TIJUANA, Mexico - Drug gang hit men killed three Mexican army informants on Tuesday and dumped them near a military training base close to the U.S. border, scrawling threats on the bodies in black ink, police said.

The three men, who police said gave the army regular tip-offs about drug gang activity in the Mexican city of Tijuana near San Diego, were strangled.

“The messages were written on the chests and on the foreheads. One of them read ‘You’re next, we’re going in’,” said a police spokesman who declined to be named.

President Felipe Calderon has sent thousands of troops to Tijuana and other cities in Baja California, Mexico’s most violent state, to destroy two warring drug cartels and clean up corrupt local and state police forces.

But the army faces growing attacks from powerful drug gangs who are trying to bribe soldiers into siding with them with large sums of cash, threatening to blunt Calderon’s main weapon against the cartels.

More than 2,500 people were killed in drug violence in Mexico last year and at least 250 have died so far this year as cartels smuggling cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana fight each other for control of routes to the United States.

Tijuana, a long-time center for drug traffickers, has recently seen a spike in violence. Drug gang hit men last month broke traditional codes of honor in the city by killing children, including a 3-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl.

Also last month, gunmen and more than 100 police and soldiers fought a three-hour battle outside a kindergarten in the city. One drug gang member died and two police officers were seriously wounded.

3 Responses to “Mexican Drug Hit Men Scrawl Threats On Corpses”
  1. Johnny says:

    Only if people would stop using drugs!

  2. Vincent Narodnik says:

    I agree Johnny.
    Including the most powerful and addictive and lethal drug on the planet.
    That drug is called Ideology.
    The most popular formulation of this drug is called “FreeMarket Economics”
    it enters the body by way of the eyes
    in reading economics and sociological journals of a certain type,
    and of course the editorial section of the Wall Street Journal.
    It intoxicates the mind with technicolor visions of a commodities-based Utopia
    where all live in peace and plenty
    glassy eyed and enjoying the diversions of their toys.
    The only competition in this Utopia is small rivalries by devotees of competing Designers. No religion anymore, right? (too ‘divisive’) …just Tommy Hilfiger devotees trying to outclass …uh…who’s another? Old Navy devotees.
    Foolish, perhaps, yes. but HEY! their ego struggles play out in the market place, right? and their Olympian stockpiling of these consumer goods keeps the factories humming, right? and that “provides jobs”! and those jobs provide MONEY! (which everyone knows causes all strife to cease.)
    If you scrape off all of the sarcasm in that above piece, what remains is the fundamental convictions of all Globalists.
    Base? of course. Appeals to the lowest cravings of the lowest form of humanity? sure. They cant deny that. All they can do is give a Macchiavellian cast, Leo Strauss spun version of “Realpolitik”, which claims that in spite of the fact that these things are horrible and base, they are all the same convictions that fit best mans True Nature, (so they think) and so are the most ‘realistic’ (or “rational”, as bush is fond of saying.)
    If only they had used something other than a mirror of their own dessicated souls before devising their religion.

  3. Rim says:

    And they come here and DEMAND respect. Proof they do not know what respect is.

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