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7 Responses to “The Dog House - February”
  1. peternoamnesty says:

    i have an idea for RON PAUL ,put your immigration ad during the LOU DOBBS show on cnn! that would be great! people what do you think about it?

  2. the marlboro man says:

    Are the American People this stupid??? To start with before the N.H, Primary McCAIN was broke ,he went to TAHO CALF. for a meeting ,and he came away with 8million,with the blessing of the CFR,all of a sudden his numbers skyrocket??? But Romney puts up a good fight because he has a shit load of his own money,to throw at it. While R.PAUL has been getting his 10,to 100 dollar funds in cash or credit cards,from the mid,and low class voters as they call us!!!! This is not some pledge this is cash! Now that RUDY JULLIE ANNIE is gone and old FRED who didn,t want the job to start with,Hunter a good man but couldn,t get any steam going> So now all the elites can do now to stop R.PAUL is ban him from any TV COVERAGE,and any he gets he,ll pay dearly for,the only outlet he has is the internet,its not ENOUGH!!!! If WE THE PEOPLE don,t demand from the TV that he be given coverage his campain is going to go no where,we need a way to get some coverage??????????????????? aLSO WHILE i,M AT IT TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK AT THIS WE have 3 days to get the word out,the vote here in FL was stolen ,I,ve tried but nobody will even hear what i have to say when I say the votes don,t match the resualts(LIE BOLD) is the problem.It looks like we had 290,000 dead people vote for McCain!!! SO if you got any ideal what can be done or help to get the word out please do FAST !!! one P/O vet

  3. Matthew says:

    It is all a big lie. Our votes and voices mean nothing anymore. It is about what the cfr and corporate America wants. We could have a paper trail from here to the moon when it comes to votes and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. bush junior was put into office by way of the hanging chad theory. With illegal aliens encouraged and able to vote and work in place of Americans, who would give a shit about us anymore? This Country is no more. How much more proof or writing on the wall does one need in order to revolt heavily against our sorry ass government? This is a f**king joke my friends!

  4. BEADALONG says:

    Hmm, that’s a thought, Peter No Amnesty. I haven’t tried it before so I don’t know and I could also write Lou Dobbs on why he doesn’t mention Ron Paul much (actually, he’s never answered me).

  5. BEADALONG says:

    Also, I have actually recently heard a Ron Paul ad on KGO. That’s a start too.

  6. peternoamnesty says:

    BEADALONG plz do me a favori already did this but i cant be heard alone,send that idea to the RON PAUL STAFF here and send him that suggestion,would you? and everybody here,it would be great to watch ron paul’s immigration ad during lou dobbs show on mondey

  7. K2 says:

    Borrowed time.
    “Internet needs to be dealt with…”

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