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RICHARDSON ? Sheer frustration over the inability of national leaders to overhaul the U.S. immigration system has pushed Texas lawmakers to consider ways to tackle the problem themselves, at least in helping kick out criminal immigrants.

Lawmakers here Friday learned that, despite state laws in place for more than a decade, most local and state law enforcement and correctional agencies keep little or no information on immigrant inmates and don’t link up effectively with their federal counterparts.

The daylong joint session of the Texas House Corrections and County Affairs committees at the University of Texas at Dallas was part of its effort to come up with new state standards for dealing with undocumented immigrants who commit crimes.

“In many cases, when they first enter the system, we don’t even ask them if they’re here legally or not,” said Rep. Jerry Madden, R-Plano, chairman of the Corrections Committee, noting there currently are more than 9,000 foreign-born inmates in the state. “Immigration is federal, but they’re serving state offenses so they’re our responsibility.”

Representatives from the Homeland Security Department declined an invitation to testify.

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6 Responses to “Texas Considers A Crackdown On Invaders”
  1. Jimmy says:

    God Bless Texas.

    The best.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Let’s try that again.

    The video I wished to send:

  3. Davey in Seattle says:

    Some of these politicians are getting the fact it is in their job discription to fight illegal immigration. Protect us from foreign and domestic. Some have said they can’t do anything, WTF, they didn’t want to do anything.

    We are winning, so don’t give up the fight!

    Ron Paul 2008

    Viva La Migra!

  4. Matthew says:

    ?Immigration is federal, but they?re serving state offenses so they?re our responsibility.?

    Now that is logic! Pure unadulterated logic. I would like to see Texas pass a law that mandates these illegal aliens serve their time at the homes of the la raza and open borders advocate types. How quickly the tide of PC and guilt propaganda would turn.

  5. seven_staarten says:


  6. Sandman says:

    Seven_Staarten That link has some interesting comments at the bottom of the page. It it true, illegals are flooding into Texas now. I was at the grocery store tonight and I bet that 60% of the people in there were illegals. They clog up the aisles jabbering away in Spanish and seem totally oblivious to anyone around them. They are behaving like they are still in Meheeko. Some of them look and act like cave-dwellers. I just wish they would all go away, this town would be so much better…

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