. And along with it goes the loss of the American middle-class. So long as it doesn’t affect me or my family or I can make a profit off of it then I don’t care about how illegal immigration affects others at all.
    If you listen at all to some of the arguments for immigration both illegal and legal, most come from wealthy and or educated people. You hardly ever hear a working class person who has to compete with illegals saying how great an open border would be. I don’t know how many times I have heard teachers advocate amnesty, more immigration or open borders.
    And indeed I agree with the Dog “YOU ROCK”

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