PHOENIX — A federal judge on Thursday upheld an Arizona law that prohibits businesses from knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and yanks the business licenses of those that do.

U.S. District Judge Neil Wake dismissed a lawsuit filed by business groups that argued that federal immigration law severely restricts Arizona’s ability to punish people who knowingly employ illegal immigrants.

The law won approval last year from the Republican-majority Legislature and Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano amid frustration over what they said were inadequate federal efforts to confront illegal immigration. Many cities across the country have passed similar measures, though some have been rejected in court.

Business groups including the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry argue the Arizona law unconstitutionally infringes on federal immigration powers. Wake, however, concluded that there is no conflict with federal immigration law, which he said specifically lets states regulate business licensing.

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3 Responses to “Federal Judge Upholds AZ Employer Sanctions”
  1. stoney says:

    States do have rights you know. They can regulate business in their state, the eds can only stop them thru interstate commerce clause and this ha s nothing to do with that .

  2. gatekeeper says:

    Go Arizona! However, it will just force more illegals here (TX) and I am not in favor of that.

  3. Sandman says:

    Gatekeeper, I think that is already happening to Texas. Our sorry-ass Gov. Perry pretends to be an invasion fighter but he is fooling NOBODY. The gravy train is still rich for illegals and we have too many sanctuary cities. This won’t stop until we are bankrupt and on the edge of a revolution. The economy here is still doing well and illegals follow the money. There are at least 15 skyscraper projects in Austin that will go up in the next 2 years and most of the work is done by non-union illegals These were good paying jobs that are not easy to get. It seems like only invaders are doing this work, and for about half the money. Arizona passed this law because they became saturated by invaders, I hope Texas can pull its head out soon and follow the lead of AZ before it is too late.

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