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SIERRA VISTA ? A Buena High School student is in jail on narcotics charges, and his family has been deported to Mexico, after the student was arrested on campus Monday.

Hector Romero Salazar, 18, is being held without bond at the Cochise County Jail in Bisbee, Cochise County Sheriff?s Office spokeswoman Carol Capas said.

Sierra Vista police Sgt. Daryl Copp said police responded to the high school, 5225 E. Buena School Blvd., Monday afternoon after school security reported a problem needing police attention.

On Wednesday, police would not say what the situation at the school was, but did say Salazar was arrested on ?charges of a possession of narcotic drugs for sale on school grounds? on Monday.

According to records at the county jail, Salazar is charged with possession of a narcotic drug, possession of paraphernalia, possession of a dangerous drug and possession of a narcotic drug with intent to sell.

A U.S. Border Patrol hold is in place pending Salazar?s release from the county jail in order to officially sort out whether or not Salazar is in the country legally, Tucson Sector Border Patrol spokeswoman Dove Haber said.

Salazar?s arrest also led to police requesting a search warrant for his family?s home at 728 Four Winds Circle, which they received.

Salazar?s family has been deported to Mexico following the execution of a search warrant at the residence Tuesday, which turned up forged and illegal I-9 immigration paperwork, said Vincent Picard, a U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement spokesman in Phoenix.

?We did take the members of Mr. Salazar?s family into custody, and they?ve been returned to Mexico,? Picard said.

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4 Responses to “AZ Student Jailed On Drug Charges, Family Deported”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    “and illegal I-9 immigration paperwork,”

    Family values. So… exactly when does this criminal know when to stop combing his hair….

  2. American_pride says:

    More of Bush’s hard workers, huh?

  3. Zorro says:

    “they?ve been returned to Mexico”

    Just a mere inconvenience.. they’ll be back next week

  4. steaknife says:

    I suppose he’ll say that America corrupted him. Slimy bastard!

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