I know that you have risked your lives in order to give opportunities to your children, to your families. I know that in each one of you thereis a history of heroism and also a history of pain.

A history of heroism because is not easy to leave your country, your house, your Nation and to cross the border risking it all. A history of heroism because each year more than 400 Mexicans die trying to cross the border, perhaps more than in any another part of the world.


When they tell me that the Government of Mexico what wants to multiply migration, attacking and criticizing our defense for the migrant, I say that they are mistaken. Because I know that Mexico in each migrant it loses its bravest people, its strongest people, its more audacious people, because I know that in each migrant there is a family that is disconnected.


I come here, to Chicago, to Illinois, because I know that my duty as President, especially in the difficult moments that the undocumented are passing, of harassment, of clear discrimination in some cases, my duty is to echo the voice of all the Mexicans, the voice of all of Mexico telling them we are with you.

We are truly determined that Mexico be present with you, supporting you, helping you, understanding you.

I also know, my friends, that my duty as the President is to work and to work very, very hard so that immigration will not be in the future the only option for our people.

When they ask me what is, exactly, the cause of this phenomenon, seems tome to that we cannot deceive ourselves. The U.S. economy and the economy of Mexico are absolutely complementary economies; one is intensive in capital, like their economy, another is intensive in labor as is the Mexican and I have always said that labor and capital necessarily are complemented, that they are similar as the left shoe and the right shoe, both have to be put on at the same time in order to walk.

And just as labor has sought capital, the investment here in the United States, we are seeking to attract investment and capital to Mexico, to generate in Mexico well paid jobs for the Mexicans so they don’t continue separating our families and our communities.

We have worked and we have been speaking and relating to diverse actors in the political panorama in Mexico and in the United States, above all with those who have influences in this migratory debate issue and we have expressed to them with firmness the position of the Government of Mexico that can be summarize in five points.

First. We want that the extraordinary cultural, social, and economic contribution of the Mexican migrants in the United States to be recognized.

Second. We want that that recognition be reflected in a greater certainty, in a greater stability, in a greater tranquility so that our compatriots can do what they came to do, to work in peace, to be productive, support their family and be recognized or not, that their work has also helped this Nation.

Third. That for the Mexican Government it is important, of course, to have a secure border. When they think that we are disputing this point, they are also mistaken, yes, of course I want a secure border, of course I want a secure border for our people, for our children and also for the Americans or any person that live on both sides of the border.

The Government of Mexico is commited and works for having a secure border with the United States, but we should not make a mistake, its not the people, is the organized crime and not the migrant Mexicans the ones that are a problem of national security for the United States.

I think that both nations should recognize what is a reality, the world is being globalized, the economies are being built global and the nations that are prospering, the regions that are prospering, like Asia, and Europe, are nations that recognize that reality and they are capable of being integrated in larger economies of scale and in larger territories.

What we should do Americans and Mexicans is to recognize that if we want prosperity, that if we want to progress we should become united. Not by closing our border, not by canceling our exchanges are we going to prosper, we either prosper together incorporating and integrating ot there will not be prosperity neither for Mexico or for the United States.


We want to build bridges because we know that bridges, more than walls, are the ones that join people. And I also know, I understand the worry of many American citizens, but I can share with you, my friends, what some time ago Icommented to President Bush in his visit to Mexico last year.

I assured the President, I told him, that he can do more to reduce immigration,to reduce immigration it would benefit more a kilometer of highway in Zacatecas or in Michoacán than 20 kilometers of border wall covering Texas or Arizona.


We want to be near the Mexicans in Chicago and anywhere in the world and in the U.S. And we have an idea to continue working with you in five main issues.

First. We will dedicate all the resources at our reach to be able to improve the services that the Government gives. I know that the consular services have always left a lot to be desired and more now since the American authorities are asking for documents for anything.

By that reason, friends, I have decreed in the Budget that all the incomes that be received for passports or other documents in the U.S. consulates, that money remain in the consulates to lend better service.

Second. Starting this week, various mexican consulates in the United States, especially the one in Chicago, will use mobile truck consulates to function with newly hired personnel, with new vehicles, new equipment, so they can vist the 80 cities in the region and offer consular services.

