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The Escondido neighborhood around the 1800 block of Cortez Avenue is about as idyllic as one is likely to find in North County.

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The lawns are well tended. Some neighbors leave their garage doors open during the day. Older residents stroll in the early morning hours.

It is not the kind of place where one might expect to find a virtual prison for illegal immigrants. But that’s what Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents found when they raided the house at 1809 Cortez Ave. on April 15.

Tamara Dudoit, a 41-year-old mother of four, rented the home in this quiet neighborhood within a walking distance of the Escondido Country Club’s golf course.

She kept dozens of people in a room, locked behind closed doors and a boarded-up window to prevent their escape.

For four months, the home on the nice block was part of an international web of human smuggling, a “drop house” where people from Mexico were held against their will while traffickers extorted higher fees from their terrified loved ones.

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3 Responses to “Escondido ‘Drop House’ A Stop In Increasingly Lucrative Smuggling Corridor”
  1. Matthew says:

    Well now, that’s what happens when the aclu and la raza bitches and whines about rule and law and cohesive existence with in a developed country! This pathetic and laughable smuggling operation is brought to you by the open borders crowds and the aclu! Thank you guys for yet more exploitation and human rights violations! F every last one of you ignorant liberals!!!!

    Hey Escondido, enact all of your ordinances and laws you want. You have made utter fools of those who blocked your responsible American laws.

  2. Matthew says:

    I hope the slave immigrants suffered because of what the aclu and la raza caused to happen in Escondido.

  3. scorpiokat says:

    Is this one of the things Janet Murguia and LaRaza don’t want us to talk about?

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