Swift worker fallout: The pain behind the stolen identities
The Salt Lake Tribune
Feb. 10, 2008

Bedal Provencia of Edinburg, Texas, was in jail on charges of receiving stolen property when he got word that one of the arrested Swift workers was using his Social Security number and birth date.

In the year since, he says, he’s found out this much: “That dude gots more rights than I got.”

Provencia, 25, says he has been working with a government advocate, but still doesn’t know when he will be given a copy of his Social Security card so he can get a full-time job.
The Texas native survives by working odd jobs two or three days a week.

The trouble began, he says, when a friend of his mother’s stole her papers and his, including his birth certificate and Social Security card.

The woman apparently sold the papers and they were duplicated, because Provencia has had reports of others using his identity in other states than Utah.
“They are burning us real bad,” says Provencia. “I can’t do nothing without my papers.”

While he waits for the IRS and Social Security to straighten out his records, Provencia jokes that the government ought to make the guy arrested in Utah pay his obligations: “Why don’t they take out no child support on him?”

Utah victim in prison: Terryl Warner, the victims advocate for Cache County, says that of the dozens of letters she sent to people whose Social Security numbers were being used illegally by Swift plant workers, she has heard back from only about 10.

She sent police reports and court records to those who needed documentation to straighten out their IRS or Social Security records.

But she says she didn’t hear of a single case in which the immigrants were using false identities to gain credit, just access to a job.

Those whose identities were used live throughout the United States and even Puerto Rico, but the bulk are in Texas and California.

One victim, she says, was in a motorcycle accident and unable to collect disability payments from the Social Security Administration because the records showed him continuing to work - in Utah.

Only one Utah resident, Francisco R. Martinez of Ogden, was listed in court documents as among the victims. Martinez was in the Weber County jail this fall and was recently transferred to the Utah State Prison in Draper on theft and burglary charges filed in Davis County……

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6 Responses to “The Pain Behind Stolen Identities”
  1. videodaily says:

    When will this end and people stop supporting this crap?

  2. Eddie B. says:

    When mine is stolen may I please have 999-99-9999? This one seems to be real popular.

  3. Sandman says:

    If stealing Id’s is something we reward people for, why is it not ok for us to breach the “law” when it aint on our side. Could we stop paying taxes ? Drive at any speed we want or have a second identity? If Invaderz can do it why can’t we? Why even have laws?

  4. melody says:

    Disgusting! There seems to be no end in sight to this crap. And to think when a U.S. citizen trys to get help finding a job, they talk about writing a perfect resume. “Sorry, can’t help you till you write this resume.” Ya, right! We need resumes to get Burger King jobs? All the illegal needs is a stolen ID and he gets a job.

    If you are not looking for a rocket science type job, why should you have to have a resume? All we should have to do is prove we can work in the U.S. and fill out the tax papers and list somebody to contact in case of emergency. For a Burger King job the boss only has to let you work a few hours to see if you can do the job. This work history crap is just crap! How could they possibly be checking the work historys of these illegals? Wouldn’t a few calls to “former bosses” let the boss know something is wrong?

    So they check ours because we talk too American. They know we’re American. What really gets me is some Americans can’t see this is happening. They really think all these unemployed people are too lazy or stupid to work. Nobody believes this can happen till it happens to them. Our government must be hiding the true jobless numbers. I’m always meeting Americans who say they want a job.

  5. K2 says:

    Greedy capitalist gringos. They don’t even want to share Soc Sec numbers with poor, hard working, undocumented americans. Get with the program. Heed the words of Sister-Comrade Clinton: we will take things away from you for the common good. It is bueno the Domestic Radical Law is being introduced. The gringos will share once they get a taste of the Red Bayonet.

  6. melody says:

    “Radical Law is being introduced. The gringos will share once they get a taste of the Red Bayonet.”

    Ha, ha, silly Americans, did you really think all those social programs were for you? Think about it? Rich people didn’t care about poor people until they started flooding the U.S. with “new-americans”. Rich people learned from the past. Pretend you are helping poor American people then let the tax-payers feed your immigrant workers. Just put the food stamps and housing voucher in the anchor baby’s name. Real smart. Now the “new-americans” have indoor plumbing and can take a bath before going to work.

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