MEXICO CITY ? Mexico has formally requested the United States investigate recent incidents in which Border Patrol officers fired tear gas onto the Mexican side of the border, the government said Thursday.

After being upbraided by the country’s top human rights agency for failing to press Washington enough on the issue, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department issued a statement calling the tactic “unacceptable.”

The Border Patrol says the tactic is necessary to protect its officers from increasing attacks by people hurling rocks and other objects at them from Mexico.

“Independently of whether these incidents are a response to hostile acts against Border Patrol agents by private citizens on the Mexican side, the Mexican government considers these actions by U.S. federal authorities to be unacceptable,” Foreign Relations said in a statement.

The department said it sent a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City on Jan. 15 requesting “a thorough investigation.” It added that a Mexican boy was injured in one of the incidents, but did not give details.

The Border Patrol reported 987 attacks ? many with rocks ? on its agents during the 12-month period that ended Sept. 30, the most since it began keeping track in the late 1990s.

U.S. officials say they have talked to Mexican authorities about the issue. The Border Patrol recently equipped agents in California and Arizona with a pepper-spray launcher that has a range of more than 200 feet, and says they are only used defensively.

On Wednesday, Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission urged the government to do more to stop the incidents and take “urgent and decisive action.”

5 Responses to “Mexico Requests U.S. Study Of Border Tear Gas Incidents”
  1. scorpiokat says:

    They consider these actions by U.S. authorities unacceptable? Well we find it unacceptable that millions of them have crossed our borders and live here off the American tax-paying citizens. We find it unacceptable that Americans pay for their food, housing, medical, schooling and beer. We find it unacceptable that special interest groups are plotting to take away our First Amendment right to speak freely and openly - something they are allowed to do only because they are in this country - and on the dime of the American people. How dare they even suggest they will try to shut us up, while they scream at us demanding amnesty - while they made demands to which they are not entitled. The absolute gall and arrogance is totally appalling. They want to silence the American voice so the Spanish voice is heard above the rest. There may be some Americans out there who are so blind they cannot see but there are many more of us who will never allow our country to be overtaken.

  2. Eddie B. says:

    Mexico really needs to go pound sand.

  3. Matthew says:

    The elites want the border patrol to simply walk off of the job. It is the intention of the mexican and American government to take away any moral left in these agents. I can almost guarantee that these agents will be told to stand down completely in the coming days, and all in the name of humanity. I strongly believe that the powers that be want an uprising out of the American people in order to commit us to the point of no return. I do know that we cannot continue on the road that we are on without a breaking point. Think about the fact that we as Americans have to work four months out of each year for free, as that is the amount of pay that goes to our ever so wonderful big government to further oppress us Americans and further embolden the new world order hispanic slave population. Just think about who is gaining and who is paying for it?

    It will never end. We thought it did in June of 2007. Our message and will has been made clear. Our leaders are spitting in our faces.

  4. Zorro says:

    Maybe they should use malatov cocktails instead…

  5. stoney says:

    Something I can finally agree with the Mexican government on.
    We should not be using tear gas we should be using attack helicopters and artillery!

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