Immigration Rift in GOP Up for Vote

LA Times

Washington — A deep split within the Republican Party over immigration policy is now reaching into the highest levels of the GOP machinery, as members of the Republican National Committee, which typically operates in lock step with the White House, are poised to vote today on a resolution repudiating President Bush’s call for a guest-worker program.

A member of the committee, which acts as a national steering panel for the party, gathered enough signatures to force the vote, setting up a highly unusual public debate over an issue on which Bush has set a clear direction.

Bush has proposed letting workers from abroad, as well as some of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., legally take jobs in the United States as temporary workers. But the resolution before the party leadership today argues that a guest-worker program would ‘only result in more illegal immigration and increased crime in our country.’

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  1. contessa Says:

    All AMerican citizens and legal residents, this is the time to call your federal legislators, and the above-mentioned RNC and let them know that the American people DO NOT want “guestworkers/amnesty” of any kind and no rewards to the current 11 million illegal immgirants currently here. Enough is enough. Tell them so. They need to put the interests of our national security, and the health, safety and welfare of American citizens and legal residents first and foremost. We vote, illegals don’t. Basta Ya!

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