He’ll be meeting with a few of the usual suspects of the New World Order.

Translated from: El Univeral

The leader will have dinner in private after his arrival on Sunday with the Rockefeller Foundation, he will lodge in the hotel Waldorf-Astoria and will visit on Monday at 10:30 hours the secretary general of the UN Ban Ki-moon. He will meet with the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, as well as with the Governor Eliot Spitzer.

NY Times

That the president will have more meetings with his own countrymen than with officials in Washington reflects two political truths. First, Mexican migrants in the United States have become an extension of Mexico?s own politics, and ignored only at great peril. Second, American officials have little use for meetings with President Calderón during an election year in which the subject of immigration has ignited strong emotions on the campaign trail.

Mr. Calderón has already drawn fire from some quarters here for doing too little to stand up for Mexican immigrants in the United States while Washington has cracked down on illegal immigration. Some Mexican immigrant leaders in the United States complained that he was ignoring their troubles after he canceled a trip in September.

In an interview on Thursday, Mr. Calderón said he found the recent immigrant bashing in American society deeply troubling. The message he said he hoped to convey to Mexicans in the United States is that their government has not abandoned them and will help protect their civil rights, even if they broke the law by crossing the border.

?The fundamental message is that we are with them, that the Mexican government is paying attention to Mexicans here in Mexico and in whatever other part of the world, and we are ready to help them with their problems,? he said.

He insists the future prosperity of Latin America depends on the free flow of commerce and labor between the United States and countries to the south.

His government reached a joint security agreement with the Bush administration last year, leading to an unprecedented level of cooperation among law enforcement agencies. He has also resisted calls from unions and peasant groups to reopen parts of the 1994 free trade agreement with Washington and Ottawa.

In the interview, Mr. Calderón argued that the only way the Americas could remain competitive in a world where China and Europe were emerging as major powers once again is to integrate the economies in the Western Hemisphere. He warned that the United States was losing influence.

?What is clear to me is that in Latin America, and in the world, for some reason the United States has been losing friends, and it seems to me it should do everything possible to reach out to the few friends it has left.?

Yet for all his efforts to strengthen relations with the United States, those ties have clearly been strained. Adding to tensions have been America?s efforts to build a 700-mile wall along the border and recent incidents in which tear gas and gunshots were fired at Mexicans crossing clandestinely, he said.

At the same time, he said, the heated anti-immigrant rhetoric of conservative talk show hosts and some politicians has created a hostile environment for the millions of Mexicans in the United States, legally and illegally.

?I?m very worried because this has generated an atmosphere full of prejudice, an anti-immigrant atmosphere with certain themes that are also anti-Mexican, that benefits no one,? he said. ?It seems to me the worst thing the two countries could do is make our people think our enemy is our neighbor.?

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6 Responses to “Calderon Seeks To Integrate Mexico And The United States”
  1. BEADALONG says:

    AGAIN: It’s “Illegal Alien,” NOT {Immigrant}! Enough on the “Immigrant” bashing already.

    Well duh, slap me silly, it’s the NY Times, of course, they’re going to confuse the words of (illlegal alien and immigrant) AGAIN!

    Well, the ol’ line of “Repeat it often and the people will believe it” is NOT working on me! Sorry to disappoint you lazy asses in the MSM!

    And darn: Why doesn’t the Mexican government start caring more about their OWN citizens IN their OWN country?…….Why do they insist on caring for them so much AFTER they left?

  2. Matthew says:

    calderon is openly speaking to his troops on American soil. He is planning strategies and bolstering them to fight on against American will and wishes. His arrogance and blatant disregard for Americans is disgusting. He is essentially saying that he wants his people to have what our ancestors have built and established for us. Not once has he or any other mexican official apologized for the theft and terror his nationals have put us through. There is no way that any of us should even consider thinking twice about the hatered and contempt we have for mexican illegal aliens. calderon is their spokesman and moderator and look at and listen to his feelings or lack thereof for Americans by the way he ignores our human and civil rights. We are all meal tickets and disposable as far as he is concerned.

  3. melody says:

    That’s true calderon is talking to his Mexican troops and that’s exactly what they are.

  4. steaknife says:

    Please tell me why the most powerful country in the world is catering to these disgusting turd world scumbags? What in the hell do they have to contribute to any good cause? When will we finally say NO MORE-Get the Fuck out of my house!

  5. Eddie B. says:

    When we are being guarded by Mexican soldiers standing shoulder-to-shoulder with UN Troops in the blue steel helmets and machine guns THEN we are going to say to ourselves “We really fucked up”.

    But then we won’t have any guns to protest with. And all our troops will be in Iran fighting for another 100 years to bring “demoncracy” to the middle east.


  6. Brent from Vista says:

    MAN, [Eddie B] is definitely plugged in. People need to listen and study the New World Order and their evil plan towards a one world government. America is dieing, and at an exponential rate.

    When the door to door gun confiscations start (just like they did in the UK, Australia, and Louisiana-Katrina), what will you be prepared to do when that happens? Its coming folks. Get ready to fight and survive.

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