by Allan Wall

February 2nd is the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. That 1848 treaty officially ended the Mexican War and legally turned over most of the Southwest to the United States.

The average American doesn?t know much about the Mexican War and thinks about it less.

But here in Mexico they do think about it?a lot.

In Mexico, everybody knows that “the U.S. took half our national territory.”

“La Intervención Norteamericana” has been described?by Mexican writer and Nobel laureate Octavio Paz?as “one of the most unjust wars of conquest in history.”

Not only that, but the loss of Mexico?s northern territories has been used as a reason?an excuse, really?for the economic failures of Mexico compared to the economic success of the United States.

According to at least one poll, conducted in 2002 by Zogby in Mexico, 58% of respondents agreed with the statement that “the territory of the United States? Southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico”. [MS Word] Now that?s definitely a different perspective.

In a lighter vein, some Mexicans jokingly quip that, when the U.S. took half of Mexico?s territory, we took the half with the paved roads.

Some Americans are shocked to learn that Mexicans actually have a different historical perspective than we do.

How dare Mexicans say the U.S. took the Southwest from Mexico? How dare they have a different perspective than us?

It?s time for a reality check. Different nations have different historical perspectives on the same historical events. That?s one reason they are different nations.

Of course Mexicans say that the U.S. took (or even “stole”) the Southwest! Why wouldn?t they?

We?ve got to get over this naïve belief that everybody in the world has the same values, and that everybody wants to be just like us.

Maybe we should have thought twice about importing millions of people from the only country on earth with an irredentist claim against us?and then encouraging them not to assimilate!

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4 Responses to “Happy Guadalupe Hidalgo Day!”
  1. Sandman says:

    Try to imagine what the American Southwest would look like if we HAD NOT annexed that territory! Much of the land that Mexico made claim to that is now the US amounted to a few missions and outposts. Spain pretty much stuck a flag in the ground and proclaimed the land belonged to the Queen. Mexico did not build roads, bridges or even a town that amounted to anything. The reminants of a Spanish mission 5 miles from my home in San Marcos has a short history of Spanish/Mexican “ownership” in the area. In a nutshell, the Indians were far too hostile to go along with the plans of Spain, so they abandoned it in a decade or so. It was not until “Whitey” settled the area that anything happened for the better. Mexico just has a way of messing up anything they get involved in. That is why THEY are coming here and not the other way around.

  2. Matthew says:

    My neighbor is richer than I am. My friends kids are smarter than my own. I drive a Ford and not a BMW. I have to cook my meals rather than dine out like a lot of people. God I hate People who are better off than I am! I wish that some liberal would take office and make things right, make everyone equal, give me some of what my neighbors have since I don’t have what they have. Man I’m Jealous!

  3. American_pride says:

    The Southwest belongs to the United States, period.

  4. Eddie B. says:

    Never forget what Patton told his fellow Genrals and advisors:

    “I never pay for the same real estate twice”.

    Pretty smart logic. I guess we need to find a new Patton pretty quick.


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