This terrible news comes from the Patriot Border Alliance web forum.

Patriot Border Alliance
posted 2/9/08

The usual Phoenix Patriots were demonstrating at the Day Labor site on 25th St just south of Bell Road today when a car made an unsafe left turn and hit another car. That car spun around, hit one of our Patriots who was sitting in a chair near the intersection, then ended up backwards on the sidewalk, resting against a fire hydrant. If not for the fire hydrant more innocent bystanders might have been injured.

Our Patriot was taken by ambulance to a hospital. We later learned that the driver of the car making the unsafe left turn DID NOT HAVE A DRIVER’S LICENSE OR INSURANCE, BUT HE DID HAVE A MEXICAN CONSULAR MATRICULA CARD. AIN’T THAT SPECIAL?? Both cars were towed away, the two young women in the severely damaged car seemed physically unharmed and I don’t know the fate of the ILLEGAL ALIEN. Hopefully he will be sentenced to 10-11 years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon!!

Be safe out there Patriots!!

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Edon Hall, 65+ retired, broken pelivs bone.

Invaders pray the Lord will have mercy on them for their lawlessness.
illegal aliens pray

Sal Reza organizes unemployed invaders to loiter and harass Americans.
sal reza

8 Responses to “Another Patriot Injured In Accident Caused By Invader, Broken Pelvis”
  1. stoney says:

    Question was the two incidents of injuries this week acidents are on purpose?
    Easy to injure some one then claim it was an acident, less time in prison !

  2. Sandman says:

    Was this incedent done with intention or did the invader drive just like they all do in good ole’ Meheeko. Older invader women drive the worse because most of them learned to drive at 50 years old and they have no clue whatsoever. Isn’t diversity GREAT?

  3. Sandman says:

    Y donde esta La Migra?

  4. melody says:

    Was this an accident? Not only could an accident allow them to get less time in prison, but if they got a good sob story they might get no jail time so they can care for anchor babies. The invaders and pro-invaders are not easy to deal with.

  5. melody says:

    Would they let unemployed Americans “loiter and harass Americans”? Gee, the people in that picture must think the U.S. is a job making machine. They don’t seem to understand we have unemployed Americans. We were raised that if you don’t have a job something is wrong with you and you should be too ashamed to even complain, but anybody can come to the U.S. from anywhere illegally and beg all over the place for a job. They don’t see the unemployed Americans because the Americans have been shamed into the shadows.

  6. K2 says:

    From Thread-

    MARINE1: “Update:
    PPD Det Troy states the driver was given 2 citations: 1) No insurance 2) No license 3) improper turn.
    No arrest. He walked.”

    No charge. No deportation. What a fiesta it is in El Norte.

  7. HellDogger says:

    Good question Sandman. They’re probably “in the shadows”, well in the dark anyway.
    I always wondered if a guy wanted to go somewhere where he hoop & hollar, shoot his pistol, get drunk in public and even smoke a little dope, would a day labor spot be a good place to that? The cops can’t see any of the other criminals. Just a thought.

  8. scorpiokat says:

    Most people would be amazed at what really happens. Illegals are stopped - they have no license, no insurance, no nothing - yet they are merely given a ticket and let go. They are not charged, the vehicle is not impounded and they are free to drive away and continue to break our laws and create chaos.

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