A Republican lawmaker has introduced legislation that would provide members of the California National Guard with free tuition at state colleges and universities and save money at the time.

How? By repealing a law that allows illegal immigrants who meet certain conditions to pay subsidized in-state tuition, said Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine.

Critics call DeVore’s bill a cynical ploy. They say that by allowing students who attended a California high school for three years and received a diploma or equivalent to qualify for in-state tuition, the state is investing in its future.

But DeVore said California, which has 20,000 Guard members, is the only state in the nation that does not offer its members free college tuition.

DeVore estimates it would cost California, which is facing a $14.5 billion budget deficit, only about $3 million annually to do so.

That’s far less, he noted, than the $117 million the Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates in-state waivers, granted largely to illegal immigrants, cost California in 2005-06.

DeVore’s bill ? Assembly Bill 1758 ? is scheduled to be heard March 4 in the Assembly Higher Education Committee. Although the legislation faces long odds in the Democratic-controlled Legislature, it will likely reignite a perennial debate in the Capitol.

“The argument we always hear is, ‘Let’s not punish these kids because their parents broke the law,’ ” DeVore said. “But the fact of the matter is that some people do come here to take advantage of benefits.”

In recent years, the California Guard has been faced with retention and recruitment declines that DeVore blames on the state’s lack of benefits.

His bill would provide a much-needed inducement for a group that’s called on more than any Guard in the nation, he said.

DeVore said not only are members of the California Guard asked to provide assistance during floods, fires and earthquakes ? they also put their lives on the line to quell riots and fight wars.

Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, agrees with DeVore’s intent, but not his method.

“People who offer themselves for military service should be supported by the state of California,” Cedillo said. “But we shouldn’t hurt the state’s future with divisive, political games.”

Cedillo is once again carrying legislation that would allow illegal immigrants who are eligible for in-state tuition to apply for financial aid.

8 Responses to “CA Legislator Wants To End Benefit For Invaders, Shift Aid To National Guard Vets”
  1. melody says:

    “But DeVore said California, which has 20,000 Guard members, is the only state in the nation that does not offer its members free college tuition.”

    More proof that illegal aliens are the government pets in California! No wonder some people call it Mexifornia. Sounds like a real good name for a place like that.

  2. melody says:

    Why does my java script keep getting disabled?

  3. Matthew says:

    Every state in the union knows what and who is causing deficits and bankrupting this Nation yet it is the few like this Republican in California who want to put a stop to it. We have 30+ million illegal aliens and 40+ million legal immigrants who have their hands out and are living off of the system. They are clogging our road ways, schools, hospitals, welfare lines and every other social service benefit you can think of! Just think of all the other financial burdens they create with regard to us the private sector. The identity theft and loan defaults they leave us to pay in higher interest rates and bank fees. The banks don’t just eat or charge stuff like that off and goes away, they soak us for it.

    What about all of the illegals who cause accidents and then are never held accountable because they work under the table or change their identity? What about the unemployment rate in America? I really don’t believe illegals are any part of those unemployment rates or statistics, Americans with identity’s are. This goes WAY beyond simple college tuition benefits.

  4. HellDogger says:

    This good man won’t last long. Aurrdnold & Juan will have his ass in the sling.

  5. HellDogger says:

    I forgot, Melody, make sure you have the latest updates because that Java changes a lot.

  6. stoney says:

    This stands no chance. It makes to much sense and if for Legal USA citizens instead of illegals to benefit will never make it.
    Seems the only laws to make it though most legislatures is for benefit of illegals nowadays !

  7. George says:

    well lets give De vore credit for trying.By the way in my town there is very little waiting time at our emergency rooms our at the clinic,I only spent 15 minutes befor I was cared for this hapened twice when I went there.

  8. George says:

    By the way I am going to The Philippines this wed the 13th the city I go to is soo peaceful.I walked 3 miles from the casio at 3am with no one brothering me.I walk down town at 1 am no problem the mayor is stong on law inforcement he even has a hit squad to deal with drug dealers & child molesters.that is why I chose this town I have been going there every year since 1990.

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