We are going to continue working with those programs and others more. Today, for example, we signed two covenants, one with the State of Illinois and another with the City of Chicago, a covenant to do an exchange of teachers, we are going to bring Mexican teachers here, so they can teach our culture, our traditions and from here we are going to send teachers to Mexico, if you want you could lend us a hand teach English at our communities, to our children that need that Instrument.

Third. We are going to continue working to generate a different environment in the migratory theme; this should remain clear that the Mexicans, that Mexico is not the enemy and Mexicans are not any threat for this great Nation.

That we want to prompt and make recognition of the enormous contributions that the Mexicans do to the U.S. economy. Recent studies have shown, above all one done by the Counsel of Economic Advisors of the White House, they have shown that the immigrant workers, especially the Mexicans, do not displace native workers, to the contrary, they complement the work that they carry out, they enlarge also the income of the American workers. It is calculated that 30 Billion dollars per year, is what the migratory labor force contributes to the income of the U.S. workers.

It also has been shown that the balance that the migrants costs the American taxpayer, this is false thus, this study that is not from the Government of Mexico, is from the Government of the United States and the Counsel of Economic Advisors of the White House, indicates that the balance is a lot more than what the migrants pay in taxes upon working than what they receive in services, and that is so much that they are even maintaining a good part of the retirement pensions of thousands of U.S. workers.

We have to do an enormous effort by changing the image of the immigrant, of Mexico and of the Mexicans, and that implies, exactly, to put clear emphasis in the idea that we are here to build, we are for harmonizing with this great nation our efforts, because the prosperity of the U.S. is directly linked to immigrant labor especially Mexicans.

14 Responses to “Calderon Tells Mexican Invaders They Are Heroes”
  1. Jimmy says:

    More like zeros from a non latino point of view.

    Yes, if we gringos would all just die, leave, or be assimilated all would be a
    latino paridise. That is until about 5 or 10 years out, if that long. Then it would
    be: Cry, cry, sniff, sniff, ” Where are all the easy gringos? We are having it
    tough now. It was so easy then to cheat lie and steal from the stupid gringos.
    The Chinese/Russians have come and become our lords in our “latino” paradise. They don’t put up with our crap. I hate it. Gringo come home………
    WTF happened????????


    Gringo, come back. Oh we have screwed ourselves.

    But deep in their hearts: “Even so, I still love to hate the gringo. He stole our land. Blah, blah, blah. He abused our “rights”. Blah, blah, blah.

    Calderoon the bafoon. Future president of the NAU?

    It could happen.

    End of message.

  2. midwest minuteman says:

    The INVASION continues…..

  3. HellDogger says:

    Nothing disgusts me like a bastard like this exploiting his own people to feather his own nest. These are definately fighting words and we the people need to Declare War Against Mexico. But we can’t because only about .005% of us know about it. 98% know won the Superbowl & the NBA playoffs.

  4. K2 says:

    “I assured the President, I told him, that he can do more to reduce immigration, it would benefit more a kilometer of highway in Zacatecas or in Michoacán than 20 kilometers of border wall covering Texas or Arizona”- Did he REALLY say that? “Don’t build a wall. Pay for our highways, and we will consider reducing the illegals somewhat”. That takes an incredible amount of cheek.

  5. K2 says:

    “I told him”- Right there is America’s problem with Mexico, in 3 words.

  6. videodaily says:

    The problem is that he sees that states are getting tough on ILLEGAL immigration and the money flow to Mexico can be at risk, not to mention the drug trade between Mexico and the U.S.
    THey managed to get things so screwed up that they gave a new definition to the word ILLEGAL. They also act like when Americans commit crime, Americans aren’t equally separated from their families. This whole ILLEGAl immigration crap needs to end before we end up with a civil war in our hands. Those who know Mexican culture know that sooner or later, these people will resort to violence. When you’re talking MILLIONS of illegals, that could be a serious national threat.

  7. Jimmy says:

    ” Those who know Mexican culture know that sooner or later, these people will resort to violence. When you?re talking MILLIONS of illegals, that could be a serious national threat.”

