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ST. LOUIS: A federal judge has upheld an ordinance in a suburban St. Louis town that penalizes businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber ruled late Thursday that the city of Valley Park, Mo.’s ordinance is not pre-empted by federal law, does not discriminate against Hispanics and does not violate due-process rights or Missouri law.

The ordinance “is not preempted by federal law, to the contrary, federal law specifically permits such licensing laws as the one at issue,” Webber wrote.

Valley Park is one of several cities around the country that have attempted to clamp down on illegal immigration, citing a lack of federal action.

Kris Kobach, a University of Missouri-Kansas City law professor who handled the case for Valley Park, said the ruling “gives a green light to other communities” looking to adopt similar legislation.

City officials in Valley Park have been embroiled in court battles since passing the town’s first immigration law in 2006. That original law, since rescinded, fined landlords if they were found to rent to illegal immigrants. Valley Park subsequently passed a law going after businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

The American Civil Liberties Union challenged both laws, and a St. Louis County judge agreed that both violated state law. Webber, in his 57-page ruling, disagreed.

In a statement, the ACLU said the law was aimed at driving immigrants out of the small working class St. Louis County town of about 6,500.

“If every city and town across the country were allowed to enact its own immigration laws, we would end up with chaos and confusion causing discrimination and profiling against individuals based on their appearance, accent and ethnicity,” said Lucas Guttentag, the ACLU’s immigrants rights project director.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Uh wrong! We profile and punish illegality like we have ALWAYS done! Wrong is wrong and not right contrary to treasones liberal bleeding heart belief! If one takes food and water out of the mouth of another, that is wrong! If one steals and oppresses another in their own home, that is wrong! Satan and bush would lead you to believe otherwise. IF wanting to rid filth, corruption and crime from where you lay your head is some how racist, then I am guilty and deserving of the death penalty in which I will flip the switch my self if need be. I am guilty, I am who you label me as, I am what ever you want to call me until my last breath, I accept your name calling now get the FU*K out of our country!

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