This guy is slicker than slick Willie!

12 Responses to “Mitt Romney Supports Bush And McCain On Amnesty”
  1. Eddie B. says:

    We are doomed. We are going to be OVER RUN BY MEXICANS and none of these politicians (except Paul and Tancredo) give a damn.

    I am glad my father is not alive to witrness this fiasco.

  2. David from California says:

    Bull sh.. video…… Romney is not “PRO AMNESTY” in any way !!! Those people are Obama, Clinton, McCain, (aka Mr. Amnesty) My vote is for “MITT” on Feb. 5
    anybody who votes for McCain needs to pay better attention…FAST!!!!!!

  3. David from California says:

    McCain is a media “darling”…NOTHING MORE !! It would not suprise me if Obama/Clinton are behind some of it. Obama or Clinton would “WIPE THE FLOOR” with John McCain ! That is what they are hoping for……..

  4. The Watchdog says:

    Romney says Bush and McCain-Kennedy didn’t want amnesty. He said it, not me.

  5. midwest minuteman says:

    You said it best, Dog:

    This guy is slicker than slick Willie!

  6. seven_staarten says:

    jeeeeeez. he’s such a mofo tool.

  7. Mountain Man says:

    We are SO SCREWED!!!

  8. Angel says:

    Hear a message from Ron Paul. He is in it to stay as long as we keep sending him money.

  9. Davey in Seattle says:

    We all have to work hard and convince people who care about this country to vote for Paul. Ask them if they want freedom and liberty or being asked for their papers like Germany except for the please!

    I have been showing people the DVD’s on most and they are really waking up!Endgame, martial law, Goons gone wild, and many others are doing the trick. I have a portable DVD player to show them what is really happening in this country. Watchdog has many DVD’s and other information to pass out. Dip into your pockets and get these no matter what.

    Ask them if they like to have RFID chips implanted like the woman did in Florida! This is coming if we don’t stop it now!

    Go to or!

  10. Davey in Seattle says:

    If anyone believes a flip-flopper like this clown is voting for a liar as well.

    Romney can’t be trusted like any other flip-flopper.

    I don’t see any difference between the two.

    If they can’t see the difference, they have do business voting.

    This is the crossroads for this country in this election. We will ahve to work harder than ever to make this work.

    Ron Paul or Die!

  11. Davey in Seattle says:

    have any business voting!

  12. steaknife says:

    Another four more yearssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of CRAP!! How disgusting!!!

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