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Mitt Romney has appointed Immigration Warrior Kris Kobach to his advisory staff.

Who is Kris Kobach? Well you may remember Kris as the lead attorney in defending Hazleton, Pennsylvania’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act. Kris has been a leader in the fight against illegal immigration in this country and his addition to the Romney team shows that he is deadly serious about ending illegal immigration.

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3 Responses to “Romney Appoints Hazleton Defender Kris Kobach To Advisor On Immigration”
  1. David from California says:

    That is how Mitt does it…………….

  2. Sandman says:

    That is a great choice, Kris Kobach is one of the best invasion fighters we have. My respect for Mitt just went up…A little

  3. HellDogger says:

    Good move on Romney’s part. I’ve met Kris at a rally in Hershey, PA. He’s hard core! Maybe Tancredo is doing a little coaching off screen.

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