Not Enough Work For Day Laborers

NY Times

The study found that 49 percent of day laborers were employed by homeowners and 43 percent by construction contractors. They were found to be employed most frequently as construction laborers, landscapers, painters, roofers and drywall installers.

The study, based on interviews with 2,660 workers at 264 hiring sites in 20 states and the District of Columbia, found that day laborers earned a median of $10 an hour and $700 month. The study said that only a small number earned more than $15,000 a year.

The survey found that 59 percent of day laborers were from Mexico and 28 percent from Central America, while 7 percent were born in the United States. Sixty percent of the immigrant workers said that day labor was their first occupation in the United States.

While waiting for work Friday morning near a Home Depot in the Pico Union section of Los Angeles, Cesar Ramirez, a 46-year-old immigrant from Mexico, said he had been hired only one day in the previous week.

He said he makes $15 an hour when he works on plumbing or electrical jobs, but $8 or $10 an hour when hired to do landscaping. Many weeks, he said, he does not earn enough to support his six children.

“I come here every morning and sometimes I leave at 3 p.m. without work,” said Mr. Ramirez, who said he had worked as a day laborer since arriving from Oaxaca, Mexico, four years ago.

2 Responses to “Not Enough Work For Day Laborers”

  1. Slim Says:

    FYI: the New York Times didn’t make these findings. It merely reported on the findings of a study conducted by researchers.

  2. contessa Says:

    So, tell me again, they’re here to fill jobs that Americans won’t do? You mean when they sit at the day labor centers waiting to get picked up and don’t? Give me a break. Slave Depot is anti-American, pro-illegal immigrant and is a huge contributor to this problem. Would the Home Depot managers like to live next door to the day laborers? Would they invite them into their homes/properties? Would they want their children and spouse to invite them in to do house cleaning, gardening etc? Just ask the poor mom in NJ whose two children were murdered by an illegal immigrant from Mexico last week. Just ask the families of the victims of illegal immigrant drunk drivers. Send them all home. Vicente Fox needs to take care of his own. I’ll gladly pay more for a gardener, housekeeper, nanny, lettuce/tomatoes if that means workers are getting paid a fair living wage and are here legally. Otherwise, afuera.
    I’m Latina, a U.S. citizen, and am adamantly opposed to the illegal government-sponsored invasion of our country by the underclass of Mexico. Basta Ya!

    member of Latin Americans for Immigration Reform
    supporter of 911 Families for a Secure America

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