    Spoken, like one who has had personal experience, with the hard working folk.

    Exactly right. Unfortunately.

  8. Sandman says:

    Videodaily, you also have a great website. It looks like you have a lot of time invested in putting all that info together. Let’s hope that the internet is never controlled, free speech is a rare and precious thing.

  9. John Creasy says:

    “When you?re talking MILLIONS of illegals, that could be a serious national threat.”–VIDEODAILY

    I agree 100%. I consider most of the invaders to be nothing more than fifth columnists. In addition, if the shadow govt. here in the US needs an excuse to impose a total lockdown on American citizens, all they need to do is incite to violence the hispanic fifth columnists/useful idiots to justify it. The mexicans/latinos truly are a national secure issue.

  10. Eddie B. says:

    We are going to need a lot of ammo.

  11. Matthew says:

    “Ammo” the new currency, gauranteed! mexican illegals hate Americans and are fighting us for what we have built. F*&king thieves!

  12. BEADALONG says:

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if some of our politicians actually grew a spine and told him to get out and fix his own country?

    I’ll keep dreaming though. Our own politicians refuse to represent us and would rather see us “in the shadows” and continue to pick our pockets clean.

  13. horsetooth says:

    As expected, President Calderon of Mexico nor his countrymen have any intentions of becoming North Americans despite their professing the desire to unite Mexico, America and Canada into the North American Union.

    People from Mexico will always be Mexican, those from Canada will always be Canadians and those from America will always be Americans.

    This tripe emanating from the three nation’s executive administrations about shared economic prosperity is only an attempt to divide and conquer a single nation, America, and bring it to its knees.

    Canada has always been a diverse and economically sound country. Mexico, if it were not more corrupt than America would stop oppressing its own people, would also be diverse and economically sound. But Mexico has a them and us hierarchy where the true Mexicans-the Indios- are persecuted and reviled.

    America will never fall. Americans are stubborn, resourceful and dedicated to those inalienable rights that can never be taken from them. Why, because you cannot give away something the Christian God gave you. Only the Christian God can remove that. Now others can make your life miserable and annoy the hell out of you, but that’s what revolutions and wars are all about.

    If people want to live and work in America, then do it legally. The rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, is inalienable and cannot be compromised by mere mortals. Those who do not preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution-especially after swearing an oath to do so-are traitors to their nation and must be removed from office, tried and executed/exiled. They should be placed on an island like Johnston Island in the Pacific and remain in exile for the remainder of their lives without benefit of being a citizen of the America ever more.

    President Calderon violated the rule of law in America when he came to the U.S. and defended illegal aliens; and when he supported illegal aliens in their attempts to circumvent the immigration laws. Such actions violated a number of anti-terrorist laws under the Patriot Act. President Calderon must never be allowed back into the United States.

    When are the three branches of the United States of America going to grow a spine and defend, protect and preserve the law of the land in America?

    The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land-NOT the Supreme Court, NOT Congress and certainly NOT the President of the United States or other members of the Executive Branch(that includes you to Vice President -Dick Cheney or whatever branch you belong to).

    If the three branches of the U.S. Government think they are above the Supreme Law of the land- the U.S. Constitution-then they are all guilty fo violating their oaths and must stand down or be removed from office.

    The individual states need to call their congressmen/congresswomen home and read them the riot act for not defending, preserving and protecting the Law of the Land.

    Who does Congress serve? They serve the good citizens of America-not at the pleasure of the President.

    Who do the three branches serve? They serve We The People.

    And We The People demand an accounting of the brash and unacceptable rhetoric spewed by those foreign diplomats on American soil, advocating violation of the Law of the Land. Ban their future entry on American soil.

    Do your jobs members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices and members of the Executive branch.

    Honor your oath to the U.S. Constitution and its citizens or leave office now……………..

  14. the marlboro man says:

    7years 2 mo. and the BUSCH ADM. hasn,t given up yet,they are hell bent on us being a tri nation!!!If they were fighting terror would you close your border first thing?Its not a war on terror its a war on the WORKING PEOPLE OF THE U.S.A. We just haven,t been told by the MSM YET!!! Hang in there they will let you know sooner or later??????

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